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2021 CCR BOD Election

SCCA - Central Carolinas Region - Autocross

Dec 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

The 2022 Central Carolina Region Board of Directors Elections is now open. This year three of the nine position are open. The three candidates with the most votes will serve a three year term. All members of CCR in good standing are eligible to cast a ballot. Review the candidate profiles below and select which three candidates you would like to serve on the board. 


Bailey Sigler

I have been a member of SCCA and CCR since 2004 participating in many SCCA events both as a solo racer and in club racing events and served as a Board Member since 2018.  I began racing at the age of 12, first autocrossing go-karts and then in a Miata. I was able to qualify for a club racing novice permit at the age of 16 and began racing a Spec Miata in 2009.  After racing in my father’s Spec Miata and enjoying racing in that class I began saving and was able to invest in my own race car right after college.  In addition to racing in SCCA events I have instructed at the SCCA Driver’s School in Savannah and instructed PDX events at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have developed numerous contacts within SCCA during my racing career and have been able to interact with members on trends within SCCA.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Business and Marketing.  I’ve settled in Mooresville and I previously worked in the motorsports industry as the Vice President for Corporate Relations for GoPro Motorplex.  I currently work in the financial services industry.  With my background in marketing, branding and financial services, serving on the Board of Directors for the Central Carolinas Region of SCCA would enable me to work to increase both participation in CCR events and to expand SCCA visibility in the area. I would welcome the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to continue working within the CCR framework.


Robert McManus

I began my motorsports addiction with CCR in 2003 running in the then solo2 program. I ran nearly every event from then up until around 2010 when my focus turned to the Time Trial program while still attending autocross regularly. In 2013 I joined the BoD for CCR and focused on shifting toward Road Racing personally. Most recently I have been Co Chairing CCR's Road Race and Hill climb efforts and have been the Assistant Regional Executive on the board. This club has seen unleavable growth in the time that I have been a part of it, my goal should I be reelected is to see it continue to strengthen and offer great events to the membership. Having background in all aspects of the club helps me to make the right decisions in the best interest of each program.  


Tony Wentworth

CCR-SCCA Board of Directors biography


Member of club since 2001

Member of CCR board since 2002

Treasurer since 2008

Current SCCA Licenses:

National Race Administrator

National Sound Control

Advanced Time Trials Driver

TT Chief Steward

TT Course Inspector

TT Safety Steward

TT Tech Inspector 


Current Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities:

Treasurer-Pay all bills of the club, manage club accounts, report to the board via monthly report, arrange each year to have our CPA do our corporate taxes, manage club purchasing by authorized purchasers, manage club insurance on club equipment, pay sanctions/insurance for all Club Racing, Hill Climb and Autocross events, arrange all lodging for volunteer workers and compile/keep lists of worker rooms, meals, etc. Maintain the club mailbox.


Sound Control Chief for Road Races-Maintain Sound Control equipment used for road race events including sending Sound equipment to manufacturer annually for re-certification. In 2010, we created a new Sound Control location at Carolina Motorsports Park which is safer and more effective for our events at this track.  


Past Race Chairman of the Memorial Monster, The Blue Ridge Hill Climb, The Wolf Ridge Hill Climb and The Rock ‘n Road Hill Climb at Eagle’s Nest.


When I joined the BoD, the club was in less than acceptable financial shape and there was not a good atmosphere of fiscal responsibility. As new members and a new R.E. (Steve Eckerich) joined the board, we embarked on a quest for financial security and to restore not only a good monetary policy but to begin putting away funds for “rainy day” purposes and to have the funds to buy new equipment. By making good decisions about what events we could and could not support, sites that we could or could not afford, we began to see positive results.  The club is in the best financial condition it’s been in since I joined the board in 2002. My goal for the club is to continue the steady growth methods we are currently employing, which have lead us to the success we enjoy in all of our events.

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving our club and I’m grateful to you our members for letting me continue to serve. I thank you for your vote and support.


Nathan Brainerd

I've been a member of CCR for the last decade or so and was with HSCC previously. I ran the Bele Chere events dating back to the early 90's, so I've been doing this car vs cones thing for a while but really only got serious about it over the last 12 years or so. I have gradually increased my volunteer efforts with CCR during that time and was humbled with the honor of being chosen as the CCR Solo Worker of the Year in 2019. Most of you will recognize me as the guy who assigns you work assignments at our autocross events (Worker Chief) and/or the guy with the white scirocco. With my history, I know the old guard a bit and I know the new about as well (which is to say I know some names, fewer faces, but recognize a LOT of cars). With that lack of specific allegiances but with a general comradery, I can honestly say I have no specific loyalties other than to our sport as a whole. I have always promoted the belief that what we do should always be fun first, and I often cheer on my fellow drivers with the phrase "have fun and go fast, but always in that order!". I want to join the board as a conduit to bring in all ideas for consideration. I tend to be a bit snarky, but I try to do so in a humorous way and I try to listen to all sides. We are a group of volunteers so I think it's important that we are all heard and all concerns are at the very least considered, and whenever possible, addressed. We are all part of this Team and we are all here to enjoy the days we have, I want to try to make sure every event I'm a part of is an event every participant will be glad they were are part of as well. I also have a cool Beef and a cool Chicken Ramen Noodles shirt. If not for me, can't we all vote for Ramen Noodles?


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