Sat, Feb 18 - Sun, Feb 19, 2023

2023 THSCC Kickoff Rallycross

Yancyville Rallycross Site

About this event


Information: This is a two day event. Club competition points are for either or both days (two separate events)

Our newest and most hilly site. Note that due to large elevation changes (hills) the event may be canceled in the event of muddy conditions. We will make every effort to keep the event open, and will do an email blast through MSR  in the event of unsuitable conditions.

 ****With  FOOD SERVICE (Jasper's kids will operate burgers and dogs grill fundraiser)***

       Please let us know if you would like burgers or dogs so we can get a food count. P.S. this is top quality burger meat!


We will be paying close attention to the weather leading up to this event since the site has hills that can become slippery for 2-wheel drive vehicles (BMW).

The  THSCC rallycross is at a new site for us near Yanceyville, NC. The rallycross course itself is primarily a mowed/trimmed field area . It’s pristine piece of land that will have some minor grading to smooth the surface, but anticipate some areas of mowed grass that are a bit slippy.  Expect some significant elevation changes (wheeee). You can be among the first to use this fine, new to us course. The site is a recent acquisition of a former rallycross team mate and he is excited to share this with us. 

Note that due to COVID requirements we encourage all participants to bring masks for use during group meetings and when social distancing is not possible. Masks will be required during meetings and if social distancing cannot be guaranteed. All participants should bring a suitable mask and hand sanitizer (we will have some emergency supplies, but this should be in everyone's supply kit now.)

Directions can be found HERE  - once you arrive at the facility, parking will be to the left of the existing trailer.

If you have a pump sprayer with water please feel free to bring that along; the grass is dry this time of year and an unnamed individual tried to set the grass on fire with his catalytic converter.

We hope to see you there!



  • Members: $50
  • Second day has a $10 discount
  • We do not plan to be handling cash at the site, so please pre-register and pay through MSR

We encourage you to prepay online through the secure MotorsportReg website. Payment is deferred and accounts will not be charged until day of event, so if you register and find out that you can't make it please cancel your registration prior to registration closing so we may open your slot for someone else. 

If you would like to redeem an event voucher (i.e. Season Passes or Event Passes) please register normally online and then email the registrar and your registration will be modified accordingly.


Event Schedule


Gates Open 7:00 AM
Tech Inspection 8:00 - 8:30 AM
Registration Check-In 8:00 - 8:30 AM
Drivers' Meeting 8:30 AM
First Car Off 9:15 AM



Event requirements


Your car should be technically inspected BEFORE the drivers meeting. To pass tech, you must:

  • Clean out any loose items in the car, this includes cell phones cables, garage door openers, loose change and such.
  • The battery has to be properly secured.
  • If your floor mats are not physically attached to carpet, they will have to be removed. We don’t want the floor mat to bunch up under the brake or gas pedals.
  • Hubcaps and center caps on wheels should be removed. If your hubcaps mount to the wheel and are held in place by the lug nuts, then they can stay on, otherwise they should be removed.
  • Have a SNELL approved helmet, 2010 or newer (M-rated or SA-rated). We do not accept DOT-only approved helmets. LOANER HELMETS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS should current conditions worsen..

It is your responsibility to:

  • Check basic fluids such as oil, coolant, and brake.
  • Make sure you torque the lug nuts to manufacturer's recommended tightness.
  • Make sure you have no active leaks on the motor, transmission or diff. Oil on the track is a bad thing.
  • Check tire pressure. If you don’t know what to set it to, ask ASAP.
  • Your tires MUST be serviceable, meaning they have appropriate tread, no chords showing, etc. (smooth tires will be NO FUN)

Yancyville Rallycross Site

Yancyville, NC


RallyCross organized by

Tarheel Sports Car Club

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