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2020 Race Against Kids' Cancer

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing

Saturday, Aug 1 — Sunday, Aug 2, 2020

High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail, CO

RAKC-with Boss Run Group  146 entries

Jump to: Formula Fords and SR's (33), Small Bore Production (37), Mid-Big Bore Production (36), Formula Vee (26), Big Open Wheel Single Seater Cars (14)

Formula Fords and SR's   33 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Meyer, Steve Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 1986Swift DB-6RHR Racing Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Mac Formula Ford-Club Ford 1979Crossle F-35Kerrville Texas Kerrville, TX
Placeholder Avatar Bradley, John Formula Ford-Club Ford 1979Royale RP26 Silverthorne,, Co
Avatar Image Cambon, Jim Formula Ford-Club Ford 1973Crossle 25F Fort Collins, CO
Avatar Image Garrett, Jeffrey Formula Ford-Club Ford 1975Legrand Club FordCobalt Product Solutions Allen, TX
Avatar Image Irvin, Mark Formula Ford-Club Ford 1981Van Diemen RF81 Nathrop, CO
Avatar Image Klimas, Thomas Formula Ford-Club Ford 1978PRS RH01 Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Allen Formula Ford-Club Ford 1982Citation/Zink 16 Eaton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Jared Formula Ford-Club Ford 1978lola 540Letterly Farms Eaton, CO
Avatar Image Loken, David Formula Ford-Club Ford 1974Merlyn MK 25 Lakewood, CO
Avatar Image Randolph, Ron Formula Ford-Club Ford 1981Van Diemen RF81Boardwalk Builders, Inc. Greeley, CO
Avatar Image Stephani, Tom Formula Ford-Club Ford 1978Crossle 35F Crystal Lake, IL
Placeholder Avatar Torres, Christopher Formula Ford-Club Ford 1976Lola T-440 Meeker, CO
Avatar Image Alder, Robert Formula Ford-FF 1972TITAN MK-6B Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ammer, Matt Formula Ford-FF 1972KONIG HEATH KHF1Corkscrew Interactive, Concierge Payment Systems Littleton, CO
Avatar Image Barkley, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelmann WDF1 ADiamond Metal/General Label Loveland, CO
Avatar Image Bauer, Carl Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelman WDF-1Bauer System Engineering Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Pete Formula Ford-FF 1970WINKELMANN WDF-2Total Precision Engines Fort Collins, CO
Placeholder Avatar Creighton, Becky Formula Ford-FF 1970Winkelman WDF2Corkscrew Interactive, Concierge Payment Systems Highlands Ranch, CO
Avatar Image Dilley, Mitchell Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelman WDF-1Jus N Tyme Tyme Tooling Scrapers Denver, CO
Avatar Image Down, Nathan Formula Ford-FF 1969Getem-Lotus GD61MDOWNFORCE Driver Coaching and Thomas Vintage Motors Thornton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Goch, Alex Formula Ford-FF 1972Titan MK-6B Liberty Hill, TX
Placeholder Avatar Kaufman, Brent Formula Ford-FF 1970Winkelmann WDF-2 Lander, Wy
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Seth Formula Ford-FF 1972Royale RP3A Eaton, CO
Avatar Image Martin, Paul Formula Ford-FF 1971Merlyn MK20A Round Rock, TX
Placeholder Avatar McCready, Neil Formula Ford-FF 1971MERLYN MK 20 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Mercer, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1973Crossle 25F Evergreen, CO
Avatar Image Mihalich, Jr., John Formula Ford-FF 1969Lotus Type 61 Craig, CO
Avatar Image Moothart, Michael Formula Ford-FF 1971CROSSLE 20FMoothart Racing Associates Castle Rock, CO
Placeholder Avatar Nessel, Larry Formula Ford-FF 1971HAWKE DL2B Lakewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Peterson, Kirk Formula Ford-FF 1970MERLYN MK-17 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Ries, Mike Formula Ford-FF 1972Winkelmann WDF4 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Urbano, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1971TITAN MK6Silver & Screen Parker, CO

Class Totals: Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook: 1, Formula Ford-FF: 20, Formula Ford-Club Ford: 12

Small Bore Production   37 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Cordova, Fred B-Sedan 1968Datsun 510 Edgewood, NM
Placeholder Avatar Heczko, Eric B-Sedan 1969Datsun 510Rallye Sport/Goodyear Longmont, CO
Avatar Image Hollowell, Walter C-Production 1970Triumph TR6Electronic Money Company, Inc. Albuquerque, NM
Avatar Image Racine, Don C-Sedan 1961Mini Mini CooperMini Mania Grass Valley, CA
Placeholder Avatar Weiskopf, Bill C-Sedan 1960Morris Mini Arvada, Co
Placeholder Avatar Bunton, Joe D-Production 1966Lotus Super 7 - S3Southwestern Steel Fab Fort Collins, CO
Avatar Image Cox, Mark D-Production 1962Lotus Seven Steamboat Springs, CO
Avatar Image Hall, Jeff D-Production 1971TRIUMPH GT-6Blue-Bye-You-Racing Elbert, CO
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Michael S. D-Production 1978Porsche 924 Salida, Co
Placeholder Avatar McMahan, Bill D-Production 1974Fiat 124 Abarth StradaleMAC Racing Engines Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Merrifield, Gary D-Production 1981Mazda RX7Mad Jacks Brewing, 5250 Performance Weaver Fiberglass and Paint Bailey, CO
Avatar Image Rosenberg, Russ D-Production 1966Chevrolet Yenko Stinger YS320TxCoyote Racing/Asset Control, Inc. Denton, TX
Placeholder Avatar Whiteley, Jon D-Production 1965Chevrolet Corvair Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Wight, Chad D-Production 1982Mazda RX7 Colo Sprgs, CO
Avatar Image Stiehr, James D-Sedan 1964Morris Mini Cooper S Mk 1 Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ackley, Adam E-Production 1963MG MGB Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Anhorn, Dennis E-Production 1971PORSCHE 914 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bries, John E-Production 1962MG MGA Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Brillhart, Bill E-Production 1965MG MGB Broomfield, CO
Avatar Image Hoffman, Mark E-Production 1966Porsche 912 Omaha, NE
Placeholder Avatar Lane, Jonathan E-Production 1966MG MGB Greenwood Village, CO
Placeholder Avatar Shaffron, Michael E-Production 1972Porsche 914 ChalonMOTIVE Engineering Co., Inc. Morrison, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stiles, Marie E-Production 1976MG BHopping Turtle Racing Walden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Finkbiner, Mike Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 1987Porsche 944 Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Conrad, Scott F-Production 1967MG Midget Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Davis, Terry F-Production 1960AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE Omaha, NE
Avatar Image Ellis, Trevor F-Production 1964Triumph SpitfireThomas Vintage Motors Lyons, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hansen, Mark F-Production 1966AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE Casper, WY
Avatar Image Hicks-Wright, Tyler F-Production 1964MG Denver, CO
Avatar Image Weiskopf, Richard F-Production 1967MG Midget Denver, CO
Avatar Image Dunn, Scott G-Production 1966Austin Healey SpriteThe Machine Shop Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Meagan G-Production 1959Austin Healey Sprite 391 Wiggins , Co
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Myrl G-Production 1960Austin Healey Sprite 291 Estes Park, CO
Avatar Image Daniels Jr, John H-Production 1960Austin Healey Spriten/a Minneapolis, MN
Placeholder Avatar Schaefer, Phil H-Production 1959Austin Bugeye Spritelast minute racing Minneapolis, MN
Avatar Image Albert, Frank Historic-All classes 1967MG MGB GTMind, Body & Soul Medicinals Evergreen, CO
Avatar Image Klink, Doug Historic-All classes 1951Allard K2None Estes Park, CO

Class Totals: Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook: 1, B-Sedan: 2, C-Production: 1, C-Sedan: 2, D-Production: 9, D-Sedan: 1, E-Production: 8, F-Production: 6, G-Production: 3, H-Production: 2, Historic-All classes: 2

Mid-Big Bore Production   36 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Griffith, J.P. A-Production 1968Chevrolet Corvette Roadster Sedalia, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hill, Bob A-Production 1966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427 Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Davidson, Keith A-Sedan 1963Ford Falcon Sprint HardtopMighty Falcon Racing Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar McDonough, Mike A-Sedan 1963Ford Falcon Sprint Lakewood, Co
Placeholder Avatar Neathery, Jeff A-Sedan 1966Ford Mustang Coupe Kingsville, MO
Avatar Image Payne, Jeff A-Sedan 1969PONTIAC FIREBIRDJT's Speedshop Arvada, CO
Placeholder Avatar Schauls, Daren A-Sedan 1968Ford Mustang Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Frey, George A-Sports Racer 1968McLaren M6B Englewood, CO
Avatar Image Conyers, David B-Production 1966Chevrolet Corvette Golden, CO
Avatar Image Daniels Jr, John B-Production 1965Sunbeam Tiger Minneapolis, MN
Placeholder Avatar Griffith, Jana B-Production 1964Chevrolet Corvette Sedalia, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hogan, Patrick B-Production 1966SHELBY GT350 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Schaefer, Damon B-Production 1966Ford SHELBY GT 350 Fleming, co
Placeholder Avatar Schaefer, Mike B-Production 1966Shelby GT350Schaefer Motorsports Fleming, CO
Avatar Image Argow, Kent B-Sedan 1970BMW 2002 Morrison , CO
Placeholder Avatar Jordan, Andrew B-Sedan 1972BMW 2002Jordan Pressure Washers Arvada, CO
Avatar Image Popejoy, Kyle B-Sedan 1972BMW 2002TII Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Siebrecht, Wayne B-Sedan 1970BMW 2002 Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stekr, Scott B-Sedan 1967BMW 1600WoodWerksUSA Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Wiley, Peter B-Sedan 1967LOTUS ELAN S3 Boulder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Winter, Jeff B-Sedan 1972Datsun PL 510 Arvada, CO
Placeholder Avatar Woodruff, H.D. B-Sedan 1974BMW 2002MAS Racing Houston, TX
Placeholder Avatar Ewers, Robert C-Production 1982Porsche 911 Albuquerque, NM
Placeholder Avatar Benjamin, Alan Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 1990Porsche 964 Euro Cup Boulder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hogan, Kiel Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 1997Porsche 993 RSR Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ten Eyck, Gregg GT-2 1972DATSUN PL510 Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sabados, Alexandra GT-4 1974Porsche RSRFrenetic Racing Castle Rock, CO
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Bill Historic-All classes 1966SHELBY GT-350H Arvada, CO
Placeholder Avatar Chase, David IMSA-All Other Classes 1974PORSCHE 911 IROC RSR Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Petrie, Ken None of the Above 1968McLaren M6B Parker, CO
Avatar Image Leeming, Thomas Special "Gateway" Run Group 1965Factory Five Type 65 R Daytona CoupeVRacing Ennis, MT
Placeholder Avatar Litjen, Tom Special "Gateway" Run Group 1987Porsche 911 Castle Rock, CO
Placeholder Avatar Rockwell, Ken Special "Gateway" Run Group Port City Super Late ModelNASA Brighton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Branden Special "Gateway" Run Group 1993Chevrolet pro trucksumner automotive Wiggins, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Meagan Special "Gateway" Run Group 1994Ford Mustang GTSumner Automotive Repair Wiggins , Co
Avatar Image Tenge, Josh Special "Gateway" Run Group 2012Audi TTRSMod finishes Evergreen, CO

Class Totals: Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook: 2, Special "Gateway" Run Group: 6, A-Production: 2, A-Sedan: 5, A-Sports Racer: 1, B-Production: 6, B-Sedan: 8, C-Production: 1, GT-2: 1, GT-4: 1, Historic-All classes: 1, IMSA-All Other Classes: 1, None of the Above: 1

Formula Vee   26 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Curl, George Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 1969Zink C4 Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Barron, Elliott O Formula Vee 1967Kellison FVBarron Racing Noble Engines Leander, TX
Avatar Image Boucher, Devin Formula Vee 1969Nash scramblerBarron racing Terrell, TX
Placeholder Avatar Fangue, Lynn Formula Vee 1978Vista 2FWestWind Performance Englewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Felsen, Mark Formula Vee 1968ZINK C-4 Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Gould, Andy Formula Vee 1972ZINK C-4FlamingO Racing PARKER, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hindman, Jared Formula Vee 1969Zink C4Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO
Avatar Image Keacher, Jeff Formula Vee 1970Zink C4 Denver, CO
Avatar Image MacDougall, Andrew Formula Vee 1997Mysterian M2Sidewinder Racing Lakewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Morrison, Doug Formula Vee 1968Zink C-4 Telluride, CO
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Bonnie Formula Vee 1968ZINK C-4 Lone Tree, CO
Avatar Image Mortimer, Jeff Formula Vee 1972ZINK C-4Lake Research Lakewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Reah Formula Vee 1972ZINK C-4 Lone Tree, CO
Avatar Image Mortimer, Rhio Formula Vee 1971CALDWELL D-13Lake Research Montrose, CO
Placeholder Avatar Nash, Berck Formula Vee 1968Zink C4 Divide, CO
Placeholder Avatar Neumeister, Robert Formula Vee 1978Lynx QueridaHoosier Tires/Redline Oil Pueblo, CO
Placeholder Avatar Palgrave, Nick Formula Vee 1968Bandersnatch Bandersnatch Indian Hills, CO
Placeholder Avatar Penley, Jack Formula Vee 1972Caldwell D-13Scuderia TacOcaT Denver, CO
Avatar Image Phelps-Barron, Hunter Formula Vee 1969Volkswagen KellisonBarron Racing Garland, TX
Avatar Image Spees, Rob Formula Vee 1978Caldwell D 13Pain MD/Spees CO Motorsports Franktown, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stowell, Daniel Formula Vee 1968Caldwell D-13 Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Treseder, Benjamin Formula Vee 1980Zink Z-18 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Valentine, Jess Formula Vee 1993Sharland FV Erie, CO
Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Brian Formula Vee 1994Mysterian M2Westwind Performance Lakewood, co
Avatar Image Wolf, Eric Formula Vee 1972Hauser-Zink C4 Longmont, CO
Avatar Image Wood Jr, Willis Formula Vee 1989RINGMASTER FV Denver, CO

Class Totals: Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook: 1, Formula Vee: 25

Big Open Wheel Single Seater Cars   14 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Keacher, Jeff Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 2013Phoenix F1K.12Nesota LLC Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Latham, Jake Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook 2012Stohr F1000Zebulon MSC / StockIQ Technologies Broomfield, CO
Placeholder Avatar Frey, George Formula 5000 1969McLaren M10A Englewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Petrie, Ken Formula 5000 1972MCRAE GM-1 Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bunton, Joe Formula Atlantic 1976Lola T460Southwestern Steel Fab Fort Collins, CO
Avatar Image Johnsen, Allen Formula Atlantic 1982Ralt RT-5 Grand Junction, CO
Avatar Image Rider, Dwight Formula Atlantic 1996Ralt RT-41 Aurora, CO
Avatar Image Hancock, Bob Formula B 1969Brabham BT29Jus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers Erie, CO
Avatar Image Irwin, David Formula B 1969BRABHAM BT29Irwin Engineering Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Shillingburg, Mark Formula B 1964BRABHAM BT10 Steamboat Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stange, Eric Formula B 1969BRABHAM BT-29 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Butterfield, Tyler Formula Super V 1972ROYALE RP-14 Grand Jct., CO
Placeholder Avatar Howard, Del Formula Super V 1973Lola T 252 Grand Jct, CO
Placeholder Avatar Schuler, Jamey Formula Super V 1973Tui BH3 Telluride, CO

Class Totals: Exhibition Car - No RMVR or VMC Logbook: 2, Formula Super V: 3, Formula B: 4, Formula Atlantic: 3, Formula 5000: 2

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