Mon, Oct 18 - Mon, Oct 17, 2022

2022 Riders Club Membership

New Jersey Motorsports Park

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Event requirements

All Riders must create a free account on  Registrations must all be pre-paid.  No walk-ons.  All Riders must be 18 yrs of age or older.  Any rider under 18 must have a valid CCS, WERA or MotoAmerica License or must have a bridge-over program organization contact us.



1.Helmet, undamaged, fullface DOT, SNELL, or European standard approved, with eye protection. No flip-up helmets allowed.

2. Leather riding suit; for a two piece suit a full circumference zipper is required. Airmesh†style suits (where you can see your skin through them) will NOT be permitted in any group. Leather rentals are available through your trackside vendor. NO jeans allowed.

3. Motorcycle specific boots designed to protect your feet are required, and race style boot that cover the ankle. Work boots or fashion boots will not be allowed. Rental boots are available from your trackside vendor.

4. Leather gauntlet style gloves that cover the wrists and leave no skin exposed.

5. Back protector (strongly recommended)

TECH Information:

1. Tires –should be at least 25%. Wheel weights to should be secured to wheel. Valve stems must have caps.

2. Brakes – should be at least 25% life. Brake reservoirs should have adequate fluid and level. Brake calipers secure. Brake lever feel (does not touch handlebar when squeezed tight. Brake hose (condition and routing, no binding or interference)

3. Bodywork – Clean and secure, no loose parts. Fairings and Windscreen must be secure. Fuel tank secure, no leaks. Seat secure. All lights and reflectors removed or taped over. Mirrors removed (intro riders can tape over). Belly pan secure. Must have working muffler.

4. Engine – Oil drain plug, oil fill plug and oil filter must be safety wired (Expert and Advanced riders MUST have these items safety wires, Novice and Intro –strongly recommend).

5. Chassis- Exhaust – all bikes MUST have mufflers in working order. Chain condition – alignment and tightness. Must have proper foot pegs in working condition. Handlebar and grips secure. Throttle is smooth and auto returns.

New Jersey Motorsports Park

Millville, New Jersey


Membership organized by

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Riders Club

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