Sat, Oct 14, 2023

2023 PCA NER Autocross #5

Devens Airfield

About this event

2023 PCA NER Autocross #5

Sponsored by Herb Chambers Porsche of Boston

Moore Airfield, Fort Devens, Ayer, MA

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Registration Closes Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at midnight. 

Note: We no longer accept payment at the gate.  All payments must be made online.

What is Autocross?

Autocross is a sport of navigating your car through a defined course of pylons faster than your competition.  Events are run at speeds usually between 40-65 MPH, usually in second gear. Unlike some other venues, we are extremely fortunate to have access to one of the premier autocross venues in the Northeast. Where many clubs are consigned to parking lots, we are privileged to be able to design courses that regularly exceed 1.25 miles in length with runs lasting well over a minute.  You'd be amazed at how much excitement can be packed into 60 seconds.   

Autocross is not only a "performance driving event", but a safe way to learn how to drive your car at its limit. You not only learn how to handle your car at speeds that you drive daily, but you also:

  • Gain confidence in your driving ability
  • Learn the limits of your car's tire adhesion
  • Learn the limits of your car's brakes
  • Learn correct seating, hand, and feet positions

Autocross is a great way to exercise your driving skills in a safe environment. For anyone that would like assistance, there will be instructors available to work with you at every event. Each autocross has a different and unique course design and will undoubtedly provide you with a fun driving experience. Autocross courses are set up using soft orange traffic pylons which will not damage your car.  Finally, Autocross is a social gathering of new and old friends.  

Who is eligible?

Both PCA Members and non-PCA members are elegible to register for this autocross event and may attend driving any make of car.

Price List:

PCA Member (any car make)  $55

Non-PCA Member $65

"Taste of Autocross" ride along for charity $20

Event requirements

Event Requirements:

  • Drivers between 16.5 and 18 years of age may participate  with a valid driver's license (not a permit) and parental consent and one parent attending event. (see below for forms).
  • Helmet with a Snell 2010 or later sticker.  EA, K, M and SA rated helmets are allowed.  We have about 7 loaner helmets if you need one – various sizes – first come, first served.
  • Your car must be able to pass a technical inspection at Moore Airfield before the event drivers' meeting, which includes tires with visible tread, secure lug nuts and operable seat belts (factory installed belts are a minimum). No other special equipment is required.
  • Roll bars or factory rollover devices, such as the roll hoops in Boxsters, are required for all open cars using R compound tires and swing axle automobiles (e.g. 356). 
  • Cars will be tested with a sound meter and noise should never exceed 10 db over the ambient noise level as measured at two designated off-track locations. 

Again this year 16- and 17-year-old children of region members can participate in autocross events. To be eligible, permission forms, which can be found on the PCA website, must be obtained and signed by both of the entrant's parents.

Waivers must now be signed online on the website prior to arriving at the event.  Wiaver confirmation will be sent to your smartphone via text message which must be displayed upon arrival at the gate.  You should receive a SpeedWaiver email after submitting this registration; the waiver forms may also be found at:  Note that while you will see a box on the registration form that says "Skip the line, sign the waiver on your mobil phone" with a "No" option, if you select "No"  and do not sign the waivers online you will not be admitted to the site.

Please determine your class before continuing. 

  • Porsche class descriptions and full event rules can be found on the NER website.   
  • Non-Porsche sub-classes are based on SCCA autocross classes; please refer to SCCA Class Definitions in 2023 Solo Rule Book (available online) to determine your non-Porsche class as required for registration.  Times for non-Porsches are adjusted using SCCA's Solo PAX index in order to equalize the cars in the class based on potential performance.  


If you attended an NER autocross in 2022 or 2023 you probably already have a number with us.  Please enter that number when registering, but if it is not accepted by MotorsportReg, don’t worry.  The Registrar will check to see if the number you previously ran with in the current or prior season, or a number you have requested if this is your first event for the season, is available within the autocross event file and assign that number if available. 

If it is a requested number and has been taken, we will assign an available number.  Our members' numbers database is extensive.  As a result, most single and low double-digit numbers have already been taken and are not available.

Also note that the database is not linked to the NER autocross event files and assigns numbers randomly based on those that have not previously been assigned by that site.  The site will also not allow a registrant to request a ‘B’ suffix as a dual driver.  Your number may be revised without notice but will be on the class and work assignment sticker posted on your windshield upon arrival at the event.  


Day of Event:

  • Gates open at 7:00 AM for check-in. 
  • Arrive no later than 8:00 AM, when the entry gate will be closed. 
  • Technical inspection will be done to cars lined in the center of the paddock starting at approximately 7:30 AM and ends at 8:30 AM; stay with your car until it has been inspected.
  • The drivers meeting begins at approximately 8:30 AM followed by a course walk.
  • We expect to see the first car off by around 9:15 AM. .
  • You will be expected to stay the full day and work both morning and afternoon sessions, so don't plan to leave early. The event will conclude between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM depending on the number of participants and runs taken.  

Dogs in attendance: Devens rules require that dogs at Moore Airfield must be kept on a leash at all times and any droppings collected and properly disposed in the on-site dumpster.

Entries (47)

Gilbert Hoermann
Brad Terrell
Phil Katsar
Aidan Pulaski
Carolyn Cwalinski
Michael King
David Pulaski
Robert Galejs

Devens Airfield

Ayer, MA


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Northeast Region

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