Thu, Sep 9, 2021

2021 Tire Rack SCCA CAM Challenge Invitational

Lincoln Airpark

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Tire Rack SCCA CAM Challenge

Rumbling V8 engines, ground-pounding American muscle – these are the characteristics of Classic American Muscle cars, or as they are known in SCCA® Solo® – CAM cars.

These muscle cars which are so popular at the fancy auctions have also found a home in SCCA® fulfilling their purpose – getting them out of the garage and being pushed to their limits of something other than gathering dust.

SCCA has three classes for these types of cars – CAM C, CAM T and CAM S.

  • CAM-C: With the “C" standing for Contemporary, this class sees car and truck body styles from 1990-on, plus CAM-T class cars. (Minimum weight w/o driver is 3300 lbs.)
  • CAM-T: In this case, the “T” stands for Traditional, and this class is for car and truck body styles originating from 1954-89. (Minimum weight w/o driver is 3000 lbs.)
  • CAM-S: The “S” stands for Sports and this class is where sports cars, sedans/coupes, and trucks with seating for 2 or more adults. (Minimum weight for 1984+ Corvettes and Vipers is 2900 lbs. Minimum weight for all other cars is 2500 lbs.)

CAM Challenge Invitational takes place over a single day of competition using a modified version of the SCCA Solo Nationals Test N Tune course.



Registration Fee is:

CAM Challenge Invitational entry - $25

For more detailed information please visit the event page by clicking here.

Event requirements

Registration Fee is:

CAM Challenge Invitational entry - $25

For more detailed information please visit the event page by clicking here.


Site Location

Set the intersection function on your GPS

Lincoln Air Park

W Mathis St & NW 36th St

Lincoln, NE 68524

Enter site at Gate 41

Google Maps Link



Event Schedule

Thursday. September 9
Check-In 7:00 am - 8:15 am
Course open for walking 7:00 am - 8:15 am
Breakfast on Site 7:30 am - 8:30 am
Drivers Meeting 8:30 am
First car off 9:00 am
Scheduled times and run/work orders are subject to change due to local restrictions and conditions.
Trophies Awarded at the Conclusion of Competition



To read about the contingency sponsor programs and to register for programs please click on this link.

Competitors must register each year through prior to competing for all SilverGold and Platinum programs and in some cases with the sponsor as well, please read each programs registration requirements carefully. Decals will be available at tech inspection at the event.

All Bronze programs require registering and receiving decals directly from that sponsor, please refer to the program descriptions for more information.  

Registration Policies 

Car Number Policy

The number selection is first come first served. The system does not allow drivers to reserve their codrivers number. With that, if there is a conflict where someone signs up for a number and someone else who isn’t the codriver signs up for the corresponding number, the person that signed up first for either the two or three-digit number is the owner of that combination. If you notice a discrepancy in numbers, please contact Nikki Edwards ( provides the date/time of registrations to determine who registered first and is the rightful owner of the number combination.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing.
Please contact Nikki Edwards ( with questions or to cancel.



Entries (80)

Matthew Braun
Eric Sutton
Chris Fletcher
Randy Adkins
Andrew Chenoweth
Jennifer Merideth
Kurt Chenoweth
Chris Olson

Lincoln Airpark

Lincoln, NE


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - National - National Solo

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