Sun, Oct 15, 2023

2023 RSP PCA Fall Color Tour

Chelsea Carpool Lot

About this event

Please come and join your fellow RSP members -- and maybe a few other folks -- on our 2023 Fall Color Tour.  Here are the basics -- LOTS to read through:

==> Lunch orders are CLOSED!!!  But you can order from their menu -- lots of goodies, including gluten-free pizza crusts.

* Date: Sunday October 15th
* Start location: Chelsea Carpool Lot, 1629 S. Main Street, Chelsea, 48118; just north of I-94 at Exit 159
* Times: Gather 10:00am; team meeting 10:15am; first car off 10:30am
* Length: 99 miles and 2½ hours total with a short pit stop in the middle
* Ends at our lunch location, Chateau Aeronautique Winery & Blue Skies Brewery, an aero themed winery/restaurant a few miles east of Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Onsted, MI
* Cost: FREE for the color tour.  TheChateau Aeronautique has a full kitchen but we don't want to overload them with dozens of orders.
* Registration closes Friday, Oct. 13th at Noon to allow Chateau sufficient time to prepare our food.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you start with a full tank of fuel -- there's a Shell station (with a Dunkin) next to the lot and a Sunoco across the street.  If you're hungry there's a McDonald's a ¼-mile north plus others.  PLEASE plan your food and fuel to arrive at the lot ≤10:00am.  There are few gas stations along the way if you have the need.

The route book is a collaboration between me and one of my OG Team Viper coworkers, we'll call him Ken (because that's his name) and his initials are on the bottom of instruction pages -- credit where credit is due.  He's been involved in the Press on Regardless (POR) Rally for 45+ years as a driver, navigator and/or organizer, plus a few other Pro rallies like Michigan's Snow*Drift.  Because of his ProRally experience y'all will experience a few new things like Tulip diagrams and Delta intersections.  Details below and more at the team meeting.

Good news: there are NO DIRT ROADS on this driving tour!  The Chateau Aeronautique parking lot is gravel/hardpack -- go slowly.  My lowered Cayman S survived, so your Porsches will be fine!

It is strongly recommended to have at least two people in the car -- one to drive and one to navigate.  No maximum limit so bring your family, friends, pets, et al.  If you'll be solo you can always try following someone -- assuming they won't get lost!  ('shouldn't happen, but ….)  Or bring your Porsche SUV and stuff it with yourself a friend, neighbor, coworker or better yet a potential Rally Sport PCA member and bring them along.

What is a Tulip diagram?  Borrowing from a UK website: "Tulip, or ball and arrow instructions, are simple diagrams of the route junctions with the ball indicating where you come from and the arrow indicating where you are going to."  Here's the website where I plucked that quote:
         Tulip diagrams explained

Here's a chunk of our Route Book with a few instructions to talk about:

YOU are the big, black dot at the bottom of each "stick figure," aka Tulip diagram.
* Instruction #7 is just a heads-up to le you know you're on the right route as you pass Waterloo Road on your right at 3.73 miles from the start
* Instruction #8 is your first "Delta Tee" where you will bear or sweep to the Right where the roads form into a triangle, aka Delta
* Instruction #11 is an early STOP sign where you'll STOP, wait for traffic to clear, and turn right onto N. Territorial Road
* Instruction 13 is only if you are also using the Google Maps QR code/link. You must click Continue within a tenth or two to reinitiate the route
Got the idea?  Note: This is NOT a TSD rally, so there's no need to worry about time lost crossing the many intersections you'll see along the way.

The end of the route is the Chateau Aeronautique Winery & Blue Skies Brewery, an aero-themed winery/restaurant a few miles east of Michigan International Speedway (MIS) 12000 Pentecost Hwy., Onsted, MI 49265.  It's got a HUGE covered and all-weather patio in the back where we'll be gathering.

PLEASE indicate whether you're coming to lunch or not.

To get home jump on US-12 and head east.

Electronic pre-registration through MotorsportReg (MSR) is REQUIRED!  Here is a link to detailed instructions for those who are familiar with MSR and especially for those who are not:

        MSR Registration Instructions 040722.docx

Registrar and Tourmeister: Charlie Brown, III,, 734.358.2393

Event requirements

If you missed it above electronic pre-registration through MotorsportReg (MSR) is REQUIRED!  Here is a link to detailed registration instructions for those who are familiar with MSR and especially for those who are not:               

                  MSR Registration Instructions 040722.docx 

Color Tour Registration closes Friday, 10/13 @ Noon EDT so we can give the restaurant a heads-up for food.  I'll have the route instructions and waivers in my car!!

Chelsea Carpool Lot

Chelsea, MI


Fun Run/Tour organized by

PCA - Rally Sport Region

Event over!