Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023

ACCO 2023 Membership - $20.00 Annual

HooDoo Ski Area

About this event





Membership will allow you discounts at some ACCO events and the right to vote on all club decisions.

Event requirements


 Hubcaps - Must be removed.

Wheel Bearing Play - Should be tight.

Front Suspension - All components should be tight, No Excessive Steering Wheel Play.

Lug Nuts - Must be Tight, All must be there.

Tires - Tread Depth ( 1/16"), No studded tired, no temp (spare) tires, no cracks in sidewalls.

Wheels - No Cracks, All Spokes in Wire Wheels.

Gas Cap - Tight & Not Leaking

All Engine Connections Tight - No Excessive Fluid Leaks.

Battery - Secure & Tight, no bungee cords.

Positive Throttle Return Action

Solid Brake Pedal

Seats Properly Secured w/ Belts - No Harness in open Cockpit w/o Roll Bar.Roll Bar Properly Mount

No loose items in Car - Papers, CD's, hats, or anything moving around that can distract the driver.

Tonneau Cover Removed, Convertible Top Down & Secure.

This is all about making sure your car is safe for you and everyone running the event.

HooDoo Ski Area

Sisters, Oregon


Membership organized by

Autocross Club of Central Oregon

ACCO 2023 Membership - $20.00 Annual

Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023