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2020 CCR SCCA BOD Elections

SCCA - Central Carolinas Region - Autocross

Nov 15, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

Please select your top three choices for the three available seats on the board of Directors. 

Robert McManus:
I began my motorsports addiction with CCR in 2003 running in the then solo2 program. I ran nearly every event from then up until around 2010 when my focus turned to the Time Trial program while still attending autocross regularly. In 2013 I joined the BoD for CCR and focused on shifting toward Road Racing personally. Most recently I have been Co Chairing CCR's Road Race and Hill climb efforts and have been the Assistant Regional Executive on the board. This club has seen unleavable growth in the time that I have been a part of it, my goal should I be reelected is to see it continue to strengthen and offer great events to the membership. Having background in all aspects of the club helps me to make the right decisions in the best interest of each program.

Jason Amistadi:
For the past seven years I have done my best to make the programs of CCR a model for all regions, and fun for all competitors. Starting off as Novice Chief for our Autocross program, I moved to timing chief, and later Autocross chair. At road races make sure to wave to me up in the timing tower while I work with Rich and the rest of the timing crew. I still need to make it out to a hillclimb (schedules will align one day)! For the past three years I’ve also served on the board, focusing on improving communication and accountability. The more club members are aware of club activities, club problems, club successes, the more we can move in a direction we all can enjoy. I am proud of the improvements in both communication and club sustainability we have made over the past few years, but I do not feel the job is done. I would like the opportunity to continue building on these successes in all programs, working with all of our members to continue as a model region.

Jean Markowski:
I joined SCCA in 2004 then moved to CCR in 2006. I have, and always will, adhere to the Club By Laws. As they are written, with no interpretation.
You might have read some of my posts on the FaceBook sites. I am the Truck Driver who brings the equipment to the events. I ring the bell at the Dragon Hill Climb. Help you find your spot at The Daylight into Dark Road Race. I help Set-up & tear down the Auto-Xs and Hill Climb. I also store and maintain the paraphernalia for the Auto-X program and the Hill Climb Trailer, with a lot of help from my husband.
My husband, James Farris, was on the CCR BOD for 9 years. He stepped down to pursue a different interest. Through his experience, I am able to jump right in. I know how the meetings are conducted. I won’t be lost for a year until I learn the ropes. I know what goes on. And it’s history.
I understand what it takes to put on an event. And I am always willing to help.
I would like to see better cooperation with the surrounding regions.
I would like to see closer communication between Club members and the BOD.
If elected, I would like to help this great Club and the present Directors make it better.

Steve Eckerich:
Bio Pending


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