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2017 SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Series Registration

SCCA Majors Program

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U.S. Majors Tour

U.S. Majors Tour

The U.S. Majors Tour is the pinnacle of championship racing in North America.

This isn't Easy Street. This is where America's best amateur drivers race. It means start-to-finish, wheel-to-wheel action. It's where drivers not only put their cars on the track, they put their pride on the line.

Make no mistake, this is not country club driving. The kindred spirit found here is mixed with fuel and emotion. Adrenaline pumps a little harder here.

Take a close look. It's not for everyone. If you long for the flag that welcomes or denies you, we have a spot for you. Welcome to the Majors.


Event requirements

For 2017, SCCA is again offering the ability for drivers to register for the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour (Series Registration) and receive the following benefits:

  • Reserve a car number for the season
    • $50 Series Registration fee includes one single or two-digit number in the conference of their choosing (usually their home conference.) Payment will be deferred until January 1, 2017.
    • The same single or two-digit number can be reserved (if available) in other conferences for an additional $25 per conference.
    • $100 Series Registration will allow a driver to register a single three-digit number for all conferences (leading digit will be a “1”) Payment will be deferred until January 1, 2017.
    • Drivers with a 2016 U.S. Majors Tour series registration will have until November 7th at 9 am CST to reserve that conference number for 2017.  At that time, unreserved numbers will be released back into the general pool.
  • Allows drivers to prepare number graphics for their cars that will be good for the season in their conference
  • Receive series decals for car placement prior to events
  • Special Hoosier SCCA Super Tour branded hard card
  • Where available, provides access to special registration line for express registration and tech
  • $25 coupon for merchandise at for each $50 and $100 series registration.

Reserved numbers will be honored until two weeks prior to an event.  In-Conference reserved numbers will be given priority over out-of-conference reserved numbers for event registration.  In the case of a dual-conference event, any duplicate reserved number requests will be resolved by earliest event registration time stamp.

The word “reserved” does not mean “permanent.” If class run groups for any event are different than the groups noted below, number assignments for that event will give preference to the in-conference drivers who register first, then further duplicate requests will be resolved by earliest event registration time stamp.

Numbers will be assigned by Conference/Race Group.  Only SCCA Full Competition and SCCA Pro Racing (Full) License holders may register for the Majors series.  Any person registering for the series who does not hold one of these licenses will have their registration cancelled and no refund will be issued.

Race Groups: (classes in these groups are most likely to be combined at events in the season)

  • SM
  • SRF/SRF3
  • Big Bore Closed Wheel (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1)
  • Small(er) DOT Closed Wheel (STL, STU, T2, T3, T4, B-Spec)
  • Small Bore Slicks Closed Wheel (EP, FP, GTL, HP)
  • Big Bore Open Wheel (FA, FB, FC, FE, FM, P1, P2)
  • Small Bore Open Wheel (FV, FF, F5)

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*The U.S. Majors Tour reserved number program does not apply to the SCCA Runoffs. 

Entries (719)

Darius Trinka
Aaron Quine
Rudy Wopat
Michael Saia
Ian Girvan
Bernie Naegele
Amy Dilks
Matthew Gaetano

SCCA Majors Program

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