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SCCA TX Region Fall Roundup Races

SCCA - Texas Region - Club Racing

Saturday, Nov 7 — Sunday, Nov 8, 2020

Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, TX

Regional Races  63 entries

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Group 1   25 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Avatar Image Kosdrosky, Rick E Production (EP) 2000Caterham Lotus Super 7Kosmic Enterprises/Hoosier Tire/Summit Racing Alvin, TX
74 Avatar Image Pineider, Paul E Production (EP) 1985Mazda RX-7JPM MS, Mazda MS, Colleyville, TX
164 Avatar Image Rogerson, James E Production (EP) 1999BMW Z3MSR Houston Angleton, TX
07 Placeholder Avatar McBride, Wade F Production (FP) 1992Mazda MiataJesse Prather MS; Hoosier; Mazda; Carbotech Azle, TX
90 Placeholder Avatar Svaton, Larry GT-Lite 1977Fiat X1/9rtsMSR Houston,Hoosier,Bayless Racing,Over 50 Motorspotr Alvin, TX
122 Placeholder Avatar Salyer, Riley H Production (HP) 1984Honda CivicHoosier, MSRHouston, Over 50 Racing Longview, TX
42 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Peter Super Touring L (STL) 2001Acura integraLuMind Dallas, TX
92 Placeholder Avatar Blehm, Matt Super Touring U (STU) 2013Scion FR-STRD, Hawk, Hoosier, Summit Rosharon, TX
20 Avatar Image Federlin, Peter Super Touring U (STU) 1985Toyota SupraDDPR/Toyota/Hoosier/Varisco Austin, TX
34 Avatar Image Ghimbos, Christian Super Touring U (STU) 2008Audi TTDas European Autohaus Spring, TX
29 Avatar Image Ghimbos, Nicole Super Touring U (STU) 2001Porsche BoxsterDas European Autohaus Magnolia, TX
38 Placeholder Avatar Rivera, Luis Super Touring U (STU) 1990Mazda MiataRPM Hoosier Mazda Roy's Speed Shop Angleton, TX
98 Placeholder Avatar Byassee, David Touring 3 (T3) 1999Porsche Boxster Denver, CO
02 Avatar Image Jeu, Stephen Touring 3 (T3) 2018Honda Civic SiThunderbyrd Energy Svcs, X-Factor, G-Loc Brakes, Black Armor Helmets, Honda Performance Development Houston, TX
23 Avatar Image Morrow, Phillip (Keith) Touring 3 (T3) 1999Porsche Spec Boxster Southlake, TX
75 Avatar Image Rikke, Jason Touring 3 (T3) 2002BMW 330Ci Corpus Christi, TX
119 Avatar Image Sprehe, Angelica Touring 3 (T3) 2018Subaru BRZARS Wheel Repair Carrollton, TX
7 Avatar Image Bailey, Bob Touring 4 (T4) Mazda MiataBuilt by Buck Denton, TX
17 Placeholder Avatar Barker, Ethan Touring 4 (T4) 2001Mazda MIATA Houston, TX
12 Placeholder Avatar Barker, Zoey Touring 4 (T4) 2001Mazda Miata1 Houston, TX
49 Placeholder Avatar Hooker, David Touring 4 (T4) 2000Mazda miata San Antonio, TX
18 Placeholder Avatar Huston, Lowell Touring 4 (T4) 2009Mazda Miata MX5Hangar 18 Racing ,G-Loc Brakes Friendswood, TX
4 Avatar Image May, Paul Touring 4 (T4) 2000Mazda Miata McKinney, TX
15 Avatar Image Smart, Randall Touring 4 (T4) 2006Ford MustangR Smart Properties, race car shops and storage League City, TX
33 Avatar Image Zlobin, Sergio Touring 4 (T4) 2004Mazda RX8Mazda, Hawk, Hoosier, Summit Houston, TX

Class Totals: GT-Lite: 1, E Production (EP): 3, F Production (FP): 1, H Production (HP): 1, Touring 3 (T3): 5, Touring 4 (T4): 8, Super Touring U (STU): 5, Super Touring L (STL): 1

Group 2   1 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
13 Placeholder Avatar Cardenas, Rick Formula Vee (FV) 1970Anvil MK2Blak Racing Enterprises Dallas, Tx

Class Totals: Formula Vee (FV): 1

Group 3   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
24 Avatar Image Crabtree, Paul FX-Formula Mazda 2001Mazda Formula Mazda League City, TX
11 Placeholder Avatar Goetsch, John FX-Formula Mazda 2001Formula Mazda FMMadhatter Golf Fort Worth, TX
80 Placeholder Avatar Markey, Karl FX-Formula Mazda 1998Formula Mazda FM Rosharon, TX
17 Avatar Image Nixon, Mark Formula Atlantic (FA) 2007Stohr F1000Nixon Motorsports, LLC Trophy Club, TX
5 Placeholder Avatar Ravaris, Paul Formula Atlantic (FA) 2004Mazda Pro Formula MazdaMadhatter Golf, CR3 Capital Aledo, TX
7 Placeholder Avatar Bullard, Daniel Formula Enterprise 2 (FE2) 2002SCCA Enterprises Formula Enterprises 2 Dallas, TX
77 Placeholder Avatar Hillenburg, Roy Formula Enterprise 2 (FE2) 2020SCCA Enterprises FE2Hillenburg Motorsports Friendswood, TX
33 Placeholder Avatar Wills, Darryl Formula Enterprise 2 (FE2) 2010SCCA Enterprises FE2Hillenburg Motorsports Houston, TX

Class Totals: Formula Atlantic (FA): 2, Formula Enterprise 2 (FE2): 3, FX-Formula Mazda: 3

Group 4   4 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
171 Placeholder Avatar Pigeon, Charles Spec Racer Ford 3 (SRF3) 1996SCCA Enterprises srf gen 3ATX Abilene, TX
28 Avatar Image Snyder, Liam Spec Racer Ford 3 (SRF3) 2014SCCA Enterprises SRF3Snyder Brothers Racing Southlake, TX
127 Avatar Image Snyder, Mark Spec Racer Ford 3 (SRF3) 2014SCCA Enterprises SRF3Snyder Brothers Racing Southlake, TX
4 Avatar Image Stripling, Denny Spec Racer Ford 3 (SRF3) 1990SCCA Enterprises SRF3Southeast Spec Racer/Lightspeed Motorsports McKinney, TX

Class Totals: Spec Racer Ford 3 (SRF3): 4

Group 5   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
77 Placeholder Avatar Waters, Phillip American Sedan (AS) 2002Chevrolet Camaro Grand Prairie, TX
19 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Charles GT-2 2015Porsche 991GT3 CupRiverbend Sandler Pools Plano, TX
34 Avatar Image Evans, R Paul GT-2 2000Panoz GT-S Lewisville, TX
07 Placeholder Avatar Southerland, James GT-2 2004Chevrolet Z 06 Poolville, TX
38 Placeholder Avatar Cohen, Colin GT-X Non Points Maserati Trofeo GT4Norwood Auto Italia SOUTHLAKE, TX
3 Placeholder Avatar Kimbrough, James Improve Touring E (ITE) 1986Nissan 300 zx Turbo San Antonio, TX
13 Avatar Image Parks, Wayne Touring 2 (T2) Porsche 911Blue Heron Racing Granbury, TX
14 Placeholder Avatar Sewell, Scott Touring 2 (T2) 2014Porsche Cayman Fort Worth, TX

Class Totals: GT-2: 3, Improve Touring E (ITE): 1, American Sedan (AS): 1, Touring 2 (T2): 2, GT-X Non Points: 1

Group 6   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
124 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Chuck B-Spec 2012Honda FitHonda Overland Park, KS
174 Avatar Image Rogerson, James B-Spec 2015Honda FitMSR Houston Angleton, TX
22 Placeholder Avatar Salyer, Riley B-Spec 2013Mazda Mazda2MSR Houston Hoosier Over50Motorsports Longview, TX
50 Placeholder Avatar Vehle, Charlie B-Spec 2010Honda Fit Danbury, TX
18 Placeholder Avatar Agha, Bill Spec Miata (SM) 1999Mazda Miata Georgetown, TX
06 Avatar Image Anderson, Ray Spec Miata (SM) 1999Mazda MiataX-Factor Racing, MOTiiV Mansfield, TX
46 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Matthew Spec Miata (SM) 2001Mazda Miata Dallas, TX
26 Avatar Image McGahee, Marc Spec Miata (SM) 1999Mazda Miata Sulphur Springs, TX
24 Avatar Image Thomas, Lee Spec Miata (SM) 2001Mazda MiataX-Factor Racing Austin, TX
72 Placeholder Avatar Wiley, Travis Spec Miata (SM) 1999Mazda Spec Miata Austin, TX

Class Totals: Spec Miata (SM): 6, B-Spec: 4

  7 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Bullard, Daniel Dallas, TX
Placeholder Avatar Hillenburg, Roy Friendswood, TX
Placeholder Avatar Pigeon, Charles Abilene, TX
Avatar Image Snyder, Liam Southlake, TX
Avatar Image Snyder, Mark Southlake, TX
Avatar Image Stripling, Denny McKinney, TX
Placeholder Avatar Wills, Darryl Houston, TX

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