Sun, Aug 9, 2020

2020 Championship Autocross Event #2 (redo)

Rt. 66 Raceway

About this event

Full Event Schedule and Rules can be found on our site here:

Must Pre-Pay on MotorsportReg!
No Cash or Credit Card Payment will be accepted on site!



Use the following link for speed waiver (to avoid manual waiver)

Please read the COVID-19 Requirements on the SCCA Website

Race Day Schedule:
7:15am to 8:15am     Registration
7:20am to 8:30am      Worker Assignment
7:15am to 8:40am     Tech Inspection
7:30am to 8:55am     Course Walking (No new course walks can begin after 8:50am, except for Morning worker staff)
8:40am             Novice Course Walk
9:00am             Drivers Meeting & 1st Heat Worker Check-in
9:15am              First Car Off

We typically finish up around 5:00pm

There will be a hard registration cut off at 8:15am on the day of the event. You are *required* to be prompt if you expect your pre-registration to hold! Showing up after that doesn't allow you time to walk the course. Drivers not familiar with the course often get lost and slow the event down which isn't fair to others, and the waitlist is filled starting at 8:15

Entry Fees:
$40 for Chicago Region SCCA Member Early Registration (closes seven days before event)
$45 for Chicago Region SCCA Member Week Of Registration (closes at 6pm two days prior to the event)
$50 for Chicago Region SCCA Member On-Site registration
$55 for Non-Member Early Registration (closes seven days before the event) -- Cost Includes SCCA Weekend Membership
$60 for Non-Member Week of Registration (closes two days before event at 6pm) -- Cost Includes SCCA Weekend Membership
$65 for Non-Member On-Site Registration  -- Cost Includes SCCA Weekend Membership

Are you new? 

  • New Driver Liaisons will be available throughout the event if you should have any questions/concerns. Please ask at registration and listen to announcements made throughout the morning.
  • Arrive at site between 7:00am-7:30am
  • Listen for announcements made regarding the New Driver Liaisons and New Drivers
  • Proceed to registration (Refer to Registration), and be sure to obtain a Work Assignment
  • Return to car, make car race ready and proceed to Technical Inspection. (Refer to Technical Inspection)
  • Return car to paddock and proceed to start of course to get work assignment. (Refer to Registration)
  • Walk the course.
  • Meet New Driver Liaison near the start of course for New Driver Course Walk at 8:40am ( a few earlier walks may also occur if it can be coordinated)
  • We run rain or shine in all kinds of temperatures. However, the event will be temporarily suspended while lightning is observed in the immediate area. Please bring appropriate rain/cold/hot/sunny weather gear. Make sure you also bring something to cover and/or secure your gear while it is not in your car (plastic garbage bags or a tarp)

Note: Novice Class drivers run with their standard class (ie. N-STX would run & work with STX).

Note: Ladies Class drivers run with their standard class (ie. L-STX would run & work with STX).

Note: Though we try to avoid making changes whenever possible, you must listen for announcements in case a class has changed it's Run/Work Heats.




Event requirements

Event Requirements

Basic Event Guidelines and Safety

  1. A valid drivers license is required in order to participate, please bring drivers license with you to registration.  Temporary permits are allowed if parent/guardian remains present while driving.
  2. Please note that our insurance doesn't allow tippy vehicles like SUVs. Please consult the 2020 SCCA Solo Rulebook section 3.1 and the beginning of Appendix A.  Regardless of the listing, all vehicles may be subjected to the Height/Width check by the SSS's on-site.
  3. All vehicles must pass safety inspection on the following points prior to running: working seat belts, throttle return action, secure battery, *no* leaks, adequate brake pedal, tire condition, tie-rods, and wheel bearings.
  4. All loose items, snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts, speaker boxes, center caps, and trim rings must be removed.
  5. Closed toe shoes are required (no sandals or flip-flops) while driving.
  6. Helmets are required (Snell M2005/SA2005 or newer), we cannot offer Loaner Helmets due to the pandemic.  If you don't know the rating of your helmet you can look inside for a sticker, just may need to pull back some of the padding to locate the sticker. If you want to purchase a helmet you can look online at places like Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies.
  7. All adults present in the event site (whether they are participating or not) will need to sign the waiver when they arrive on site.
  8. Minor's must have a signed waiver which has to be printed in color.  If there are 2 parents/legal guardians they both need to either sign it while being witnessed by registration or have a notary sign it saying they witnessed the signature.  One parent/legal guardian must be onsite for the entire event.  If on a learner's permit, the parent can either ride along with the student or give written permission to have an instructor ride with them instead.
  9. The complete 2020 SCCA Solo Rulebook is available on, other local rule changes will be posted in the supplemental regulations on our website.


Membership Validation

  • When you register, MotorsportReg will be verifying your SCCA membership status against the National Office's member database. If you do not have a valid membership, you must select the "Non-Member" option before you will be allowed to complete your registration.
  • Your First Name, Last Name, and Member Number in MotorsportReg must match what is on your SCCA Membership Card:
    • You can check your MotorsportReg info by clicking the "My Account" tab, then "Edit Clubs" and editing the information under "SCCA - Chicago Region - Solo"
    • You can check your SCCA membership info (and edit how your name looks on your card) by logging on to
  • If you are having trouble registering due to this new feature, or if you recently joined SCCA and your membership is still pending, please contact
  • Thanks for your patience as we implement this new process! This will make our on-site registrars even faster and more efficient, so we appreciate you working with us!

Entries (133)

Jacqueline Herrera
Luis Cano
Jason Frank
Anthony Venen
Hilary Anderson
Rebecca Giese
Maciej Wolanin
Kamil Dziwisz

Rt. 66 Raceway

Joliet, IL
Download track map
Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Chicago Region - Autocross

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