SCCA - Montana Region announces April 10th, 2021 RallyCross Saturday, April 10, 2021 attendees at Bull Run Ranch, Cascade, MT 59421 (3815) > Attendees |

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April 10th, 2021 RallyCross

SCCA - Montana Region

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Bull Run Ranch, Cascade, MT

Saturday   51 entries

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Stock Rear Wheel Drive   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
92 Avatar Image Chovanak, Tim 2010Ford Raptor Snohomish, WA
0138 Placeholder Avatar Hulett, Trace 1997Geo trackerM&D Great Falls, MT
Stock Front Wheel Drive   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
20 Avatar Image Olson, Ashley 2010Toyota Matrix Belgrade, MT
Stock All Wheel Drive   17 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
02 Avatar Image Baker, Mike 2002Subaru Impeza WRXSocial Security Great Falls, MT
3 Avatar Image Slingerland, James 2018Tesla Model 3DERP Tacoma, WA
6 Placeholder Avatar Tolliver, Ava 2015Subaru WRX Bozeman, MT
7 Placeholder Avatar Lindenmayer, Eleanor 2003Audi A4 Bellevue, WA
13 Placeholder Avatar Kurtz, Jake 2018Tesla Model 3DERP Seattle, WA
14 Placeholder Avatar Sloan, Nate 1995Subaru Impreza Bigfork, MT
17 Placeholder Avatar Lindenmayer, Calvin 2003Audi A4 Bellevue, WA
17 Placeholder Avatar Walden, Dirk Diggler 2020Ford Raptor Great Falls, MT
20 Placeholder Avatar Jackson, Cory 2004Subaru Great Falls, MT
22 Placeholder Avatar Stevens, Matt Subaru ImprezaMayberry Motorsports, Dempster glass Bigfork, MT
51 Placeholder Avatar Coffman, Trevor 2018Subaru Impreza Coralville, IA
052 Placeholder Avatar Hulett, Rhett 2007Volvo x70m&d construction Great Falls, MT
77 Placeholder Avatar Whitehorse, Lance 1987Toyota Tercel Greatfalls, MT
117 Placeholder Avatar Lindenmayer, Bob 2003Audi A4 Bellevue, WA
140 Placeholder Avatar Skawinski, Rob 2004Subaru wrx Great Falls, MT
150 Placeholder Avatar Olson, Rick 2018Ford F150 East Helena, MT
826 Placeholder Avatar Burgler, Brandon 2001Subaru Impreza Maple Valley, WA
Prepared Rear Wheel Drive   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
90 Avatar Image Marvick, Ethan 1987Volvo 740 Great Falls, MT
Prepared All Wheel Drive   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
18 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Daniel 2012Volkswagen Golf R Bremerton, WA
76 Placeholder Avatar Edwards, Stephan 1998Honda CR-V Missoula, MT
Modified Rear Wheel Drive   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
20 Avatar Image Dorman, Alan 2001Ford Mustang Vaughn, WA
32 Avatar Image Clarke, Phil 1992Mazda MiataMy Wife, Garagestar Bellevue, WA
Modified Front Wheel Drive   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
17 Avatar Image Modugno, Tony 1997Honda PreludeOld Iron Racing; AM NW- CG/CM Bremerton, WA
36 Placeholder Avatar Literal, Jake 1999Honda Civic Olympia, WA
46 Placeholder Avatar Flaisig, Ed 2009Scion Cowbell V2 XD Olympia, WA
72 Avatar Image Berg, Chad 2015Ford Focus STCBKB Rally Team Arlington, WA
460 Avatar Image Flaisig, Matt 2009Scion Cowbell V2 XD Olympia, WA
Modified All Wheel Drive   21 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Avatar Image Norris, Johnathon 2008Subaru impreza wrx Spokane Valley, WA
4 Avatar Image Evans, Eric 2019Polaris XP 1000 Missoula, MT
06 Placeholder Avatar Ehnes, Russ 2002Subaru Impreza Great Falls, MT
09 Placeholder Avatar Leach, Micheal 2010Ford Taurus Black Eagle, MT
11 Avatar Image Rowen, James 2000Subaru RSProformance Garage. Napa. Great Falls, MT
12 Avatar Image Kromarek, Kevin 1989Toyota Corolla All-Trac 4wd Missoula, MT
13 Avatar Image Weinzettel, John 2002Subaru wrx Great Falls, MT
24 Avatar Image Du, Peng 2013Subaru STIInFront Automotive Seattle, WA
33 Avatar Image Mayberry, Sean 1999Subaru LegacyMayberry Motorsports, Dempster glass Bigfork, MT
44 Avatar Image Brielmaier, Kito 2016Yamaha YXZMaxSport Tyres Seattle, WA
55 Avatar Image Sandifer, Charles 2008Subaru WRXBob DuBois Photography, Guilded Lilly Band, All Seasons Automotive Tacoma, WA
061 Placeholder Avatar Golberg, Bruce 2002Subaru Impreza Monacrh, MT
64 Avatar Image Arana, Jimmy 1986Audi 4000csSound View Window Cleaning Olympia, WA
71 Placeholder Avatar Betourney, Mark 2020Can-Am Cascade, MT
77 Placeholder Avatar Carvell, Robert 1999Audi A4 Great Falls, MT
097 Avatar Image Dorrough, Sean 1997Subaru Impreza Shelton, WA
99 Avatar Image Thiel, Calvin 1999Subaru Impreza OBS Helena, MT
106 Placeholder Avatar Ehnes, Cory 2002Subaru Impreza Great Falls, MT
106 Placeholder Avatar Howard, Stan 2002Subaru Fast gray Great Falls, MT
114 Avatar Image Dempster, Dennis 1998Subaru Imprezza L coupeDempsterGlass/ Mayberry Motorsports Kalispell, MT
171 Placeholder Avatar Eisenzimer, C.R. 2020Can-Am Cascade, MT

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