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LVR-PCA HPDE @ Spring Mountain

PCA - Las Vegas

Saturday, Mar 6 — Sunday, Mar 7, 2021

Spring Mountain, Pahrump, NV

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Saturday  94 entries
  Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Aguirre, Marcela Confirmed 2015Porsche BoxsterGlobal Rehab
Placeholder Avatar Alter, Jason Confirmed 2016Porsche Carrera GTS
Placeholder Avatar Antunes, Mark Confirmed 2013Cadillac CTS-V
Placeholder Avatar Apelbaum, Nathan Confirmed 2003Chevrolet Corvette / Z06
Placeholder Avatar Arrastia, Michael Confirmed 2017Nissan GTR
Placeholder Avatar Baugh, Richard Confirmed 2016Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Beers, Jeffrey Confirmed 2020Porsche Cayman
Avatar Image Berta, Anastasia Confirmed 2012Porsche Boxster SDesign by Anastasia Remodeling & Construction
Placeholder Avatar Bizjak, Joseph Confirmed 2020BMW M2 Competition
Placeholder Avatar Bloomer, Mark Confirmed 2016Porsche gt3
Placeholder Avatar Brennan, Seamus Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Brighenti, Guilherme Confirmed 2014Porsche 911 Carrera S
Placeholder Avatar Burkley, Joe Confirmed 2010Porsche C4S
Placeholder Avatar Bush, Roger Confirmed 2015Porsche Boxster GTSNSQ Racing
Placeholder Avatar Cabahug, Omar Confirmed Porsche 2019 GT2RSOmar B Cabahug MD PC
Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Brad Confirmed 2015Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Carmona, Johnathan Confirmed 1991Honda crx
Placeholder Avatar Chang, Michael Confirmed 2017Acura nsx
Placeholder Avatar Charalambous, Hambis Confirmed 2016Porsche GT4
Placeholder Avatar Cline, Jerry Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Grand Sport
Avatar Image Dill, Peter Confirmed 2017Volkswagen GolfDill Engineering
Placeholder Avatar DiSabatino, Lisa Confirmed 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Donofrio, James Confirmed 1982Porsche 911 SC
Avatar Image Drehmann, Klaus Confirmed 1997Porsche BoxsterTrophy Performance
Placeholder Avatar Estein, Jeffrey Confirmed 2011Porsche Cayman SESTEIN Racing Corporation
Placeholder Avatar Estein, Justine Confirmed 2011Porsche Cayman SESTEIN Racing Corporation
Avatar Image Firshein, Steve Confirmed 1996Mazda MX-5
Avatar Image Fisher, David Confirmed 1980Porsche 928Delipros.com
Placeholder Avatar Fowler, Kim Confirmed 2019Porsche 911 turbo
Placeholder Avatar Francis, Paul Confirmed 2019Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Avatar Image Freevol, Bart Confirmed 2018Ford mustang
Avatar Image Fry, Bob Confirmed 2014Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Gallagher, Eugene Confirmed 2013Porsche 911 s
Avatar Image Garrell, Roger Confirmed 2012BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Gowhari, Daniel Confirmed 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Placeholder Avatar Gowhari, Maile Confirmed 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Avatar Image Gratson, James Confirmed 1974Porsche 914J&J Motorsports
Avatar Image Gray, Robert Confirmed Scion FR-S
Placeholder Avatar Grossmann, Tom Confirmed 1972Datsun 1200Scuderia Pokey
Avatar Image Guzman, Chris Confirmed 2016BMW M3Justin Borja's Loose Nuts Motorwerke
Placeholder Avatar Hall II, Jim Confirmed 2016Porsche 911 GT3Jim Hall Racing Club
Placeholder Avatar Hidden, Patrick Confirmed 2002Honda s2000finallyfast.com
Avatar Image Hoot, Paul Confirmed 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
Placeholder Avatar Ibraheem, Monsuru Tony Confirmed 2010BMW 135TM2 Motorsport, BMW of Henderson
Placeholder Avatar Jezzini, Marina Confirmed 2013Porsche 911S
Placeholder Avatar Jezzini/Schmidt, Andre Confirmed 1983Porsche 944 Spec
Placeholder Avatar Joe, Robert Confirmed 2017Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Brian Confirmed 2020Porsche Macan Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Khilnani, Nick Confirmed 2006Porsche Cayman STrophy Performance
Avatar Image Krasky, Blaine Confirmed 2012Porsche 911 Turbo SWhite Rice Photography & Trophy Performance
Placeholder Avatar Lebwohl, Jason Confirmed 2020Porsche Cayman GT4
Placeholder Avatar Lee, Derek Confirmed 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
Placeholder Avatar Lewison, Matthew Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataGUMMY GRIP
Placeholder Avatar Lombardo, Michael Confirmed 2015Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Londo, Micheal Confirmed 2016Porsche GT3RS
Placeholder Avatar Ly, Vinh Confirmed 2010Porsche 987 Cayman S
Avatar Image Magill, Gregory Confirmed 2019Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Martin, Kenneth Confirmed 2015Porsche 911 GT3
Placeholder Avatar Park, Richard Confirmed 1984Porsche Carrera
Placeholder Avatar Patrick, Ronald Confirmed 2016Ford Shelby GT350R
Placeholder Avatar Peschio, John Confirmed 2014Porsche 911 S
Placeholder Avatar Reeves, George Confirmed 2019Audi TTRS
Placeholder Avatar Reimer, Jeremy Confirmed 1996Mazda MIata
Avatar Image Reingold, Peter Confirmed 2019Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Placeholder Avatar Reve, Ever Confirmed 1991Acura NSXn/a
Avatar Image Royle, Tony Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Corvette Z06 / Z07
Placeholder Avatar Schmidt, Brian Confirmed 1983Porsche 944 Spec
Avatar Image Schryer, Thomas Confirmed 2017BMW M2
Avatar Image Schultz, Robert Confirmed 2014Porsche GT-3
Placeholder Avatar Scott, Jason Confirmed 2016Ford Gt350
Placeholder Avatar Sharp, Dale Confirmed 2002Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Somers, Connie Confirmed 2011Porsche Boxster Spyder
Placeholder Avatar Spelich, Mark Confirmed 2014Porsche 991 GT3Allied Orthopaedics
Avatar Image Stahl, Robert Confirmed 2008Porsche Boxster
Placeholder Avatar Stanley, Sarah Confirmed 2013Porsche 991.1Trophy Performance
Placeholder Avatar Strangis, Greg Confirmed 2018Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR
Placeholder Avatar Tagle, Kevin Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Grand Sport Coupe Z07
Avatar Image Tecson, Marlon Confirmed 2013Scion FR-SH1 Performance, CuscoUSA, FRSport, Delicious Tuning, Winmax
Placeholder Avatar Thomason, Joe Confirmed 2015Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Tripodi, Jasmine Confirmed 2016Porsche GT4
Avatar Image Vango, Vinny Confirmed 2005Chrysler Crossfire SRT6NeedsWings/ ProVinylInc/Eurotek
Placeholder Avatar Wardle, Kim Confirmed 2015Porsche 991S
Placeholder Avatar Washington, Charles Confirmed 2013Porsche Boxster
Avatar Image Weller, Danny Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Camaro SSPro Audio Home Theater Installation
Avatar Image Wheeler, Mike Confirmed 2014Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Wilbur, Elizabeth Confirmed 2016BMW M4
Avatar Image Wilkinson, Jeffrey Confirmed 2011Chevrolet C6 Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Wilkinson, Rob Confirmed 2004Mercedes-Benz AMG 55
Placeholder Avatar Wolcott, Jim Confirmed 2018Porsche GT3
Avatar Image Wooldridge, Mark Confirmed 2017Ford Shelby GT350R
Placeholder Avatar Yi, Kevin Confirmed 2019Porsche GT3RSTrophy Performance
Avatar Image Younger, Rook Confirmed 2012Porsche Boxster Spyder
Placeholder Avatar Zaidi, Hassan Confirmed 2019Mazda MX-5
Avatar Image Zucroff, Brad Confirmed 2011Porsche Carrera GTS

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