Sat, Apr 7 - Sun, Apr 8, 2012

2012 THSCC Great Piece of Asphalt

Virginia Int'l Raceway-North Course

About this event

2012 Great Piece of Asphalt HPDE and Time Trial





This event is a two day high performance driver's education event with an optional time trial for qualified drivers.  You can expect four 25 to 30 minute driving sessions each day with classroom discussions held between sessions for instructed groups.  Students please sign up based on your experience level as you will be grouped based on experience level and veheicle driven into two run groups.  The third run group will be for instructors/solo drivers.

  • GREEN for novice and beginner students (generally 0-3 events)
  • YELLOW for novice/intermediate students (3-10 events)
  • BLUE for upper intermediate/advanced students (10-40 events)
  • RED for upper advanced/instructor overflow (30+ events with verifiable solo experience)
  • WHITE - Instructor group.  For instructors we have two options.  See registration form for details.


*****For this event, we are also offering a Test and Tune session for Race Drivers with Comp Licenses.  This will consist of 4 - 30 minutes sessions each day.  Passing will be open and allowed anywhere, no points required.  Competition License and an up to date log book for your car must be shown when you check in at registration.  ***** 

*****The Test and Tune has been canceled due to lack of interest.*****  This does not effect the HPDE and TT.


An instructor is included with Green, Yellow, and Blue run groups.  If you are signing up for our Red solo group, you will be asked for references (required if you have not run with us before.)  $25.00 Discounts are available for THSCC members or SCCA members, Active military, First time THSCC event drivers and those refering a new to THSCC driver.  You may sign up for these discounts up to three weeks prior to the event, the full price of $425.00 will be in effect after that date.

Instructors:  If you do not see an 'Instructor Entry' option when you register, it means we do not have you authorized as an instructor in MotorsportReg.

  • Did you create a new account unnecessarily?
  • Is this your first TZC/THSCC event?

If you answered YES to either question, please email us ASAP



Student or Solo entry: $425

THSCC/SCCA Price: $400

Instructors: Guaranteed one student $175, two students is free.

Optional Time Trial (one day/both days): $25/$40

*****New Option - Test and Tune for Race Drivers with Comp. Licenses: $275 Saturday Only/$400 Both Days*****


High Performance Drivers Education
Any driver with a valid US-issued driver's license may attend (under 18 must have parent or legal guardian present).  Car must pass an annual vehicle inspection (detailed below) to show they are appropriate for track use.  Drivers must wear a helmet and proper clothing (detailed below).

Time Trial
The time trial is a separate optional, competitive event open to drivers with the proper qualifications and cars built to TZC/THSCC Time Trial standards and other club racing specifications.

Pre-registration is required.  If you register online, but choose not to take advantage of online payment, your entry will not be confirmed until your paper entry and check have been received by the event registrar.  Your entry will be placed 'on hold' until we receive your check or you pay online.

Refund/Credit Schedule

  • With 30+ days notice: Total fee minus $25 handling fee; refund or credit handled immediately
  • With -30 to -5 days notice: Total fee minus $50 cancellation fee; refund or credit to be handled after event close-out
  • With –4 to Day-of: Credit towards future event only, minus a $100 cancellation fee; credit handled after event close-out


For registration information, or questions regarding the HPDE, please contact Stephen Westerfield, Don Ingerslew, or Brad Mackey

For technical/safety issues, email Mark Cooper or Mark Vitacco

For instructing questions, please contact Ron Spencer


Event requirements

THIS EVENT WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE ** We will not run in heavy fog (corner workers must be able to see from one station to the next).

This is NOT a race school - Our events focus on learning proper high performance driving technique that will translate well into both street and track use. We focus our instruction on car control, on-track protocol, and advanced techniques that will be used with most clubs that run on-track driving events. We pride ourselves on the safety of our participants and our guests. We have developed an event that we feel offers the most value for your track dollar while keeping the costs reasonable and the risks minimal.

As of January 1 2011, all helmets must be Snell SA2005 specification minimum. We will no longer accept M rated helmets of any year, nor will we accept Snell rated helmets older than 2005.   We have a very limited supply of loaner helmets that can be reserved on a first-requested, first-served basis.

All participants' cars must complete our annual vehicle inspection which will be good for the calendar year before attending their first event with us each year. The inspection can be performed at any of our annual inspection days (announced on or at any independent shop with access to a car lift. The inspection form must be completed and signed or stamped by the mechanic.

THSCC event staff will review the form at event check in and a THSCC tech sticker will be issued (if one was not recieved during the inspection).  The annual inspection form can be found hereTHSCC does NOT do on-site tech inspectionsYou must have this inspection completed before you arrive at the event.  (However, Time Trial equipment can be inspected on site.)  We will have multiple annual tech days scheduled during the year.  If you plan on participating in the Time Trial, we STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for one of these tech days.  Current scheduled tech days are listed below.


February 11, 2012 - Performance Chassis - 214 Hillsboro St, Cary, NC 27513 - 919-319-3484

All convertibles participating in the event (HPDE AND Time Trial) must have an SCCA Approved 4-point structural roll bar built to SCCA GCR specifications for Time Trials. Factory roll-over protection is not acceptable for our events. *********Effective January 1, 2011, THSCC will be requiring approved head and neck restraint devices be worn to participate in the Time Trial Series.********* Please see our tech guide for more details.

All participants, staff, and guests must sign the event insurance waiver at time of check-in. Everyone may also be required to sign the track's waiver as well. Armbands will be issued when the waiver(s) are signed and must be worn at all times while on track property.

Each track has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the use of its facilities. A copy of these rules is available upon request from Track Management or THSCC .  All participants and their guests are required to abide by the track's rules and regulations. Any infractions may be cause for expulsion from the event and any fees charged by the facility for rules violations will be assessed to the individual(s) responsible.

All participants will be expected to read and follow the guidelines set forth by THSCC to ensure a safe, fun, and extremely rewarding event. You will receive event-specific information via email about two weeks prior to the event, but please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or comments.

Please note: THSCC requires credit card information upon registering for an event. However, we will not be charging your card until March 17, 2012. If you would like to make other payment arrangements, please email us immediately after submitting your entry online.  If you do NOT want to give your credit card information, please email us BEFORE continuing with your registration.

For registration information, or questions regarding the HPDE, please contact Stephen Westerfield, Don Ingerslew, or Brad Mackey

For technical/safety issues, email Mark Cooper or Mark Vitacco

For information about Instructing with TZC/THSCC, please contact Ron Spencer


Virginia Int'l Raceway-North Course

Alton, VA
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HPDE organized by

Tarheel Sports Car Club

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