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Hoosier SCCA Super Tour

SCCA - Ohio Valley Region - Club Racing

Friday, Jun 2 — Sunday, Jun 4, 2017

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH

 2017 Hoosier SCCA Super Tour

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Group 1 T2,T3,T4,STU,STL  53 entries

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STL   13 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
04 Placeholder Avatar O'Maley, David Group 1 1991Honda CRX SiTriStateWarbirdMuseum/MCS/OSGiken Loveland, OH
6 Avatar Image Linn, Steve Group 1 1992Nissan Sentra SE-RFins Up Racing Indianapolis, IN
8 Avatar Image Murray, JT Group 1 1991Honda CrxMoore Brothers Landscaping, Orient, OH
12 Placeholder Avatar Olivier, Michael Group 1 1990Mazda Miata Santa Rosa, CA
17 Placeholder Avatar Shanfeld, Brian Group 1 2006Honda Civic SiHonda Racing / HPD, Honda R&D Americas, BF-Goodrich Tires, H&R Powell, OH
27 Avatar Image Snyder, Will Group 1 2009Mazda MX5Snyder brothers racing Southlake, TX
40 Avatar Image Palfenier, David Group 1 2002Mazda MiataKRS, Ignoble Motorsports, Hoosier, Mazda,OS Gilken miami, FL
62 Placeholder Avatar Schmitt, John Group 1 1993Honda PreludeRed Line Oil/Hoosier tire Sunbury, OH
76 Avatar Image O'Gorman, Tom Group 1 1991Honda CRXGRIDLIFE | Black Armor Helmets | Eibach | Honda Racing/HPD Mason, OH
82 Avatar Image Kutil, Eric Group 1 1992Honda Civic SiCarbotech | Auto Assets | Hasport | Gridlife | OS Giken Hilliard, OH
83 Avatar Image Murray, Glenn Group 1 1995Acura, CB Signs Grove City, OH
136 Placeholder Avatar Dunn, Garret Group 1 1988Honda CRX siBRON, King Motorsports, Dunns Welding Commerce Township, MI
138 Placeholder Avatar Kitchen, Brad Group 1 1999Mazda MiataAlterra Commercial Real Estate Advisors Columbus, Oh
STU   12 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Wajda, Mark Group 1 2000Honda Civic siKing Motorsports, prospect airport services Cement City, MI
5 Avatar Image Weisberg, John Group 1 2015Mazda MX-5Redcom, Red line oil, BERG Racing, Power Brake, Quaife Webster, NY
19 Avatar Image McCall, Bradley Group 1 2013Scion FR-SPennzoil/G-Loc Brakes/Replay XD/AerNow/Jackson Racing/OS Giken Boca Raton, FL
20 Placeholder Avatar Crellin, Mark Group 1 1996Nissan 200 SE.RSpradlin Welding /Nissan /EBC Brakes / Yarskey Racing Services /Crellin Plumbing Springfield, OH
22 Avatar Image Gee, Max Group 1 1993Honda PreludeGee Motorsports / Hoosier / Carbotech Lucas, OH
25 Avatar Image Verenna, Jr, Robert S Group 1 1994BMW 325iMcB Autosport / Hot Metal Transfers, LLC / Will Race For Beer Zelienople, PA
81 Placeholder Avatar Doyle, Andy Group 1 2004Dodge SRT-4EAC/Doyle Racing Fishers, IN
87 Placeholder Avatar Huffmaster, Raymond E Group 1 2006Honda, Hoosier tire , Huffmaster Companies Clarkston, MI
91 Avatar Image Eich, Steve Group 1 2012Honda Civic SiHonda of America Racing Team Raymond, OH
152 Placeholder Avatar Weisberg, Dinah Group 1 Mazda MX-5 Webster, NY
176 Placeholder Avatar Tobel, Charles Group 1 2003BMW E46 New Hudson, MI
187 Placeholder Avatar Huffmaster, Robert Group 1 2006Honda, Hoosier Royal Oak, MI
Touring 2   12 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Placeholder Avatar McCall, Buz Group 1 2009BMW M3Pennzoil/ RePlay XD/ AER Now/ G-Loc Brakes/ Hoosier Boca Raton, FL
03 Avatar Image Mason, Gary Group 1 2002Porsche 911 Waterford, MI
18 Placeholder Avatar Kaplan, Aaron Group 1 2008BMW M3Kaplan Racing Systems Evanston, IL
33 Placeholder Avatar Moore, William Group 1 2014Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LEMsports, Swift, Backstreet, Mom Chagrin Falls, OH
41 Placeholder Avatar Huffmaster, Robert Group 1 2013Pontiac SolsticeHoosier, Huffmaster Companies Royal Oak, MI
48 Placeholder Avatar Noble, Thomas Group 1 2012Ford Boss 302 MustangBrainerd Performance Driving School Minneapolis, MN
49 Avatar Image Boden, Mark Group 1 2003Porsche 996Fall-Line Motorsports Buffalo Grove, IL
52 Placeholder Avatar Buttermore, John R Group 1 2005Chevrolet CorvetteHoosier/Carbotech /Stoptech Wolverine Lake, MI
63 Avatar Image Collins, Bill Group 1 2004Chevrolet CorvetteInterstate Truck Driving School Saint Paul, MN
75 Avatar Image Eskind, Terry Group 1 2002Chevrolet Z06Angry Sheep Motorsports/Hoosier/G-Loc Brakes/JDM Concrete Services Newton, NC
97 Placeholder Avatar Buttermore, John M Group 1 2003Chevrolet CorvetteHoosier/Carbotec/StopTech South Lyon, MI
141 Placeholder Avatar Conely, Sean Group 1 2007Pontiac SolsticeW4 Signs, NexGen Synthetics, Motown Automotive, Conely auto Brighton, MI
Touring 3   3 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
94 Placeholder Avatar Nazarian, James Group 1 2016Honda Civic North Hollywood, CA
95 Placeholder Avatar Bannister, Bruce Group 1 1999Mazda MiataAdvanced Autosports Novi, MI
110 Avatar Image Salih, Ali Group 1 2001BMW 330iMcB Autosport, BimmerWorld, Izze-Racing Wooster, OH
Touring 4   13 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
0 Avatar Image Yanca, Jon Group 1 2010Mazda MX-5Steve Steeb Service/Hoosier/G-LOC Brakes Saline, MI
02 Placeholder Avatar Kowalewski, Ryan Group 1 2009Mazda, Mazda, G-LOC Brakes Indianapolis, IN
4 Placeholder Avatar Mooney, Richard Group 1 1999Mazda MiataDouble S BBQ at turn 3, Apex Branding Services, Milio's Sandwiches of Waunakee Advanced Autosports Dane, WI
7 Placeholder Avatar Daniels, James Group 1 2011Mazda Germantown, TN
16 Placeholder Avatar Downing, Matthew Group 1 2006Pontiac Canal Winchester, OH
36 Placeholder Avatar Ebben, James Group 1 Mazda MX5Mazda/Hoosier/G-LOC Brakes Appleton, WI
37 Avatar Image Faigle, Curt Group 1 2002Chevrolet CamaroCastlereagh Team Racing Florissant, MO
38 Avatar Image Hardison, Dan Group 1 1999Pontiac FirebirdDeKyKaZa Racing Delaware, OH
42 Avatar Image Kutney, Dave Group 1 2007Pontiac SolsticeKutney Automotive, Hoosier, Carbotech West Chester, OH
71 Avatar Image Dickey, Richard Group 1 2004Mazda RX-8Dickey Racing, Barking Rocks Winery, Columbus, IN
80 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Keith Group 1 Mazda MiataSTORAGE A GO GO Lorain, OH
93 Avatar Image Grunenwald, Richard Group 1 2006Ford MustangAdvisory and Consulting Services LLC Hilliard, OH
96 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Matthew Group 1 2005Ford MustangKryderacing Canal Fulton, OH
Group 2 SRF,SRF3  44 entries

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Spec Racer Ford   9 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Placeholder Avatar Sellenriek, Keneth Group 2 1985SRF SRF O Fallon, MO
06 Avatar Image Mead, B. Doug Group 2 1995Ford SRFMead Construction, Inc. Melbourne, FL
6 Placeholder Avatar Tibor, Jim Group 2 2004SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer FordIntec Sales Co./AVTA Polk, PA
8 Placeholder Avatar Lex, DG Group 2 Spec Racer Ford D-Tek Enterprises Royal Oak, MI
28 Avatar Image Schweitzer, Scott Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF2KMS Autosport Lake Orion, MI
45 Placeholder Avatar Briand, Hal Group 2 1991SRF SRFBEC Racing/KME New Baltimore, MI
71 Avatar Image Stripling, Denny Group 2 2000SCCA Enterprises SRFSoutheast Spec Racer/Lightspeed Motorsports McKinney, TX
77 Placeholder Avatar Harper, Matthew Group 2 1988SCCA Enterprises SRF Cornelius, NC
81 Placeholder Avatar Fox, Todd Group 2 2000Spec Racer SRF Memphis, TN
Spec Racer 3rd generation   35 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
01 Placeholder Avatar Current, Chris Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3Hagerman RacEngineering Silver Spring, MD
02 Placeholder Avatar Jividen Jr, Glenn Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Lebanon, OH
3 Placeholder Avatar Doinoff, Nick Group 2 SRF/3 SRF/ north lima, OH
07 Avatar Image Satullo III, S.Sandy Group 2 2013SCCA Enterprises SRF Gen Hillsboro Beach, FL
08 Placeholder Avatar Tatge, Dave Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions Glenview, IL
9 Avatar Image Brinn, Benjamin Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3Spyke's KTM/Husqvarna/Alliance Autosport Lafayette, IN
11 Placeholder Avatar Rettich, Scott Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3Alliance Autosport, Red Line Oil Columbus, OH
17 Avatar Image Black, John Group 2 1985SRF CSR Performance Olympic Valley, CA
19 Avatar Image Sak, Bobby Group 2 SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer FordElite Autosport Bloomfield Hills, MI
21 Placeholder Avatar Schacht, David Group 2 1985Ford SRF3 Noblesville, IN
23 Placeholder Avatar Winkelman, Larry Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3Donate to Farmington Hills, MI
27 Placeholder Avatar Kaminsky, Colin Group 2 SCCA Enterprises Spec RacerSlick Locks Homer Glen, IL
33 Avatar Image Snyder, William Group 2 2011Ford SRF G3Snyder brothers racing Southlake, TX
35 Placeholder Avatar Grau, Max Group 2 1986SCCA Enterprises SRFRennkraft Motorworks Indianapolis, IN
36 Placeholder Avatar Blackwell, Craig Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Carmel, IN
39 Placeholder Avatar Grucella, Gregory G Group 2 Spec Racer Ford SRF Cuyahoga Falls, OH
41 Avatar Image Scarpace, Lauren Group 2 2016SRF Gen3 SRF Gen3Nine Mile Venture Birmingham, MI
44 Placeholder Avatar Lancaster, Dave Group 2 2015SCCA Enterprises Gen IIIL&L Racing Chardon, OH
46 Placeholder Avatar Burt, Tom Group 2 1990SRF Gen 3Flat Out Racing Woodway, WA
47 Placeholder Avatar Spuhler, Lee Group 2 SRF3 SRF3 Paris, OH
50 Placeholder Avatar White, Wade Group 2 2003SCCA Enterprises SRF3The Cottages/Valvoline/DN Motorsports Vail, CO
53 Placeholder Avatar Coomer, Stu Group 2 SRF SRFStu Coomer, DMD New Albany, IN
57 Placeholder Avatar Kaminsky, Bob Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Homer Glen, IL
58 Placeholder Avatar White, Cliff Group 2 2014SCCA Enterprises SRF3The Cottages/Valvoline/DN Motorsports Huntsville, AL
59 Avatar Image Parris, Joel Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF3FileNet/Lighthouse Therapy Center Fishers, IN
60 Placeholder Avatar Gray, Timothy Group 2 1996SCCA Enterprises SRF 3Ryan Companies US,Inc. Minneapolis, Mn
64 Placeholder Avatar Gray, Matt Group 2 1909SCCA Enterprises SRF3Ryan Companies US Inc. / PM Racing Chaska, MN
66 Avatar Image Wright, R. B. Group 2 1909SCCA Ent. SRFSynebar Solutions Corrales, NM
70 Placeholder Avatar Winfield, Adam Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SOlon, Oh
84 Placeholder Avatar White, Don Group 2 SCCA Enterprises SRF Howell, MI
94 Placeholder Avatar Morris, Larry L Group 2 1994Ford Spec Racer Bellefontaine, OH
95 Avatar Image Hutchins, Mark Group 2 2001SPECRACER FORD 3 SRF3 LINCOLN, NE
98 Placeholder Avatar Libecco, James Group 2 1967SCCA Enterprises SRFAlliance Autosport/ Solon, OH
127 Avatar Image Snyder, Mark Group 2 2014SCCA Enterprises SRF3Snyder Brothers Racing Southlake, TX
128 Avatar Image Snyder, Liam Group 2 2014SCCA Enterprises SRF3Snyder Brothers Racing Southlake, TX
Group 3 GT1,GT2,GT3,AS,T1  34 entries

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American Sedan   10 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Avatar Image Lechner, John Group 3 1994Ford MustangHoosier Tire North Olmsted, OH
12 Avatar Image Fandozzi, Kevin Group 3 2001Chevrolet Camaro Z28Insight Driven | Hoosier Tire | Post Racing St Joseph, Mi
15 Avatar Image Richardson, Daniel Group 3 1991Chevrolet CamaroGentiumTech/Hoosier/Hayworth/AutoGear Derwood, MD
22 Placeholder Avatar Savinov, Anton Group 3 1987Chevrolet CamaroEngines By JB Pittsburgh, PA
24 Placeholder Avatar McDermid, Andrew Group 3 2013Ford MustangWeather Tech,Felice Performance,Lane Automotive,Carbotech Brakes, Hoosier Howell, MI
27 Placeholder Avatar Cattell, Drew Group 3 2004Cadillac CTS-VSpaceMonkeyRacing, CreativeSteel, AEM Electronics, G-LOC Brakes, Hoosier, APEX Pro, EnduranceKarting Ferndale, MI
34 Placeholder Avatar Long, Bryan Group 3 1990Ford MustangHoerr Racing Prod,Hoosier,Roux,Pagid Peoria, IL
54 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Phillip Group 3 1991Chevrolet CamaroHoosier tires, Phil Harper Engines, PRS Racing New Albany, OH
67 Placeholder Avatar Madden, Patrick Group 3 2008Ford mustang Titusville, PA
71 Placeholder Avatar Muddiman, Mark Group 3 1988Ford Mustang Belleville, MI
GT-1   3 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
07 Avatar Image McManus, Ryan Group 3 2006Chevrolet CorvetteThe McManus Agency Seville , OH
48 Placeholder Avatar Gaudino, Al Group 3 Chevrolet CorvetteDelta Star/Amsoil North Royalton, OH
57 Avatar Image Pintaric, David Group 3 2015Cadillac CTS-VKryderacing, Inc./Ave Motorsports/Goodyear Canfield, OH
GT-2   9 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Walker, Randy Group 3 2012Chevrolet CamaroWalker Properties Lexington, KY
30 Avatar Image Hansen, John Group 3 1996BMW 328isRMP Competizione Uxbridge, ON
40 Placeholder Avatar Ruckh, Richard Group 3 2014Chevrolet CamaroTechnical Compressor Services Wheaton, IL
50 Placeholder Avatar Patton, Tom Group 3 1967Sunbeam TigerHoosier Tires/Felice Engines/Carbotech Fairfield Twp, OH
60 Placeholder Avatar Gray, Timothy Group 3 2016Ford MustangRyan Companies US, Inc Minneapolis, Mn
61 Avatar Image Quine, Aaron Group 3 2015Chevrolet Camaro TA2ECC,DEI, QuarterMaster, Summit Racing, Hawk, Hoosier Wadsworth, OH
69 Placeholder Avatar Gilles, Terry Group 3 2002Nissan 350 ZHoosier Avon Lake, OH
70 Placeholder Avatar Bilicki, Josh Group 3 2013Ford Mustang Richfield, WI
127 Avatar Image Nufer, Max Group 3 2003Chevrolet Monte Carlo GTAManufacturing News, Nufer Race Engineering St. Louis, MO
GT-3   5 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Avatar Image Fouse, Samuel Group 3 1994Mazda MX3Dan Robson/Dennis Shaw Racesports Raleigh, NC
18 Placeholder Avatar Bacon, Chad Group 3 2010Toyota CelicaCB Motorsports/Zignal/GoodYear/TRD Mooresville, NC
79 Placeholder Avatar Young, Paul Group 3 Ford ProbeYoung Racing/ Hoosier Tire Commerce Township, MI
82 Avatar Image Mills, John Group 3 Mazda MiataNeural Content LLC, Hoosier Racing Tire Fostoria, OH
91 Placeholder Avatar Nelson, Ken Group 3 1997Nissan 200SX Novi, MI
Touring 1   7 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
03 Avatar Image Mason, Gary Group 3 2002Porsche 911 Waterford, MI
8 Placeholder Avatar Capaldi, Craig Group 3 2014Ford Boss 302 MustangHoosier / Capaldi Racing / Ford Performance New Baltimore, MI
47 Avatar Image Boden, Mark Group 3 2009BMW M3Fall-Line Motorsports Buffalo Grove, IL
52 Placeholder Avatar Buttermore, John R Group 3 2005Chevrolet CorvetteHoosier/Carbotech /Stoptech Wolverine Lake, MI
76 Placeholder Avatar Durbin, Chris Group 3 2013Ford Boss 302RHawk, RaceFuelZ South Park, PA
88 Avatar Image Bobko, Walter Group 3 2012Ford Boss 302 Laguna SecaBobko Financial Group / Dynamic Funds Welland, ON
97 Placeholder Avatar Buttermore, John M Group 3 2003Chevrolet CorvetteHoosier/Carbotec/StopTech South Lyon, MI
Group 4 SM  46 entries
Spec Miata   46 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Avatar Image Drago, Jim Group 4 2003Mazda MiataEast Street Racing/ Saferacer Memphis, TN
4 Placeholder Avatar Mooney, Richard Group 4 1999Mazda MiataDouble S BBQ at turn 3, Apex Branding Services, Milio's Sandwiches of Waunakee Advanced Autosports Dane, WI
04 Avatar Image Rutherford, Spencer Group 4 2003Mazda MiataCamaro Central, East Street Racing, G-LOC Brakes Lexington, KY
5 Placeholder Avatar Blanarik, Gary Group 4 1999Mazda MiataSewickley Car Store/Hoosier/Kessler Engineering/Kearney Driver Development/Carbotech/Miata Antics Baden, PA
07 Placeholder Avatar Dexter, Warren Group 4 2003Mazda miata Central City, NE
7 Placeholder Avatar Harding, Dan Group 4 1990Mazda miatahardings park cycle Dover, OH
08 Avatar Image Carter, Michael Group 4 1999Mazda miataRossini Racing | Carbotech Savannah, GA
8 Placeholder Avatar McGovern, Patrick Group 4 1993Mazda MiataVet Motorsport / Hoosier / Technical App Group Richmond , KY
9 Avatar Image Novak, Michael Group 4 2002Mazda MiataRoush /East Street Racing/Krispy Kreme Highland , MI
10 Avatar Image Cabe, Jerry Group 4 1991Mazda MiataEDI Short Shift / Engineered Designs, Inc. Loveland, OH
11 Avatar Image Bender, Daniel Group 4 1999Mazda MiataAdvanced Autosport Bravo Trailers Northbrook, IL
13 Placeholder Avatar Gagliardo, Michael Group 4 2002Mazda MiataBaci Racing/EJ'S PLACE/Rossini Racing/G-LOC Brakes Glenview, IL
16 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Jonathan Group 4 2000Mazda MiataRossini Racing Products, G-LOC Brakes Wadsworth, OH
18 Placeholder Avatar Scappaticci, Natalino Group 4 1999Mazda | V2 Motorsports Ann Arbor, MI
21 Placeholder Avatar Marchand, Juan R Group 4 1996Mazda MiataJRM@GingerMan Pacific Rim Foods South Haven, MI
22 Avatar Image Allen, John Group 4 1999Mazda MiataDefined Autoworks / Rossini Racing Products Canal Winchester, OH
27 Avatar Image Nufer, Max Group 4 1999Mazda MiataNRE- Nufer Race Engineering/East Street Racing St. Louis, MO
30 Avatar Image Hechler, Dave Group 4 1990Mazda MiataPrintworks LLC Franklin, OH
35 Avatar Image Todaro, Frank Group 4 2001Mazda MiataTnT Racing; East Street Racing Dublin, OH
37 Avatar Image Roberts, Adam Group 4 1999Mazda MiataHonest Speed Shop Hilliard, OH
39 Placeholder Avatar Ruggiero, Daniel Group 4 1999Mazda Miata Plainfield, IN
40 Avatar Image Lovdal, Stewart Group 4 1999Mazda Miata Cincinnati, OH
46 Avatar Image Leuci, Domenico Group 4 2000Mazda Racing Binghamton, NY
48 Avatar Image Hille, Justin Group 4 1999Mazda MiataHilltrux, V2 Motorsports, Carbotech, East Street Racing, Krispy Kreme, FIREBALL, 46FURacing Waterford, MI
52 Placeholder Avatar Workman, Keith Group 4 1990Mazda Miatamwmotorsports Newark, OH
56 Placeholder Avatar Roderick, AJ Group 4 1999Mazda MiataGellner Engineering / Stupid Fast Tires Chardon, OH
57 Placeholder Avatar Vondran, Brian Group 4 1999Mazda MiataKryderacing / Thanks SCCA Workers Youngstown, OH
59 Avatar Image Selmants, Joey Group 4 1990Mazda MiataJH Bennett, V2 Motorsports Westerville, OH
66 Placeholder Avatar Metz, Dave Group 4 Mazda Miata Galion, OH
67 Avatar Image Naumann, Brian Group 4 2000Mazda Miata Milford, MI
69 Avatar Image Lilly, Cooper Group 4 2000Mazda MiataSIGNdeSIGN, Schaeffer's Oil & Purcell Tire Henderson, KY
72 Avatar Image Burdzy, Voytek Group 4 2003Mazda MiataAdvanced Autosports Shiller Park, IL
73 Placeholder Avatar MacDonald, Bob Group 4 1999Mazda MiataImpact Communications, Kryderacing, Carbotech HINCKLEY, OH
76 Placeholder Avatar Smart, Jordan Group 4 1999Mazda MiataV2 Motorsports, Sideline Sports Screenprinting and Embroidery Ypsilanti, MI
77 Placeholder Avatar Piku, Alex Group 4 1999Mazda Miata Detroit, MI
79 Placeholder Avatar Patterson, Spencer Group 4 2001Mazda miataRegent Square Rentals Pittsburgh, PA
80 Placeholder Avatar Gottlieb, Adam Group 4 2000Mazda Miata Wilmette, IL
83 Placeholder Avatar Matoy, Eric Group 4 2003Mazda Miata Leonard, MI
84 Placeholder Avatar Kohler, Jason Group 4 1999Mazda Miata White Lake, MI
85 Placeholder Avatar Kowalczyk, Doug Group 4 Mazda miata Lewis Center, OH
93 Placeholder Avatar Van Bendegom, Jeff Group 4 2002Mazda MiataATL Speedwerks Middleton, WI
95 Placeholder Avatar Bannister, Bruce Group 4 1999Mazda MiataAdvanced Autosports Novi, MI
96 Placeholder Avatar Suhr, James Group 4 1996Mazda MiataColletti Motorsports Springboro, OH
97 Placeholder Avatar Stearns, Erik Group 4 2000Mazda MazdaEast Street Racing, Ed's 24 Hour Service, Dick's Auto Salvage Van Buren, OH
138 Placeholder Avatar Kitchen, Brad Group 4 1999Mazda MiataAlterra Commercial Real Estate Advisors Columbus, Oh
146 Placeholder Avatar Fusi, Randal Group 4 2001Mazda Spec MiataRossini Racing Products Troy, OH
Group 5 GTL,EP,FP,HP,B-Spec  46 entries

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BSpec   6 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
02 Placeholder Avatar Sahley, Ted Group 5 2012Mazda 2Choice Privileges Rewards Cleveland, OH
07 Placeholder Avatar Floyd, Bryan Group 5 2009Honda Fit Clarion, PA
19 Placeholder Avatar Coury, Tom Group 5 2013Mazda Mazda2 Westlake, OH
84 Avatar Image Wilke, Fritz Group 5 2011Ford FiestaMobil 1, Frozen Rotors, Capaldi Racing, Hoosier Tire, BTCC Blueprints, Ink Frenzy, Hawk Brakes Chelsea, MI
95 Avatar Image Metcalf, G. Brian Group 5 2008Mini CooperAmy Lynn Racing LLC Bath, NY
99 Avatar Image Piekarczyk, Rob Group 5 2011Honda FitGoodyear Tire, Carbotech, Kryderacing, Ohio Technical College Brunswick, OH
E Production   12 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
03 Placeholder Avatar Schumacher, Ted Group 5 1975Triumph TR6 Pandora, OH
6 Placeholder Avatar LeVeque, Michael Group 5 1966Chevrolet CorvairLeVair Performance & Restoration Fayetteville, Tn
16 Placeholder Avatar Jeffers, Steven Group 5 1982Mazda Rx7Jeffers Motorsports Noblesville, IN
22 Placeholder Avatar Decuzzi, Louis Group 5 Porsche 944DeCuzzi Tires Brunswick, OH
23 Placeholder Avatar Munson, Mike Group 5 1970Triumph TR6Halkias Performance Services, Goodparts,Wishbone Classics Bowling Green, KY
31 Avatar Image Helm, Michael Group 5 1986Toyota MR-2H&H Racing / TRD / Hoosier Tire / Carbotech Union, OH
61 Placeholder Avatar Silegren, Heikki Group 5 1973Datsun Stouffville, ON
63 Avatar Image Moser, Joe Group 5 1993Honda PreludeHoosier/King Motorsports/Moser Racing Wilmette, IL
77 Placeholder Avatar Albright, Jason Group 5 1984Mazda RX7Design Fuel Graphics, HIPPI Racing Brookville, OH
81 Placeholder Avatar Albright, Fred Group 5 1979Mazda RX7Design Fuel Graphics, HIPPI Racing Tipp City, OH
83 Placeholder Avatar Halkias, Sam Group 5 1975Triumph TR6Catawba island Marina/Halkias Performance Services Westerville, OH
198 Placeholder Avatar Doyle, Morey Group 5 1980Triumph Tr8 Fishers, IN
F Production   10 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Walker, John Group 5 1965Lotus Super 7Walker Racing, Hoosier Racing Tire, Carbotech Brakes Richland, MI
3 Avatar Image Weaver, Doug Group 5 1990Mazda MiataMazda, Hoosier, Jesse Prather, Carbotech and Summit Racing Chatham, ON
13 Placeholder Avatar Haynes, Rick Group 5 MG MidgetMidwest Motor Sports Hebron, OH
17 Avatar Image Alderson, Ken Group 5 1971Opel GT Westlake, OH
28 Placeholder Avatar Strittmatter, David Group 5 1976Lancia ScorpionHoosier Tire Akron, OH
47 Avatar Image Bednarz, David Group 5 1993Mazda MiataDynomax Exhaust / Ohlins USA Ann Arbor, MI
52 Placeholder Avatar Workman, Mason Group 5 1992Mazda MiataHoosier / Planet Miata / Mazda / Carbotech Canal Winchester, OH
55 Placeholder Avatar Simaras, James Group 5 1992Nissan Sentra SERMaszk Motorsports Lisbon, WI
73 Avatar Image Ruck, Kevin Group 5 1990Acura IntegraHoosier/AEM Electronics Marysville, OH
88 Placeholder Avatar Gallagher, Larry Group 5 Acura IntegraMoe's Original BBQ Granville Ohio - CTL Engineering Thornville, OH
GT-Lite   7 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Avatar Image Fuller, Graham Group 5 1990Honda CRXHoosier, Hub City Performance, Ostar Motorsports Summit Point, WV
11 Avatar Image Nelson, Andrew Group 5 1965Fortech MiniToybox Racing, Seven Mini Parts Dunnville, ON
44 Placeholder Avatar Hipp, Joel Group 5 1966Austin Mini Norwalk, OH
46 Avatar Image Kristoff, Ryan Group 5 1987Honda CRXEibach / GridLife / Tilton / Motul Farmington Hills, MI
80 Avatar Image Bell, Rusty Group 5 1995Toyota TercelJEGS, TRD, Toyota Galena, OH
85 Avatar Image Ball, Bill Group 5 Nissan 200SXBall and Ball, Woodlawn Garage, AWE Tuning, Zekert Racing Enterprises West Chester, PA
92 Avatar Image Disque, Kyle Group 5 1994Toyota TercelToyota TRD / Hoosier Tire / The 71 Crowd Philadelphia, PA
H Production   11 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
06 Avatar Image Camilleri, Joe Group 5 1976Volkswagen SciroccoBlue Car Design, Hoosier Toronto, ON
7 Avatar Image Copeland, Ron Group 5 Honda civicHondaron Racing Rentals Maumee, OH
9 Avatar Image Stevens, James Group 5 1986Toyota MR2Hoosier/TRD/PFM Racing/Ruthi Dooley Photography Swansea, IL
15 Avatar Image Reed, Jeremiah Group 5 1983Volkswagen Rabbit GTIBest-One Tire & Service Toledo, OH
18 Avatar Image LaManna, Jason Group 5 1983Volkswagen RabbitActionCam by P.E.D. Products/Rainbow Dragon T&T Rochester, NY
21 Avatar Image LaManna, Vincent Group 5 1982Volkswagen Ontario, NY
27 Placeholder Avatar Macqueen, Michael Group 5 MG midgetOulipo Racing University Park, MD
38 Avatar Image Hileman, Scott Group 5 1984Honda CRXHoosier, Summit, Hawk and Best One Tire and Service johnstown, OH
51 Placeholder Avatar Hileman, Daryl Group 5 1985Volkswagen Scirrocco Baltimore, OH
60 Placeholder Avatar Silegren, Vesa Group 5 1987Honda CRXHoosier/Carbotech/ Cleveland, TN
71 Avatar Image Alspach, Phil Group 5 1985Volkswagen GOLF GTitcr GROUP TIRE SERVICES/WEYLAND CORP-BUILDING BETTER WORLDS Columbus, OH
Group 6 P1,P2,FA,FB,FC,FE,FM  34 entries

Jump to: Formula Atlantic (4), FB / Formula 1000 (6), Formula Continental (1), Formula Enterprise (7), Prototype 1 (6), Prototype 2 (10)

Formula Atlantic   4 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
34 Avatar Image Brockman, Spencer Group 6 Swift 014 Westport, CT
40 Placeholder Avatar Grant, Keith Group 6 2006Swift .016 MazdaMazda/Hoosier/Polestar GERMANTOWN, TN
70 Avatar Image Bleke, David Group 6 2000Swift 008Blekes Tire & Tune Franklin, IN
198 Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Charles C. Group 6 Swift 016ACircle D Racing Broomfield, CO
FB / Formula 1000   6 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
00 Placeholder Avatar Hill, Jeremy Group 6 2007Photon VD07Hoosier Tire / Stan Toronto, ON
08 Avatar Image Vardis, Nicho Group 6 JDR F1000Hoosier Tire / JDR / Nicho Design Sylvan Lake, MI
36 Placeholder Avatar Costin, Rick Group 6 RFR F1000 Hillard, OH
56 Avatar Image Peterson, Todd Group 6 2009RFR F1000Peterson Machining Inc Boulder, CO
62 Placeholder Avatar Frost, Pete Group 6 2014Phoenix FK.10Kellogg Excavating Douglasville, GA
88 Avatar Image Crowe, Michael Group 6 2000Van Diemen F1000Crowe Composites/Crowe Motorsports Services Chattanooga , TN
Formula Continental   1 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
71 Placeholder Avatar Occhipinti, Michael Group 6 1997Van Diemen Wrenchaholics / Techman Sales Dearborn, MI
Formula Enterprise   7 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
09 Avatar Image Burger, Clemens Group 6 2004SCCA Formula Enterpr Noblesville, IN
12 Placeholder Avatar Cook, Sabre Group 6 SCCA Enterprises FE Grand Junction, CO
16 Placeholder Avatar Futcher, Rob Group 6 Van Diemen Formula Enterprise Liberty Township, OH
23 Placeholder Avatar Mason, Ray Group 6 2005Mazda FEAlliance Autosport Blacklick, OH
27 Placeholder Avatar Oppermann, Dean Group 6 2003SCCA Enterprises FE Plainfield, IL
59 Avatar Image Finlayson, Elliot Group 6 SCCA Enterprises FEPerformance AFX Motorsports Yorkville, IL
98 Placeholder Avatar Libecco, James Group 6 SCCA Enterprises FEAlliance Autosport/Allied Dermatology Solon, OH
Prototype 1   6 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
06 Placeholder Avatar Hallman, Jim Group 6 2013Stohr P1 Wf1 Kitchener, ON
9 Avatar Image Carter, Keith Group 6 2013Stohr WF1StoneShare Calabogie, ON
14 Placeholder Avatar Peck, Gary Group 6 2004stohr wf1lask roofing Cherry Valley, IL
18 Avatar Image Locke, David Group 6 2008Stohr WF-1Stuart & Branigin LLP Lafayette, IN
47 Placeholder Avatar Gyann, John Group 6 2004Stohr WF1Gycor international Darien, IL
55 Placeholder Avatar Putt, Bryan Group 6 2006Elan DP02BSPort/aires Venetia, PA
Prototype 2   10 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Avatar Image Wolf, Ross Group 6 2006Stohr P2Pacific Financial Advisors Bellevue, WA
17 Avatar Image Harris, David Group 6 2004Radical SR3 Akron, OH
25 Avatar Image Scott, Vaughan Group 6 2011Hidari FireflyWitch's Hat Brewing/Munk's Motors/4M Industries/PUB Racing Royal Oak, MI
31 Placeholder Avatar O'LEARY, DAVID Group 6 Mygale SJ04- GSXRO'Leary Motorsports Cranberry Township, PA
37 Placeholder Avatar DiPasquale, Charlie Group 6 2006stohrwf1 Stohrcenterville dental associates Dayton, OH
47 Placeholder Avatar Jividen Jr, Glenn Group 6 2011Doran JE-1 Lebanon, OH
65 Placeholder Avatar Niemeyer Jr, William B Group 6 2002Sorcerer Superior Equipment Loveland, OH
83 Placeholder Avatar Gyann, Greg Group 6 2006Stohr WF1Argus Magnetics/Gycor International Western Springs, IL
99 Placeholder Avatar Pancea, Lucian Group 6 2013Stohr 2013 Stohr P2Luckor Motors San Antonio , Tx
125 Placeholder Avatar Novak, Brian Group 6 Hideri Firefly Allen Park, MI
Group 7 FV,F500,FF  33 entries

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Formula 500   8 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
07 Placeholder Avatar Stewart, Calvin Group 7 2014Novakar Blade, Hoosier Tires Novi, MI
37 Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Steven Group 7 2013T&R Fabricating TR1T&R Fabricating Royal Oak, MI
42 Placeholder Avatar annunziata, Jason Group 7 1997KBS Mk7QRE Sandy, UT
43 Placeholder Avatar Annunziata, John Group 7 2005QRE InvaderQRE Sandy, UT
46 Avatar Image McRee, Eric Group 7 2012M3 Motorsports F600M3 Motorsports, Hoosier, Honda, Hawk LAPEER, MI
60 Placeholder Avatar Brothers, Brian Group 7 2006TR1 StingerT&R Fabricating Lake Orion, MI
61 Placeholder Avatar Walbran, Jack Group 7 2006Scorpion 2006Mitchell Racing Services Saint Louis, MO
73 Placeholder Avatar Swank, Jeremy Group 7 2007Novakar NovakarStrategic Wealth Management Group Mansfield, OH
Formula F   9 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Stamm, Gregory Group 7 1985Swift DB1none South Lyon, Mi
18 Placeholder Avatar Dietz, James Group 7 2002Van Diemen RF02 HondaPolestar Motor Racing, Lake Erie Graphics Medina, OH
20 Placeholder Avatar Ruedisueli, Russell Group 7 VanDiemen RF-99 Rochester, MI
24 Avatar Image Horan, Christopher Group 7 2000Van Diemen RF00 Canonsburg, PA
27 Placeholder Avatar Rivard, Ray Group 7 1999Van Diemen RF99HIPPI Racing Macomb, MI
62 Placeholder Avatar Gross, Robert Group 7 2015Piper DL 7 Washington TWP, MI
85 Placeholder Avatar Livingston, Jr., David H. Group 7 2014Spectrum 14HThermaMasters Nashville, TN
87 Avatar Image Lavender, Brandon Group 7 1985Van Diemen RF85 FFSteering Creations, Inc Indianapolis, IN
91 Placeholder Avatar Davison, Mark Group 7 Swift DB-1 Oakland, MI
Formula Vee   16 entries
# Name Modifer YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Placeholder Avatar Abbott, Andrew Thomas Group 7 2009Vector AM-1Hoosier/Autowerks/Vector Racecars Livonia, MI
4 Placeholder Avatar Jennerjahn, Chris Group 7 2008Vortech VortechJennerjahn Machine, Inc Hartford City, IN
8 Avatar Image Loughead, Jeff Group 7 2004Vortech CR04Perfectly Planned Events/L. L. Loughead, DDS Darien, IL
12 Placeholder Avatar Whitston, Andrew Group 7 1997Protoform P2Rocket Motors / Subway /Hoosier Neenah, WI
15 Placeholder Avatar Whitston, Ron Group 7 1996Protoform P2Subway/Hoosier Neenah, WI
21 Placeholder Avatar Styczynski, William Group 7 2002Vortech Studio 21 Architects Downers Grove, IL
23 Placeholder Avatar Rogers, Charlie Group 7 1995Protoform P2Akula Motorsports Pittsboro, NC
26 Placeholder Avatar Abbott, Brandon Group 7 Vector AM-1Hoosier/Autowerks/Vector Racecars Farmington Hills, MI
45 Placeholder Avatar Farnham, Brian Group 7 Silver Bullet SB1Hoosier/Carbotech/Autowerks/Kearney Driver Development Medina, OH
47 Placeholder Avatar Jennerjahn, Adam Group 7 2008Vortech VortechJennerjahn Machine Inc. Valencia, CA
65 Avatar Image Varacins, Michael Group 7 Speed Sport AM-5Speed Sport/Veetech/Hoosier Burlington, WI
70 Placeholder Avatar Bowman, Kerry M Group 7 2003Proto-form P-2A.H. welding Livonia, MI
75 Placeholder Avatar Farnham, Mark Group 7 2001Citation BHoosier Medina, OH
76 Avatar Image Kittell, Gary Group 7 Caracal D/SBAutowerks, Hoosier, CarboTech Tully, NY
81 Placeholder Avatar Bertolucci, Joseph Group 7 Citation XTC-41J.A.B Racing, Noble Engines, Hoosier Mount Prospect, IL
98 Placeholder Avatar Satterley, David Group 7 protoform P2DDC racing Belleville, MI

290 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.