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Cal Club Autocross Points Cards 2019

SCCA - Cal Club Autocross

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018 — Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019

Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

Renewal   65 entries
#   Name Status Hometown
728 Avatar Image Abrams, Jacob Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
321 Avatar Image Ahmad, Mansoor Confirmed Irvine, CA
20 Placeholder Avatar Albin, Tim Confirmed Carson, CA
192 Avatar Image Ankeny, Guy Confirmed Simi Valley, CA
38 Avatar Image Baltazar, Shelby Confirmed Rancho Cucamonga, CA
858 Placeholder Avatar Barrish, Samuel Confirmed Lake Arrowhead, CA
732 Avatar Image Bogue, Bob Confirmed Garden Grove, CA
54 Avatar Image Bui, Tin Confirmed San Pedro, CA
154 Avatar Image Cadenhead, Diane Confirmed Hesperia, CA
541 Avatar Image Cadenhead, William C Confirmed Hesperia, CA
21 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Todd Confirmed San Diego, CA
16 Avatar Image Chang, Terence Confirmed Rolling Hills Estate, CA
43 Placeholder Avatar Chin Jr, Bill Confirmed Corona, CA
63 Placeholder Avatar Chmielewski, Brian Confirmed Manhattan Beach, CA
407 Placeholder Avatar Choe, Kyoo Confirmed La Habra, CA
94 Avatar Image Clements, Eric Confirmed Glenville, WV
194 Placeholder Avatar Clements, Mari Confirmed Glenville, WV
375 Avatar Image Colvin, William Confirmed Laguna Hills, CA
550 Placeholder Avatar Corodimas, Laura Confirmed Fullerton, CA
555 Placeholder Avatar Corodimas, Matt Confirmed Fullerton, CA
789 Placeholder Avatar Cruz, Ira Confirmed Sylmar, CA
69 Avatar Image Dang, QV Confirmed Fountain Valley, CA
562 Avatar Image Davis, Matt Confirmed Long Beach, CA
207 Placeholder Avatar Dolak, Andrew Confirmed Corona Del Mar, CA
123 Avatar Image Fendel, John Confirmed Lake Forest, CA
233 Placeholder Avatar Flanigan, Mike Confirmed Lake Elsinore, CA
277 Avatar Image Fulton, BJ Confirmed Pasadena, CA
248 Placeholder Avatar Hanson, Scott Confirmed Trabuco Canyon, CA
378 Avatar Image Hess, Robert Confirmed Manhattan Beach, CA
111 Avatar Image Howlett, Brian Confirmed Hacienda Heights, CA
471 Placeholder Avatar Hubbard, Dennis Confirmed La Canada, CA
199 Placeholder Avatar Huffman, Mark Confirmed Litchfield Park, AZ
164 Avatar Image Jackson, Brian Confirmed Chandler, AZ
703 Placeholder Avatar Kirby, Rishi Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
355 Avatar Image Lepper, Steve Confirmed Fountain Valley, CA
719 Avatar Image Lesneski, Lizzy Confirmed Oceanside, CA
52 Placeholder Avatar Ly, Hi Confirmed Alta Loma, CA
74 Placeholder Avatar Martin, Bill Confirmed Ridgecrest, CA
808 Avatar Image McBride, Chelsea Confirmed Fallbrook, CA
45 Avatar Image McHugh, Scott Confirmed Santa Clarita, CA
251 Avatar Image Mervich, Mark Confirmed Fallbrook, CA
142 Avatar Image Metling, Mitch Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
414 Avatar Image Morris, Bryant Confirmed san diego, CA
50 Avatar Image Munoz, Tony Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
95 Avatar Image Newcomer, Christine Confirmed Lake Forest, CA
782 Placeholder Avatar Odioso, Sara Confirmed San Diego, CA
504 Placeholder Avatar Palmer, Owen Confirmed Washougal, WA
18 Avatar Image Pao, Kevin Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
267 Placeholder Avatar Polak, Maurice Confirmed Mission Viejo, CA
330 Placeholder Avatar Porta, Lauren Kane Confirmed Anaheim, CA
55 Placeholder Avatar Quinn, Casey Confirmed Lakewood, CA
209 Avatar Image Ramirez, Matthew Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
797 Placeholder Avatar Rios, David Confirmed Corona, CA
397 Avatar Image Rios, Sebastian Confirmed Corona, CA
497 Placeholder Avatar Rios, Shauna Confirmed Corona, CA
156 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Ted Confirmed Orange, CA
67 Avatar Image Sanchez, Nic Confirmed La Habra, CA
14 Avatar Image Schenker, Bill Confirmed Corona del Mar, CA
66 Avatar Image Schilling, George Confirmed Lakewood, CA
13 Avatar Image Stuart, Jeff Confirmed Goleta, CA
190 Placeholder Avatar Tsumura, Ron Confirmed Ventura, CA
310 Avatar Image Wakayama, Myles Confirmed Laguna Niguel, CA
105 Placeholder Avatar Wakayama, Tomo Confirmed Laguna Niguel, CA
211 Placeholder Avatar Woolsey, Cal Confirmed Santa Ana, CA
166 Placeholder Avatar Zarate, Oscar Confirmed Long Beach, CA

65 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.