Sat, May 13 - Sun, May 14, 2023

2023 BC Historic Motor Races (BCHMR) Drivers

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

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Titanium Ford BCHMR Entry Fees

~  Basic Entry $425

~  Additional Car (Same Driver) $275 

~  Novice Closed Wheel Race (Saturday Only) $275 

~  Novice Open Wheel Race (Saturday Only) $275 


Cars at least 25 years old (1998 and older) that meet the safety requirements and spirit of vintage racing are eligible.
All cars should be clean and in respectable condition

The Vintage Racing Club of British Columbia (VRCBC) is very pleased to present the 2023 British Columbia Historic Motor Races (BCHMR) at the Speed Fanatics Motorsport Circuit in Mission Raceway Park, Mission, BC on May 13-14, 2023.

There are five race classes for 2023:

  1. Vintage Closed Wheel (CW): This class for Production and Improved Production–based sedans and sports cars has three groups: CW (C) for all “1980 and Newer”, CW (B) for “1979 and older” “Fastest” (1:22 and quicker Mission lap time), and CW (A) for “1979 and Older” “Not so Fast” (1:23 and slower Mission lap time).
  2. Vintage Open Wheel / Sports Racer (OW/SR): This class is for all purpose-built racing cars, including Exhibition and Formula Ford. Formula Ford has three sub-groups: Vintage FFord, Club FFord and Modern FFord.
  3. Formula Vee: This class has two sub-groups: Vintage FVee and Modern FVee.
  4. Novice (CW): This is a regular CACC Novice race so all CW cars including Vintage can enter on Saturday. This is an opportunity to race on Sunday if you get upgraded by the CACC Novice Director on Saturday, May 13 and are running a BCHMR eligible car.
  5. Novice (OW): This is a regular CACC Novice race so all OW cars including Vintage can enter on Saturday. This is an opportunity to race on Sunday if you get upgraded by the CACC Novice Director on Saturday, May 13 and are running a BCHMR eligible car.

The regular awards will again be presented for on-track performances: the Abbotsford Trophy, the Westwood Trophy, and the Pete Lovely Memorial Award. As well, there will also be:

  • The Chairman’s Trophy for the most outstanding entry of the race event.
  • The Historic Battered Cup for the entry having the most ‘shattering’ experience.
  • *The SOVREN Canada Cup for the most significant US-based SOVREN club entry.

Each race and novice entrant receives:

  • two tickets to the Saturday night BBQ awards banquet.

Entrants / Drivers: All entries must be made through The entry fees are the same for all race classes (except Novice) and are payable in Canadian funds.

  • The basic entry fee for each driver/car combination entry fee is $425

    (This basic entry fee includes: one individual pass and one support vehicle paddock pass.)
  • Additional fee for an already-entered driver entering another car in another class: $275

    Note: If any additionally entered cars are subsequently withdrawn leaving only one entry, the basic entry fee will apply to that remaining entry.)
  • Additional fee for another driver sharing an already entered car (one driver drives Saturday, the other driver drives on Sunday) $120
    * If the shared car runs in two different groups (one of the drivers in each group on both days) that is two separate entries*
  • Novice entry fee for each driver/car combination: $275

    (This basic entry fee includes: one individual pass and one support vehicle paddock pass.)

Track Workers and Other Volunteers: Members of the Sports Car Club of BC (SCCBC) and the Motorsport Emergency & Turnworkers Association (META), and other volunteers will assist with race operations. All volunteers are required to register on The Volunteer sign-up can be found at

Please note:

  1. The BCHMR is an IWE REVS points event (you must be a VRCBC member to collect REVS points).
  2. It is a requirement of our sanctioning body (GDS - ASN Canada FIA through the CACC) that residents of Canada (regardless of their citizenship) must have the relevant competition license from the CACC or from another acceptable Canadian sanctioning body from the province in which they reside.

A signed digital CACC annual waiver for 2023 is required for anyone entering or having access to a restricted area of the site:

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit is in Mission Raceway Park, Mission, BC, Canada.

Event requirements

Thank you for using the online entry system for the BC Historic Motor Races.  

  1. Please make sure you have a CACC annual digital waiver signed for the 2023 calendar year and have a copy of it saved to a location you can upload it from. Here is the link if you don't already have a copy of your signed CACC 2023 annual waiver: (please save the completed waiver to your phone or print it out in case you are asked for it or be prepared to show a current CACC license upon entering the track).
  2. Please read the "2023 BCHMR Entrant's Package" on our Event website when available: (may be published or updated closer to the race date due to changes in the Province of BC's COVID-19 requirements) The "2022 BCHMR Entrant's Package" is available as a guide as to what to expect.
  3. If you do not already have one, create a personal account on Once you have an account (or if you already have one) go to the next step.
  4. After you have logged in to, click "My Account" at the top right.
  5. Review your vehicle(s), making sure to enter your preferred car number(s) and your transponder number, if available.
  6. Ensure your profile contains your club affiliation and competition license type.
  7. Return to this page. 
  8. Enter the event.

Note: If you have technical issues with your online entry on, contact their Customer Support during normal business hours by clicking "Help" on the webpage menu (upper right), by going to the 'Help Documents', or phone 1 888-242-9684.

You will receive an email confirmation of your entry automatically from the system. If you have any questions about the event, please contact the BCHMR Event Chair, Gayle Baird by email at:  

Payment: Online in advance through PayPal or through at registration at the track.

Entries (54)

Don Benson
Doug Seal
John-Paul Skinner
Duncan Anderson
Henry Kirsten
Georges Kreuzkamp
Andre Kirsten
Nicoleen Kirsten

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

Mission, BC
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