Sat, Dec 31, 2022

2022 Arctic Alaska SCCA Winter Year Ender Rally

MatSu Valley area

About this event

We're doing it again!!!! The Winter Year Ender Rally is Back for its Fifth Season!! The Arctic Alaska Region of the Sports Car Club of America is putting together a Poker Chip GTA Rally. This rally will test drivers, navigators and machines on some of Alaska's most epic roads. 

If Mother Nature gives us snow and ice we are in for a challenge and as such competitors are strongly urged to equip their cars with winter tires as well as traction aides. Each car should also ensure they have winter gear for survival for all occupants.

  • The Road Rally will start at 9am at the boat ramp parking lot at Reflections Lake, Reflections Lake, Palmer AK.
  • Competitors will have six hours to navigate the defined course.
  • At the Start, Check Points and Finish, The driver and navigator will blind draw two poker chips each.
  • These chips will be used to determine the overall winner. 

The route will start at the boat ramp into the Knik River at the end of the road just past Reflections Lake Parking Lot off the Glen Hwy just across the Knik river and end at Gallo's Mexican Resturaunt (8615 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515)  on the Old Seward Highway in Anchorage. We will be having a buffet at Gallo's.   We will officially end the Rally at that point. 

Registration needs to be completed on Motorsport Reg, and check in will open at 7am and will close at 8:30 am to sign waivers and turn in Vehicle Inspection Form an Emergency Notification. Cars will grid at 8:45 and the first cars will be off at 9 am. 

Entry fee will be $25 per person. Each team must have a driver and navigator with at least one of them being either a SCCA full member or weekend member (there is a $15 fee for weekend membership) . 

Rear seat passengers are allowed in this event. Those minor passengers who are riding in the backseat do not need a minor waiver. All drivers and Co-Drivers must meet all requirements to include a minor waiver if needed. 

A minor taking part in an SCCA event as a competitor, on track participant, or volunteer or worker with access to restricted (hot) areas must have an Annual Minor Waiver on file for the calendar year. Age of Majority is 18 years except in AL and NE at 19; MS at 21.
The Annual Waiver Minor License will be issued to the Minor by the SCCA National Office when the following requirements are met:
Digital Annual Waivers
Questions? Email

 Parent 1 logs into his/her account and digitally completes "Annual Waiver Minor Parental Consent"
Parent 2 logs into his/her account and digitally completes "Annual Waiver Minor Parental Consent"
Minor logs into his/her account and digitally completes "Annual Waiver Minor"
1. Login with your SCCA Member # at
a. Nonmembers can create a guest account to get a unique SCCA Member #
2. Go to Online Store - Licenses & Waivers
3. Add proper license to cart (see Parent & Minor instructions above)
a. Be prepared to upload a photo of yourself
b. Parents must have the Minor’s name, date of birth & SCCA Member #
c. Minors must have names and SCCA Member #s for parents/legal guardians
4. Follow the prompts at the top right of the screen
a. Legal Sole Custodians must indicate sole custody with checkbox
5. Complete checkout
→ Checkinboxforemailconfirming“underreview”
→ Checkinboxforemailindicatingstatusandnextsteps:active,incompleteor
terminated (should arrive in less than 24 hours, not including weekends/holidays)
o Active:waivervalidthroughDecember31–“readytogo!”
o Incomplete:waiverinvalid,requirementsnotyetmet
o Terminated:waiverinvalid,photonotacceptable;processmustberestarted

We are excited to host this event for all members.

Event requirements

We encourage all of you planning to enter this event to register here at today. One member of your team will need to register the vehicle (put in your personal vehicle info) and their position on the team (Driver or Navigator) and the other will need to register their position on the team and personal information only.


To participate in this event, the driver or navigator must be a paid member of the SCCA as a full member, or a paid weekend member.  Weekend memberships are $15.  Full membership fees and information can be found at

Entry Fees: With Driver and Navigator registering individually, the entry fees are $25 for each and $15 for each addiditonal passenger.


Drivers must present a valid driver’s license. If under 18-years-of-age, competitors (anyone in the vehicle) will need an SCCA Minor Waiver completed s by their parents (or legal guardians) at 

Each team will be required to complete a Vehicle Inspection prior to the start of competition. Competitors are strongly urged to equip their cars with winter tires as well as traction aides. Each car should also ensure they have winter gear for survival for all occupants.

Entries (22)

Jordan Krichbaum
Darick Schott
Geoff Benedetti
Curtis Hupton
Terrance Pearson
Nancy Gearhart
Kevin Gearhart
Kent Hamilton

MatSu Valley area

Palmer, AK


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Arctic Alaska Region

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