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Entry (1 driver 1 car)
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Name Status Vehicle Hometown Sponsor
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Douglas Alvis
ConfirmedRoseville, CA Daco Filter Service, Joslin's Martial Arts
Mikhail Butenko
ConfirmedSan Francisco, CA SFSECURITY.COM & DIG Motorsports
Lee Fleming
ConfirmedLake Forest, CAJoe Carr Racing, Goodyear, Hawk, Summit Racing
Alberto Goncalves
ConfirmedSan Jose, CA
Brent Hatchet
Confirmedwillows , CARed Line Oil / A Tool Shed Equipment Rentel Inc.
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Ethan Lampe
ConfirmedHollister, CA
Randall Mackintosh
ConfirmedDanville, CAMain Street Technologies
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Sal Molinare
ConfirmedPleasanton, CASpecfab Racing, Cortex Racing, Dig Motorsports, Specialty Fabrication, ADTEK inc.
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Jim Morton
ConfirmedWalnut Creek, CAJMJ Motorsports
Joe Morton
ConfirmedWalnut Creek, CAJMJ Motorsports
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Cory Newlon
ConfirmedTurlock, CAGearhead coffee, stage8 Fasteners,
Aaron Vogel
ConfirmedSutter Creek, Califorina
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