Sun, May 7, 2023

39th Annual Deutsche Marque Concours d'Elegance

Occoquan Regional Park

About this event

Registration from this page is for BMW club members only. 

If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner please register at your section's website.

We will be returning to the site of last year's event - Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, Virginia. The venue is easily reached via Interstate I-95 or Virginia Rt. 123.

The Deutsche Marque Concours d’Elegance is an automotive party featuring fine German collector vintage and modern cars arrayed around Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, Virginia. Car owners, and those who adore their cars, gather for a day of mutual admiration and relaxed camaraderie while guest judges review and critique the participants’ cars.

This year will represent the 39th time that we have gathered members of the National Capital Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) and the Greater Washington Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA). The  Audi Club - Potomac Chesapeake Chapter will also be in attendance for this terrific show.

This event will be held on Sunday, May 7, 2023.  

Online pre-registration is preferred.  As the park is providing catering for the awards reception we need a firm registration number for them by Saturday, May 6.  If you register at the event we may not have enough food/beverage for you at the awards reception.

You must be a current BMW CCA member to register. There is no charge to attend the concours as a spectator. 


Gates open at 8:00 AM - please do not arrive earlier as our dedicated Volunteers will NOT be in place to guide you to your area. No exceptions.  Thank you.

Please understand that in order to maintain fairness in judging, you must have your car in position on the lot by 10:00 AM to allow judging to begin at 10:30 AM. Physical space limitations require that you stay by your car during the judging to move it forward and backward into the parking space so the judges can evaluate it, open doors, trunks, and ask you to raise convertible tops. If your car is selected for an award, the announcement will be made at the Awards Reception. Please be present at the Awards Reception to receive it, otherwise, it must be awarded to the runner-up in attendance at the Reception. 

To ensure this event runs smoothly, we invite you to volunteer your time! Volunteer opportunities include setting up our welcome tent area, guiding entrants to parking lot spots, handing out score sheets to registered participants, participating as a Concours Judge, setting up our Awards Reception area, and helping to leave the facilities as we found them. Your input is very much needed and appreciated!

In the Deutsche Marque Concours, vehicles are judged by their condition, appearance, and cleanliness. There will be three classes at this event – Street (judged), Meister class (judged – consisting of first-place category winners from the 2021 concours), and Display class (not judged – winner selected by people’s choice balloting). Judges scoring cars in the Street and Meister classes will only judge the tops of the cars (including the exterior, interior, engine bay, storage compartments and chrome), but not the chassis. Street class cars are generally divided into several groups based upon BMW CCA national concours rules.

Please note: Cars produced after 2018 will not be judged but are welcome to be entered in the Display class, and eligible for the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice awards.

Vehicles will be classified into the following categories:

Classics – All Thru 501/2/3/7, 3200, Isetta/600, 700, NK Sedans, 2000C/CS, E3, E9, E12, E21


Second Generation (1980s) – E23 7 Series, E24 6 Series, E28 5 Series, E30 3 Series, and M1

Third Generation (1990s) – E31 8 Series, E32 7 Series, E34 5 Series, E36 3 series, E38 7 Series and Z1/Z3

Fourth Generation (2000s) – E39 5 Series, E46 3 Series, E60 5 Series, E63 6 Series, Z4/Z8

Fifth Generation (2010s - current) – E65 7 Series, E9x 3 Series, E53/70/71 X5/6, E87 1 Series, F30 and X1 and newer  


Contact John McWilliams at if you have any questions.

If you have questions on Sunday/day of show, please call or text me at 571-699-4404. I will be at the park at approx. 8AM.



8:00 AM               Field opens to show participants for placement onto the field

9:00 AM               General admission begins

10:00 AM            All cars whose owners wish them to be judged must be registered, and cars placed on the field. If you would like to be judged, PLEASE have your car on the field by 10:00 AM. We do our best to judge everyone consistently and fairly and can do this best if we have sufficient time. Thank you!

10:30 AM            Judging begins

2:30 – 3:00 PM   Once judging is completed, scores are tallied, and winners determined we will announce winners at the awards reception.

3:30 PM               Awards Reception

Note: The concours is an all-day event. The organizers of all the clubs will be working diligently prior to the show as well as on the day of the event. Please also respect the hard work by the participants who have prepared their cars for the show. If you enter the event, please be prepared to stay through the awards presentation. If your vehicle places in its class and you have departed the field, the award will be given to the next runner-up in class. Further, to be fair to all the participants, we need to have enough time to judge all the cars consistently and fairly.  Please be on the display field by 10 AM.

Event requirements

Registration from this page is for BMW club members only. 

If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner register at your section's page:

This event will be held on Sunday, May 7, 2023, rain or shine. There is no rain date this year.

Online pre-registration is preferred. As the park is providing catering for the awards reception we need a firm registration number for them on Saturday, May 6. If you register at the event we may not have enough food/beverage at the awards reception.

Registration will close at 10 PM on Friday, May 5, 2023.

The entry fee for the concours is $50 per car. Registration includes one awards reception ticket. Additional awards reception tickets are $25.

There is no charge or need to register to attend the concours as a spectator.

Entries (32)

Ryan Groll
Terry Miller
Lance Miller
Tristan Felchlin
Richard Pople
James Chism
Doug Dolan
Garrett Cottrell

Occoquan Regional Park

Lorton, VA


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BMW CCA - National Capital Chapter - Concours

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