SCCA - National - National Solo announces 2019 Tire Rack SCCA Peru CAM Challenge Friday, Aug 9 — Sunday, Aug 11, 2019 attendees at Grissom AeroPlex, Peru, IN 46971 (8528) > Attendees |

Attendee List

2019 Tire Rack SCCA Peru CAM Challenge

SCCA - National - National Solo

Friday, Aug 9 — Sunday, Aug 11, 2019

Grissom AeroPlex, Peru, IN

Worker   28 entries

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B Street 2 Wheel Drive   2 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Bray, Samantha 2019Chevrolet Camaro SS Farmington Hills, MI
Avatar Image Schembri, Andrew 2019Chevrolet Camaro SS West Bloomfield, MI
D Street   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Kenny, Cathy 2019Honda Civic Type Middlebury, IN
D Street Ladies   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Miller, Susan 2018Audi S3SISU Richland, MI
E Street   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Schmitt, George 1999Mazda Miata Elkhart, IN
G Street   3 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Anthony, Brian 2014Ford Focus ST Royal Oak, MI
Placeholder Avatar Blinn, Mike 2017Volkswagen GTI Plainfield, IN
Placeholder Avatar Freeman, Chad 2018Honda Civic SiRealspeed Dublin, OH
Solo Spec Coupe   2 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Howard 2013Toyota FRSThanks Howard Topeka, KS
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Lee 2013Scion FRS Markleville, IN
Solo Spec Coupe Ladies   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Linda 2016Toyota FRS Pinellas Park, FL
Super Street R   2 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Fernandez, Joel 2017Chevrolet Corvette GSGM Farmington, MI
Placeholder Avatar Poole, Hunter 2017Chevrolet Corvette Farmington HIlls, MI
Street Touring Ultra   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Jason, Ray 2001Chevrolet Corvette Saint Clair Shores, MI
Street Touring Roadster   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Cooney, Kyle 2003Mazda Mx-5 miata Brownsburg, IN
E Street Prepared   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Devin 1994Chevrolet Camaro Z28The Cuck Truck, Schadenfreude Motorsports Columbus, OH
F Street Prepared   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Anthony, Gregory 1998Dodge Neon ACRAngry Sheep Motorsports Waterford, MI
Street Modified   2 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Gray, Katy 2004Mazda RX8Rivets Indianapolis, IN
Avatar Image Reed, Dallas 2004Mazda RX8Rivets Indianapolis, IN
Street Modified Ladies   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Burch, Rachel 2007Pontiac Solstice Indianapolis, IN
C Prepared   2 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Chipps, Kyle 2011Ford Mustang Lansing, MI
Avatar Image Lewis, Robert 1965Ford MustangMod Squad Garage Tallahassee, FL
C Prepared Ladies   3 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Lewis, Tracy 1965Ford MustangMod Squad Garage Tallahassee, FL
Placeholder Avatar Whitworth, Elizabeth 2012Ford Mustang SAINT LOUIS, MO
Placeholder Avatar Whitworth, Samantha 2012Ford Mustang Saint Louis, MO
E Prepared   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Chrismas, Robert 1989Honda Civic SiCasino Motorsports Genoa, OH
D Modified   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Hancock, John 1978Triumph SpitfireSocial Securiy Administration Fishers, IN
Formula SAE   1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Jason, Christopher Corsa Kart St Clair Shores, MI
CAM Challenge   138 entries

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Classic American Muscle Traditional   42 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Avatar Image Goshert, Rick 1972Chevrolet NOVAGoshert Insurance LLC Columbia City, IN
10 Avatar Image Smith, William 1976Pontiac Firebird Kirtland, OH
11 Avatar Image Zapata, Tony 1973Pontiac FirebirdformulaHOTCHKIS SPORT SUSPENSION Noblesville, IN
12 Placeholder Avatar Heideman, Chris 1967Ford Falcon WagonEclectic Motorworks, Grassroots Motorsports, Olive Engineering Holland, MI
21 Avatar Image Schoonmaker, Alan 1969Chevrolet CamaroSkoons Hot Rods Concord, NC
24 Placeholder Avatar Hamilton, David 1979Chevrolet CamaroHam Racing Knoxville, TN
28 Placeholder Avatar Seymore, Steve 1990Ford MustangMod Squad Garage Tallahassee, FL
31 Placeholder Avatar Freise, Donny 1971Chevrolet Camaro Beach Park, IL
32 Placeholder Avatar Shreiner, Jonathan 1990Ford MustangThanks Gary Elkhart, IN
33 Avatar Image Jaeger, Kelley 1982Ford Mustang#stifflersequipped Elizabeth, CO
41 Placeholder Avatar Strano, Sam Chevrolet CamaroUMI Performance, Strano Performance, Penske Racing shocks Brookville, PA
42 Placeholder Avatar Hamilton, Nathan 1985Chevrolet Monte carlo Stow, OH
52 Avatar Image Craley, Joe 1989Ford Mustang toledo, Oh
56 Avatar Image Barnett, Nicholas 1972Chevrolet Nova Blue Grass, Ia
65 Avatar Image Alexander, Shawn 1965Chevrolet Chevelle Lapeer, MI
66 Avatar Image Jacobs, Chris 1966Chevrolet ChevelleRoadster Shop, Spectre Performance, BFGoodrich, Wilwood, UltimatePerformance Elburn, IL
67 Avatar Image Chaffin, Donald 1967Chevrolet CamaroSuspensionGeek, Stranoparts Rushforth Wheels Walworth, NY
69 Placeholder Avatar Aldinger, Sean 1969Chevrolet Camaro Olive Branch, MS
70 Placeholder Avatar Braun, Matthew 1970Chevrolet ChevelleABC Performance Plymouth, MI
71 Placeholder Avatar Giesey, Richard 1971Chevrolet Camaro RS Burlington, KY
72 Avatar Image Lamming, Keith 1968Chevrolet CamaroSticky Motorsports, CAM Nation, thanks Patrick! Oak Grove , MO
76 Placeholder Avatar Jacobs, Lynda 1966Chevrolet ChevelleSpectre Performance, Wilwood Brakes, BFGoodrich, Aeromotive, Forgeline Wheels Elburn, IL
77 Avatar Image Rupp, Sean 1977Pontiac Trans AmPro-touring f body Holiday City, OH
78 Placeholder Avatar Trimble, Charles 1978Chevrolet MalibuUMI Performance Red Lion, PA
81 Placeholder Avatar Goodman, Mike 1981Chevrolet Camaropro-touring | Pypes Exhaust | Jones Racing Products Nottingham, PA
85 Placeholder Avatar Schieble, Ryan 1985Pontiac Firebird Sheboygan Falls, WI
87 Placeholder Avatar Farrington, Tom 1966Chevrolet ChevelleBowler Transmissions, Baer Brakes Mooresville, IN
96 Placeholder Avatar McDonough, Josh 1981Chevrolet CamaroMcDonohue's Tire and Service Novi, MI
98 Placeholder Avatar Bay, Dennis 1969Chevrolet Camaro Livonia, MI
112 Placeholder Avatar Heideman, Jack 1967Ford Falcon WagonEclectic Motorworks, Grassroots Motorsports, Olive Engineering Holland, MI
117 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Brandon 1992Ford Mustang LX Greenwood, IN
121 Placeholder Avatar Schoonmaker, Adam 1969Chevrolet CamaroSkoons Hot Rods Monroe, NC
128 Avatar Image Ippolito, Rob 1990Ford MustangMod Squad Garage Tallahassee, FL
132 Placeholder Avatar Burton, Gary 1990Ford MustangColumbia Automotive/Branik Motorsports Columbia City, IN
133 Avatar Image Trenkle, Mike 1982Ford Mustang#stifflersequipped Elizabeth, CO
152 Avatar Image Craley, Joseph 1989Ford Mustang lxGreat Lakes Rental Maumee, OH
165 Placeholder Avatar Oberle, Aaron 1965Chevrolet Chevelle Lapeer, MI
170 Placeholder Avatar Grzelakowski, Tony 1970Chevrolet ChevelleABC Performance Imlay City, Mi
172 Avatar Image Darling, Patrick 1968Chevrolet Camaro Grain Valley, MO
178 Avatar Image Hjelm, Eric 1978Chevrolet MalibuUmi Performance York, PA
181 Avatar Image Wolpert, Geoffrey 1981Chevrolet CamaroPro-Touring F-Body, Thanks Mike!!! Mount Joy, PA
185 Placeholder Avatar Larson, Joseph 1985Pontiac Firebird Lake GEneva, WI
Classic American Muscle Sport   43 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Avatar Image Toussaint, Jadrice 2017Chevrolet Corvette GSNwanagu and my wallet Clarksburg, MD
16 Placeholder Avatar Haney, Wesley 2003Chevrolet Corvette Z06Matt Bush Motorsports Garage Linden, MI
19 Placeholder Avatar Rupcic, Zach 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Fowlerville, MI
21 Avatar Image Hirsch, Joe 2002Chevrolet Z06 Indianapolis, IN
23 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Ray 2003Chevrolet Corvette Z06My Retirement $$$$ Cincinnati, OH
26 Placeholder Avatar Sholar, Tim 2003Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Van Buren TWP, MI
30 Avatar Image Elliott, James 2002Chevrolet corvette ZO6James Elliott Roofing WALTON, KY
33 Placeholder Avatar Pilson, Jeffrey Mark 2003Chevrolet Corvettemy mortgage Knoxville, TN
35 Avatar Image Savino, Lou 2004Chevrolet CorvetteSnickers Tour Greenwood, IN
45 Placeholder Avatar Peachey, Eric 2007Chevrolet Corvette Manheim, PA
49 Avatar Image Mathews, Ryan 1972Chevrolet CorvetteBFGoodrich / Detroit Speed Mooresville, NC
52 Avatar Image Daley, Scott 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Knoxville, TN
55 Placeholder Avatar Walter, Craig 1976Chevrolet Corvette - ASCC Marengo, OH
56 Placeholder Avatar Adams, Matthew 2005Chevrolet Corvette Anderson, In
62 Avatar Image Hammond, Rich 2007Pontiac Solstice GXPsoLStice Motorsports / Mattawan, MI
63 Placeholder Avatar Losert, Michael 1963Chevrolet CorvetteThanks mom Waterford, MI
65 Placeholder Avatar Walsh, Garry 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06HPTuners, CMP Engines, Viking Performance, DBR High Performance Franklin, TN
69 Avatar Image Howell, Chris 1997Chevrolet Corvette Germantown, OH
75 Placeholder Avatar Schober, Les 2002Chevrolet CorvetteApplegate Racing Fenton, MI
82 Avatar Image Russo, Carla 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06 St. Charles, MO
85 Placeholder Avatar Regganie, Brian 2002Chevrolet Z06 Joliet, IL
88 Avatar Image Townsend, Paul 2017Chevrolet Corvette Fenton, MI
91 Avatar Image Armstrong, Robert 1991Chevrolet CorvetteART Monroe, OH
92 Placeholder Avatar Pancost, Edward 2016Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Commerce Township, MI
93 Placeholder Avatar Strope, Jerry 2000Chevrolet CorvetteSpeed of Dark Racing Fort Wayne, IN
94 Placeholder Avatar Franklin Jr, Eddie 2016Chevrolet Corvette Westland, MI
95 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Eric 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06WeaponX Motorsports,, TCM-R La Grange, KY
96 Placeholder Avatar Tziortzis, Alek 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06My Girls and Karma Palatine, IL
98 Avatar Image Lousteau Sr., David 1965FFR AC CobraEric Davis wants my Vette but won’t man up and buy it! Hot Springs, AR
99 Avatar Image Waters, Steve 2017Chevrolet Corvette Smyrna, GA
101 Avatar Image Nwanagu, Jon 2017Chevrolet Grandsport Columbia, SC
116 Placeholder Avatar Vajdak, Jimmy 2003Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Farmington Hills, MI
119 Placeholder Avatar Krull, Alex 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Ann Arbor, MI
138 Placeholder Avatar Hughes, Bill 2001Chevrolet Z06 Kettering oh, OH
145 Avatar Image Peachey, Justin 2007Chevrolet Corvette, PDF Automotive Manheim, Pa
163 Avatar Image Gregory, Dickie Lee 1969Chevrolet CorvetteFrame-up Wheelworks Barrington, IL
182 Placeholder Avatar Montagno, Martin 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06Thanks Carla Saint Louis, MO
185 Placeholder Avatar Regganie, Tom 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06DAD Joliet, IL
188 Placeholder Avatar Frick, Stefan 2017Chevrolet Corvette West Bloomfield, MI
192 Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Lawson 2016Chevrolet Corvette Cave Spring, GA
193 Avatar Image Keys, Kevin 2000Chevrolet CorvetteConeHub, Complete Drives Huntington, IN
194 Placeholder Avatar Woodson, Matt 2005Chevrolet Corvette Auburn Hills, MI
198 Avatar Image Lousteau, David 1965FFR Cobra CobraVolatile Motorsports Sherwood, AR
Classic American Muscle Contemporary   53 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Avatar Image Bishir, James 2017Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE Peru, IN
7 Placeholder Avatar Zelisko, Nicholas 2000Chevrolet Camaro Valparaiso, IN
13 Avatar Image Darbig, Jeffrey 2017Chevrolet Camaro 1Lap1LEThanks Chris,,, Bridgestone Tires, #MAYCAUSEDANGEROUS Flanders, NJ
14 Avatar Image Gushwa, David 2012Ford Boss 302Wonder Sloth Racing Mishawaka, IN
17 Placeholder Avatar Bowers, Ben 2017Chevrolet Camaro ss 1le3 kids racing Warsaw, IN
18 Avatar Image Kinney, Gordon 2006Ford Mustang Columbus, OH
20 Placeholder Avatar Witt, Hiroshi 2011Ford Mustang Round Lake, IL
25 Placeholder Avatar Leus, Matthew 2018Ford Shelby GT350 Hobart, IN
28 Placeholder Avatar Feighner, David 1995Ford Mustang Howell, MI
30 Avatar Image Fox, Greg 2015Ford Mustang GTGrey Fox Racing Lakemoor, IL
35 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, James 2016Ford Mustang GT350DSC Sport , Tractive, DriveAutoX Parrottsville, TN
37 Avatar Image Clyne, John 2005Ford Mustang GTAutoCross Posse Zionsville, IN
38 Placeholder Avatar Staup, Tami 2002Pontiac Firebird Formula DAYTON, OH
39 Placeholder Avatar Whitworth, Dave 2012Ford Mustang saint louis, MO
42 Avatar Image Ferrier, Kent 2002Ford Mustang CoupeDiscount Tire of Green Bay Green Bay, WI
59 Avatar Image Riley, Chad 1995Ford MustangArea 51 Signs & Designs Liberty Center, OH
62 Avatar Image Young, Michael 2017Buick Regal Greenwood, IN
68 Avatar Image Morris, Allen 2015Ford MustangNetwork Therapists Elizabethtown, KY
69 Placeholder Avatar Rogers, William Gary 1994Ford Mustang Lebanon, IN
71 Placeholder Avatar Fitzpatrick, Clayton Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - ASCC Marengo, OH
75 Placeholder Avatar Arnett, A.J. 2017Chevrolet Camaro, SCCA Foundation, Evolution Performance Driving School, Mobile 1, Tire Rack Fort Wayne, IN
76 Placeholder Avatar Grissom, Cody 2017Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LEDSC Sport Mustang, Ok
82 Avatar Image Mallrich, J.J. 1999Chevrolet Camaro Z28Solo Performance Specialties Highland, IL
86 Avatar Image Fehring, Rhonda 2000Pontiac Trans Am LS1Fehring5 Churubusco, IN
87 Placeholder Avatar Boreen, Raleigh 2002Chevrolet Z28 CamaroWIZN BY Racing Westfield, IN
89 Placeholder Avatar Chantrenne, Tyler 2018Cadillac Walled Lake, MI
90 Placeholder Avatar Hamley, Andy 2014Chevrolet Camaro Z/ Commerce Township, MI
91 Placeholder Avatar Locsi, Adam 2016Dodge Challenger South Bend, IN
92 Avatar Image Vrooman, Stephen 2016Dodge Challenger Wartburg, TN
93 Placeholder Avatar Riggs, Karl 2020Chevrolet Camaro Utica, MI
95 Placeholder Avatar Gosda, Robert 2013Ford MustangConestoga Axle Technologies, SkoolBoss Racing Yorkville, IL
96 Placeholder Avatar Judd, Gunnar 1999Chevrolet Camaro Hendersonville, TN
97 Avatar Image Remmetter, Josh 2019Chevrolet Camaro Farmington Hills, MI
98 Placeholder Avatar Ladocsi, Nick 2019Chevrolet Camaro SS Commerce Township, MI
99 Placeholder Avatar Cohen, Louis 2019Chevrolet Camaro Turbo Royal Oak, MI
113 Avatar Image Finch, Ryan 2017Chevrolet Camaro 1LAP1LEChris V, 1LAP1LE,, #DoMoreWithMore Niles , MI
123 Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Rusty 2011Chevrolet Camaro, BFGoodrich, CAM Nation Independence, MO
128 Placeholder Avatar Feighner, Lorien 2015Ford Mustang Howell, MI
130 Avatar Image Wronski, Michelle 1996Ford MustangRosco Racin Fort Wayne, IN
135 Avatar Image Adkins, Randy 2016Ford Shelby GT350DSC SPORT/ Tractive Suspensions Thanks Jim! Powell, TN
137 Placeholder Avatar Zelisko, Brian 2000Chevrolet Camaro Valparaiso, IN
169 Placeholder Avatar Rogers, Zach 1994Ford Mustang Lebanon, IN
175 Placeholder Avatar Sommers, Tim 2017Chevrolet Camaro, SCCA Foundation, Evolution Performance Driving School, Mobile 1, Tire Rack Fort Wayne, IN
186 Avatar Image Fehring, John 2000Pontiac Trans Am LS1Fehring5 Churubusco, IN
187 Placeholder Avatar Boreen, Velma 2002Chevrolet Camaro WESTFIELD, IN
189 Placeholder Avatar Doss, Alexander 2018Cadillac Ferndale, MI
190 Placeholder Avatar Berg, Forrest 2014Chevrolet Camaro Z/28General Motors Clinton Township, MI
191 Avatar Image Brown, John 2016Dodge Challenger SRTBFG / HAWK Lenoir City, TN
193 Placeholder Avatar Pae, Cody 2020Chevrolet Camaro Royal Oak, MI
196 Avatar Image Tungett, Ryan 1999Chevrolet Camaro Z28RKT Engineering, Mullet Militia, Redhorse Performance Alcoa, TN
197 Placeholder Avatar Harding, Logan 2017Chevrolet Corvette West Bloomfield, MI
198 Placeholder Avatar Heinzen, Christopher 2019Chevrolet Camaro SS Lake Orion, MI
199 Placeholder Avatar Linke, Aaron 2019Chevrolet Camaro LT Battle Creek, MI

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