Sat, Jan 7, 2023

2023 WSCC Ice Competition License School & HPDE

Beausejour CPTC Ice Oval

About this event

Unleash your inner ice drifting demon at Winnipeg Sports Car Club's Ice Racing Competition Licensing School!

Location: Beausejour Co-Op Community Sports Complex (CPTC Race Track)

Spend an entire day learning and practicing ice driving and drifting skills, racing techniques and general winter driving car control with our experienced instructors. Take your car to the limit on a purpose build ice race track in a safe, controlled environment! Whether you intend on participating in the upcoming IceX ice drifting events, door to door sanctioned ice racing, or just want to learn advanced winter car control techniques, this is the event for you! This school is also a prerequisite for attaining your WCMA Ice Racing Competition License. 


Note: A Winnipeg Sports Car Club membership is required for registration! If you need a 2023 membership, please register here. The annual WSCC club membership allows you to attend and enter all WSCC events throughout the year including IceX events, hotlapping events at Gimli, DirtX events, autocross events, and many more club events...


Please contact the registrar with any questions!

Winnipeg Sports Car Club's Ice Racing Competition License School & HPDE is a WCMA/GDS Canada FIA Sanctioned Event


Basic Overview:

There are 3 key components to the school and the students will be broken into appropriate groups and rotated through the 3 training areas throughout the day. Experienced instructors will be on site to provide hands on/passenger seat tutoring and advice throughout the day as requested by the student. Students will have the opportunity to go with instructors in their vehicle and/or have instructors in their car at times throughout the day. The key components include:

  • Classroom session - within a heated building at the track our chief instructor will discuss and review various aspects and skills pertaining car control on ice like cornering, braking, drifting, basic car preparation and track procedures like flags and track protocols.
  • Ice driving practice course - this will take place on the large ice parking lot beside the track and will include various practice exercises to help hone your ice driving skills. Traffic cones will be utilized to mark our defined practice slalom course, figure eights, drifting zones, etc. Students will be allowed lots of practice time at various stations both with or without instructors based on their desire.
  • Ice Oval Track - this is the large oval race track utilized for both snowmobile and ice racing competition events. Under the supervision of our track marshals, students will be free to open up their car's full potential and practice their ice racing and ice drifting skills in a safe (and legal) environment!

Lunch will be provided to all students

Event requirements


What you need for this event:

  1. Daily driven street car (fully prepared race cars are allowed if the entry is applying for their competition license)
    • Vehicle must be in reasonable mechanical condition with no leaks
    • All coachwork must be complete and securely fastened
    • Must be dimensionally wider than it is tall
    • All maintenance up to date (oil changes, brake pads and fluid changes)
    • Winter tires in reasonable condition (Tread left, no bulges or cracks)
  2. Current SNELL helmet (2010 or newer)
    • Motorcycle (SNELL M)
    • Special Application (SNELL SA)
      • SA is highly recommended
      • SA is mandatory for all vehicles with factory or aftermarket roll over protection
  3. Plastic Tub to house your belongings while on track


Special notes for convertibles:

  • Hard top convertibles are permitted providing they are equipped with the original OEM hard top.
  • Aftermarket hard top equipped vehicles are NOT PERMITTED unless the vehicle has factory or aftermarket installed roll-over protection!
  • Soft top convertibles are NOT PERMITTED unless the vehicle has factory or aftermarket installed roll-over protection!
  • OEM installed roll-over protection includes but not limited to: roll hoops behind driver and passenger headrests, pyrotechnic roll bars, etc... 

If you are unsure if your vehicle qualifies, please contact the HPDE Director for more information.

Entries (13)

Nicole Hallett
Joseph Molinski
Michael Kelly
Mike Gordon
Griffin Karman
Andrew Rhodes
Phil Leclaire
Aaron Beddome

Beausejour CPTC Ice Oval

Beausejour, MB
Download track map
Download track map


Car Control Clinic organized by

Winnipeg Sports Car Club

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