Sat, Sep 28, 2024

2024 NCR Autocross #5

Devens Airfield

About this event

Welcome to North Country Fundraiser Autocross for Loaves & Fishes!

The NCR Autocross Season Finale is a fundraiser for Loaves & Fishes, the local food pantry in Ayer, MA.  Please help us support this worthy cause and help feed needy families in the communities surrounding the autocross site. 

Last year, NCR donated the entire proceeds of this event and with your help we were able to donate $10,000 to Loaves & Fishes for the season.  This year we are donating at least the net proceeds from the event to Loaves & Fishes and with your donations, we hope to exceed that $10,000 donation this year. The registration form includes a small donation to Loaves and Fishes but we ask that you contribute more if you can.  NCR will match registration donations to Loaves & Fishes (up to $5000 total).

Learn more about Loaves & Fishes here.

NCR will provide a pizza lunch for all registered drivers.  You can purchase additional pizza for guests on the registration form.

This event is open to any licensed driver but a few slots are reserved for PCA members. Unfilled member slots will be made available to wait-listed drivers.

DO NOT BRING A LOUD CAR TO DEVENS. We have strict sound limits and if your car exceeds them you will not be able to drive. Sound readings are taken from multiple locations. If your car registers over the limit at any location you will be required to stop and will not be allowed to continue operating your car at the event. Cars may also be stopped from driving if they are deemed subjectively too loud even if their readings are below the limit. Some cars with stock exhausts are too loud to run with us.

Please visit our NCR Autocross pages for more information.

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Event requirements

  • Determine your base class before you register.  If you need assistance, contact the registrar.
  • NCR classes have changed again this year and are different than other regions, so be sure to check your class before registering.
  • License - Every driver must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license.  Participants under 18 meeting the PCA Junior Participation Program requirements may compete with the approval of the event chair.
  • Helmet  - A helmet with a Snell Memorial Foundation 2010 or newer approval (SA, M or K) is required.
  • Please read the NCR Autocross Rules on the NCR website.
  • All Porsche Street classes require tires with a treadwear rating of 180 or higher even if the your Porsche came with lower treadwear rated tires from the factory.
  • If you need assistance, contact the registrar.


NCR Porsche Street Classes

All Porsches qualified for NCR Street Category and/or SCCA Street Category are classified by the base classes from the following chart.  Your need to know your Base Class to register.  Base classes are automatically assigned to a Competition Class which is scored using PAX handicaps for the base classes. 

Base Class Models in Class Competition Class
1   924 S, 924 Turbo PS2
1   944 (8v), non-Turbo PS2
2   911 (1965-94 exc Turbo) PS2
2   914 (all) PS2
2   928 (all) PS2
2   944 S, S2, Turbo PS2
2   968 PS2
2   Boxster, Boxster S (986:1997-04) PS2
2   Panamera (all) PS2
3   911 (993:1995-98) PS4
3   911 (996:1999-04) PS4
3   Boxster, Cayman (987:2005-12) PS4
3   Boxster S, RS, Cayman S (987.1:2005-08) PS4
3   Boxster, Cayman (981:2013-16) PS4
3   Cayenne (all) PS4
3   Macan (all) PS4
4   911, 911 S, GTS (997:2005-11) PS4
4   Boxster S, Spyder (987.2:2009-12) PS4
4   Cayman S, R (987.2:2009-12) PS4
4   Boxster S, GTS (981:2013-16) PS4
4   Cayman S, GTS (981:2013-16) PS4
4   718 Boxster, 718 Cayman (2017-on) PS4
4   718 Boxster S, GTS, Spyder (2017-on) PS4
4   718 Cayman S, GTS (2017-on) PS4
5   911, 911 S (2012-on) PS5
5   911 GT3 (996, 997; except GT3 RS) PS5
5   911 GTS, 911 R, GT3 (991:2012-19; except GT3 RS) PS5
5   911 Turbo (all; except 2020-on) PS5
5   911 Turbo S (all; except 2012-on) PS5
5   Boxster Spyder (981:2015-on) PS5
5   Cayman GT4 (except RS) PS5
5   Taycan (all) PS5
6   911 GT3 RS (all) PS5
6   911 Turbo S (991:2012-19) PS5
6   911 GTS, GT3, Turbo (992:2020-on) PS5
6   911 GT2 (all) PS5
6   Cayman GT4 RS PS5


NCR Porsche Race Class

All Porsche automobiles with race tires as well as those not qualified for NCR Street Category are classified to a base class according to SCCA rules.  These base classes are combined into one NCR Race Class scored using PAX handicaps.


NCR Non-Porsche Classes

All non-Porsche automobiles are classified according to SCCA rules into base classes.  These base classes are combined into competition classes scored using PAX handicaps.

Devens Airfield

Ayer, MA


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - North Country - Autocross

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Sat, Sep 28, 2024