Fri, Jun 28 - Sun, Jun 30, 2024

36th Annual Larison Rock Hillclimb


About this event

Is adrenaline your drug of choice? Have you considered driving in a hillclimb?

As in Solo autocrossing, individual drivers compete against the clock for fastest time in nominally competitive car classes. Instead of racing through coned gates and slaloms on a flat surface, however, you race up a twisting hill road closed to other traffic and watched over by corner workers and other safety personnel. Pucker factor, speed, and risk are notably higher than in autocrossing. If you push beyond the edge of the envelope in an autocross, chances are your only penalties will be two seconds per cone knocked over, and you can slow slightly or smooth out your line on your next run. In a hillclimb, you want to sneak up on the edge of the envelope, because going beyond it might delay your next run for a year. In 2004 Dwight Gilliland ran an amazing 1:40.872 to break the old King of the Hill record last set in 2000 by over 2.6 seconds. Susan Richins holds the Queen of the Hill record, at 1:44:745, set in 2000 in a Formula Atlantic car. Running under two minutes earns you membership in the rather exclusive "Sub-Two Club." Fast Company!!

Larison Rock Hillclimb is run on an asphalt Forest Service road in the beautiful Willamette National Forest in the Oregon Cascades, just outside Oakridge. 2024 will see the 36th annual running of this oldest currently active hillclimb in Oregon . The course is 1.9 miles, rising 1000 feet, around some 23 curves, 14 of them numbered for reference. No two turns are quite the same on this challenging course. Drivers should have prior experience at speed, such as road racing, race schools, track days, or a year or more of autocrossing. Founded by Bonnie Mueller, this event is brought to you by a host of volunteers from within and outside EESCC and co-chaired this year by Mike Glass and Paula Loftin. We always have a great time on the hill and in Oakridge at the headquarters motel and the Saturday night dinner.

We hope you will join us for a great time at the 36th Annual Larison Rock Hillclimb 2024 on June 29th and 30th.

Mike Glass and Paula Loftin, Hillclimb Co-Chair

Want more info?  Contact Steven Brantley, Hillclimb Registrar, at

Event requirements

Before registering for this event, all drivers must first register for NHA membership at

PLEASE NOTE: Registration prices will increase by $15 on June 8th.  If we do not get at least 35 entrants by June 21st The event will be canceled and refunds will be issued.  Please encourage your racing friends to register early.

We require all drivers to have some experience with hillclimbs or other high performance driving events.  If you have never competed in a hillclimb before, let us know so we can make sure you have the best experience possible!

Ensure that your car is in good working order, not leaking any fluids, and will meet the requirements for tech inspection prior to arriving.

All drivers must have the following with them at check-in and throughout the event:

  1. Acceptable helmet (see list below) with a visible label with no signs of damage.
  2. SFI certified Head and Neck Restraint (HANS) device for classes allowing R compound tires.
  3. Closed toed shoes and clothing that covers the arms and legs.
  4. Fire extinguisher solidly mounted using a metal bracket in the car within reach of the driver.

Acceptable helmets:

  • Snell SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010
  • FIA 8860-2018, 8860-2018-ABP, 8859-2015, 8860-2010
  • SFI 31.1/2020, 31.1/2015, 31.1/2010

Entries (41)

Tyler Saries
Mike Glass
Kenny Goldie
Chris Mcguffin
Curtis Pogue
Garrick Frank
David Taggart
Sam Robinson


Oakridge, OR
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


Hill Climb organized by

Emerald Empire Sports Car Club

36th Annual Larison Rock Hillclimb

Fri, Jun 28 - Sun, Jun 30, 2024