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2020 THSCC Southern Fried HPDE

2020 THSCC Southern Fried HPDE

Tarheel Sports Car Club

Saturday, May 30 — Sunday, May 31, 2020
Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

This event was cancelled May 9, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?


2020 THSCC Southern Fried HPDE

VIR-North Course - May 30-31, 2020


You are registering for a two day high performance driver's education event conducted by Tarheel Sports Car Club.  HPDE Student drivers can expect four 25 minute driving sessions each day, with classroom discussions held between on-track sessions for instructed groups.  Student drivers will be grouped based on experience level into FOUR groups.  Green, Yellow, and Blue run groups will have in-car instructors.

When registering, please keep in mind that final run group placement is determined by THSCC Staff based on your previous experience as well as prior instructor evaluations.  Register for the group you feel fits you best and THSCC Staff will review your MotorsportsReg.com history (Make sure it is up to date!) to verify correct run group placement. 

Beginner (Green):  Green group students typically have 3 or fewer events.  Students will focus on track etiquette/safety, learning the basic line, proper inputs, and awareness of basic vehicle dynamics.

Intermediate (Yellow):  Yellow group students typically have done between 3 and 10 events.  Students will continue to explore topics of vehicle dynamics like weight transfer and slip angle to improve their car control skills.

Advanced (Blue):  Blue group students typically have done 10 or more events.  Students will continue to work on improving at-speed recognition of off line situations and how to adjust inputs while maintaining car control to correct them.

***Note: We do allow solo students in our blue group for drivers that prefer the pace of our Blue group or may not be as comfortable with the unlimited passing zones (with a point) and pace of the Red group.***

Advanced Solo (Red):  Our Red group is reserved for students that have demonstrated on track proficiency of car control skills and traffic management in all situations.  This run group allows passing anywhere with a point.

****Solo Drivers – If you have not been approved to run in our Red (solo) group at a previous THSCC event, you will have a check ride in your first session of the event. 

If you have never run with THSCC before and are signing up for our Red group, we do require references, and you will have a check ride during your first session.  Please e-mail the registrar at trackregistrar@thscc.com with references after you register. *****


Instructors:  If you do not see an 'Instructor Entry' option when you register, it means we do not have you authorized as an instructor in MotorsportReg.  Please email us at trackadmin@thscc.com

Students, have you paid for your club membership for 2020?

If you answered NO, please be aware you will have to sign up for an annual membership ($12, one-time fee).  It will be an option during the registration process and will need to be added to your cart.

Student or Solo entry fees are as follows:

$425 if registering before March 18, 2020.

$450 if registering on or before April 15, 2020.

$475 if registering May 1 or later.

$25.00 Discounts are available for Active Military/First Responders, and First time THSCC event drivers..


 Instructor entry is FREE.  Instructors should assume they will have two student assignments.

ONE Student Guarantee: $200.
(Pairing requests may not be able to be honored if One Student Guarantee is chosen.)


Any driver with a valid US-issued driver's license may attend as long as they are 18 years of age or older.  Car must pass a vehicle inspection (detailed on the next page) to show they are appropriate for track use.  Drivers must wear an approved helmet and proper clothing (detailed on the next page).

Pre-registration is required Please note that you will be asked for your credit card information when you register, but your card will not be charged until May 17, 2020.  In the event this event is canceled due to weather, you will receive a full refund by June 7, 2020.  



[**]WITH +30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT: FULL REFUND; refund or credit handled immediately

[**]WITH -30 TO -15 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT: Total fee minus $100 cancellation fee; refund or credit to be handled after event conclusion.

[**]WITH –14 TO -1 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT: Credit towards future event only, minus $150 cancellation fee; credit handled after event conclusion.


For registration information, or student questions regarding the HPDE, please contact THSCC Track Staff.

For Technical / Safety issues, email Ethan Steinman

For Instructor questions, please contact Ron Spencer