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2024 MRA Safety Crew & Support Staff

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The MRA Safety Crew & Support Staff is a critical part of the MRA’s racing weekends and safety operations and without the safety crew and support staff, there would be no racing.  The MRA is now looking for motivated racing fans that want to be a part of our dedicated safety crew and support staff for most of the racing season.

Who we are looking for:

  • Do you love motorcycles?
  • Are you a friend or family member of a racer?
  • Are you interested in motorcycle racing but your aren’t quite ready to make the leap?
  • Can you be available for most of the MRA racing rounds? Season Schedule
  • Are you able to talk on a radio and fit enough to wave flags?
  • Do you have transportation to the racetrack?

You are who we are looking for! This is your opportunity to be up close and part of the racing action and we need you. Safety crew members are critical for the MRA’s success and you are treated as a crew member with respect. We will train you, we will feed you, and we will encourage you with incentives to keep you coming back.

Event requirements

Your Role and Responsibilities:

  • PUNCTUALITY – Safety crew members MUST be punctual and arrive at the race track early and be unpacked and ready to go at 6:30AM for the safety crew meeting and to receive assignments for radios and corners they will be in charge of. Camping is also typically an option at most racetracks.
  • CLOTHING – You should wear white clothing (blue/black jeans are okay, white painters pants are preferred) and comfortable closed-toed shoes (you’ll be standing a lot). No bright colors – no yellow, pink or red clothing especially.
  • COMFORT ITEMS – We suggest bringing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, too (and allergy medication if you need it). You can bring a folding/camp chair so you can take a break (when the track is cold only, no sitting while the track is hot).
  • SCHEDULE – We can’t lie about this – the days are long and we pay per day, not by the hour. You will need to arrive and are part of the safety meeting at 6:30AM, then the track goes cold (races are over) at about 5PM-6PM on Saturdays. Sundays usually end earlier at about 4PM. At track layouts where we use Air Fencing, most of the safety crew helps break down the soft barriers (airfence) as well. Airfence pack-up happens on Sunday after the track is cold.   Helping with airfence setup and take-down adds $25 extra in your pay for each day you assist with airfence.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE – We are looking for team players that will lift others up and are serious about racer safety.

Three Levels of Staff Members:

  • There are three levels of pay based on experience and commitment to the season schedule:
    • Associate Crew Member – new hires that are basically in training.
    • Experienced Crew Member – crew members that have worked 2 or more rounds.
    • Official Crew Member – must work five or more rounds per season.

Positions We need Filled:

Our goal is to increase our roster size and train new members so that we will develop an entire team of Official Crew Members.
This requires having a safety crew roster with some depth so that we can fill spots when folks are not available to commit to a full weekend.
For these reasons we are looking for crew members for all positions.

  • Corner Marshals
  • Start/Finish
  • Pre-Grid
  • Manual Timing & Scoring
  • Timing and Scoring

Benefits, Pay, and Requirements:

  • Pay Rates
    • Associate Crew Member – $100 per day.
    • Experienced Crew Member – $125 per day.
    • Official Crew Member (must work 5 or more rounds per season) – $170 per day.
  • Payment Terms
    • All safety employees are paid as 1099 independent contractors and are not considered employees of the MRA.
    • Payment is available by check, but we prefer electronic payment which streamlines our bookkeeping and taxes.
    • We never pay with cash. Electronic pay is available through PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.
    • Payment is made once at the end of the racing weekend.
    • Lunch is included. If you have specific meal requirements or allergies please let us know so we can attempt to accommodate you.
  • Requirements
    • Before being added to the crew, all members must complete and sign paperwork and waivers.
    • Because of the physical nature of the safety crew’s role, you MUST be physically fit enough to push a motorcycle, be be able to walk, wave flags, talk on the radios, help push a broom to keep the track clean, help with airfence, etc.

Official Crew Member Bonuses:

Crew Members that commit to working approximately 80% of the MRA racing schedule races per year are considered “Official Crew Members”.
Official Crew Members get the following additional bonuses:

  • Official MRA Safety Crew Membership Card and Lanyard.
  • Custom Pit Shirts with your name and crew member number of your choice.
  • Race Weekend Bonuses generated by donations.
  • Year End Bonuses – Official Crew Members are eligible for a share of the year-end bonus fund which will be presented at the MRA Awards Banquet (post-season).
  • Voting Rights – Official Crew Members get a free MRA Associate Membership. This gives you voting rights in the annual MRA Board of Directors election.
  • Banquet Attendance – Official Crew Members get a free ticket to the MRA Awards Banquet, which includes dinner.
  • Recognition at the MRA banquet.

Motorcycle Roadracing Association

Greenwood Village, CO
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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2024 MRA Safety Crew & Support Staff

Mon, Apr 15 - Tue, Dec 31, 2024