Wed, Mar 8, 2023

2023 Atlanta Early Load In for HST

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

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Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Early Load In
for Atlanta Region March 2023 HST

Southeast Majors Hoosier Super Tour Event
Early Load-In Registration
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
March 8, 2023

SCCA Majors Tour


Group 1: STL/U, T2
Group 2: SRF3
Group 3:  FF, FV, F6
Group 4:  GT1/2/3/X, AS, T1   

Group 5:  SM
Group 6:  E/F/HP, GTL
Group 7:  FA/C/X/E2, P1/2
Group 8:  B-Spec, T3/4

Atlanta Region has rented the paddock area for this event in response to many requests to allow Early Load In.  The Region has had to pay quite a large fee to acquire these rights, so this is NOT a FREE opportunity to get inside before everyone else. We STRONGLY encourage Early Load-In participants to PREREGISTER and PREPAY for the right for Early Load-In @ $50 per Racecar. However, we WILL be accepting 'late registrations' at the track windows for an additional $10 (total $60) per car. Registration will open at 11AM, but first cars in won't start until noon.

PADDOCK/PARKING INFORMATION: We will be using the Club Paddock located in the outside of the front straightaway. The Main Paddock located on the inside of the front straightaway will be used for overflow paddock. Racecars parked in the Main Paddock will be required to drive over to the Tower Paddock to gain access to Grid, Pit Lane, and Tech. We ask that you work with us to accommodate the majority of your wishes regarding paddock parking.  To that end, paddock parking personnel will assign and direct parking based on the size of your vehicles per instructions from the Paddock Chief using the following guidelines:

  1. Single car set-ups will get a spot twenty (20) feet wide that is long enough to accommodate the tow vehicle and trailer if possible.  All awnings and support equipment must fit within those confines.  This allows the maximum amount of parking in desired areas.
  2. Multiple car teams and/or participants providing services to the Atlanta Region will be located to maximize their efficiency.
  3. Since paddock spots with power are very limited, the first priority is to provide electrical hook-ups to the maximum number of competitors.
  4. We request that open trailers not actively involved in support of a race vehicle be removed from the main paddock areas.
  5. Spectator and crew parking is limited in the paddock areas.  Ride sharing and race team cooperation are appreciated. Personal vehicles not involved in rig loading or trailer activities must remain outside of the paddock until Load In is complete.
  6. If you have special requests, please let the Paddock Chief know prior to arriving so he can make appropriate arrangements.
  7. For safety reasons, the county Fire Marshall requires that access lanes be kept open. Vehicles parked in no-parking areas may be towed without warning

The paddock chief can be reached at - Odie O'Dell -, or (404) 375-8515.

This event remains under control of the Paddock Chief and as a participant in Early Load In (ELI) you must check in with the Paddock Chief as to your intentions and follow any instructions he has for you and/or your team..

Event requirements

All participants in the Early Load In should remain aware that this IS an SCCA event and you will be subject to the normal rules regarding any other SCCA Racing event. i.e'.. YOU are responsible for the actions of anyone coming in under your registration.

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

Braselton, GA


Club Race organized by

SCCA - Atlanta Region - Club Racing

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