Fri, May 10, 2019

2019 IRDC HPDE at Tribute for the Volunteers GP

Pacific Raceways

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International Race Car Drivers Club


HPDE at the Tribute to the Volunteers Grand Prix

This event is hosted by the International Race Drivers Club at Pacific Raceways under sanction by the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs – ICSCC, governed by 2017 ICSCC Competition Regulations...

Pacific Raceways, May 10, 2019

Registration Closes: May 9, 2019

HPDE Rules & Expectations

Learn more abou the IRDC HPDE Program Here

Official Announcement and Schedule:

  • IRDC HPDE events are run on the same days as IRDC races but HPDE has it's own run group.  
  • Friday: HPDE run group amongst the race car Test and Tune run groups.  
    • The final schedule for Fridays is determined the day prior based off of car counts but in general is as below.
    • 1 session every hour from 9 - 5pm (except 12noon lunch hour).  This results in 6-7 sessions and at least 2 hours of track time!

More information: or

Entry Fees:

  • Friday Only: $180/driver (2+ hours of track time and a guided driving experience)

Spectators and crew members ... FREE + Our Thanks!

Preferred payment method is cash or check. Please help our club save on credit card fees. Motorsportreg will not charge your credit card until you have completed tech and have an official entry.

HPDE Lapping Information:

This HPDE Lapping group is open to all experienced drivers who would like to enjoy a day of sport driving during a racing event. Drivers in this group must have experience driving at Pacific Raceways, have recently attended a driving school and been signed off to drive solo. Must provide proof at registration or through your driver profile on Motorsportreg. All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old and have a valid drivers license (must present original, photo copies not accepted).

Requirements for HPDE Drivers:

  •     Must have experience at Pacific Raceways and signed off for solo driving
  •     Must be minimum of 18 years old with a valid drivers license (present original)
  •     Vehicle must be in good working condition, no fluid leaks, loose parts, missing body parts
  •     NO Convertibles
  •     Factory rollover must be structural, no "pop-up" bars accepted
  •     MANDATORY morning drivers meeting
  •     No passengers allowed (private coaches with prior approval)
  •     Race licensed drivers in street cars are permitted. 
  •     Non-race licensed drivers in race cars are permitted.
  •     Long sleeve shirts, long pants, and proper driving shoes

Requirements for Cars:

  •     Sound mechanical condition. No loose parts/pieces, nuts/bolts
  •     Fluids filled - oil, water, transmission.
  •     Good belts, hoses and BRAKES
  •     3/32" minimum tire tread depth or race tires in good condition
  •     Clean inside and out, including engine compartment
  •     All loose items removed, including spare tire, jack, etc; Battery secured
  •     Factory rollover protection allowed only if "structural" and
        front windshield frame (A-pillars) are also structural
  •     Factory "pop-up" roll-over protection is NOT acceptable and there will be no exceptions
  •     Glass headlights should be taped to prevent possible breakage.

Entries limited to 25 drivers. Register early to secure your spot.

Additional entries will be placed on a waiting list.

RACE CHAIR contact info: Karl Seeger 206 999-1320.

Credit Card payments will not be processed until the day of the event.

Event requirements

Thank you for using online entry system for the International Race Drivers Club.  If you follow these steps to create your account the first time you enter, your future entries with us will be quick and painless!  You can also use this same profile to register for other NW events on

  1. If you do not already have one, create an account on after reading these steps.
  2. Once logged in, click "My Account" at the top right.
  3. Review your vehicle(s) making sure to enter your preferred car numbers and your transponder number.
  4. Enter your medical information for the Ambulance/Life Support crew.
  5. If you already have an account, please be sure your profile contains your club affiliation & competition license type.
  6. Now return to this page and enter the event and pay online.

If you have technical issues with online entry on, you can contact their customer support during normal business hours at 415-462-5603 or by email here.

You will receive an email confirmation of your entry automatically from the system.  If you have any questions about the event, please contact IRDC Registrar Terry Zeitner

Remember to come to Registration with your government or provincial license the morning of the event.  

How the Online Payment works: Your credit card will NOT be charged until after our event has begun. A pre-authorization check is done electronically to confirm validity and capacity of your account by, much like a hotel might do.  The pre-auth should fall off your account in 24-72 hours depending on your bank card's practices.  DEBIT CARD USERS, you can use your card on, but, you should treat the pre-authorization as a debit, and account for this, until the "hold" is dropped by your bank. 


Pacific Raceways

Kent, WA
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