The Great Beater Challenge announces The Great Beater Challenge Saturday, Aug 28 — Sunday, Aug 29, 2021 attendees at GBC 2020 starting point, Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 3Z3 (8024) > Attendees |

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The Great Beater Challenge

The Great Beater Challenge

Saturday, Aug 28 — Sunday, Aug 29, 2021

GBC 2020 starting point, Lethbridge, Alberta

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Team Registration  89 entries
  Name Status  YrMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Allen, James Confirmed Subaru tbd Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Badiuk, Rod Confirmed 2003Ford Windstar
Placeholder Avatar Barendregt, Jordan Confirmed 1983Lada 1260Wife Edmonton, AB
Placeholder Avatar Beaton, Brent Confirmed 1996Ford Aerostar Assiniboia, SK
Placeholder Avatar Beler, Kirk Waitlisted 1997Pontiac Lethbrdge County, AB
Avatar Image Bichel, Adam Confirmed 1995Cadillac DevilleRefine Automotive, APB TOOL SALES Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Bisson, Dillon Confirmed 1970Fiat 850 Spider Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Bolink, Kelsey Confirmed 1998Mazda Protege Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Brymer, Brock Confirmed 1992Ford Festiva utility Airdrie, AB
Placeholder Avatar Bunney, Jess Confirmed 1986Dodge D250 Duchess, AB
Placeholder Avatar Burnett, David Confirmed 1997Mazda MPV Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Burt, Bailey Waitlisted 1991Chevrolet S10 Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Burt, Lloyd Confirmed 1964Mercury M100 Duchess, AB
Placeholder Avatar Campbell, Matt Confirmed 1985Dodge Van Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Curtis, Carli Confirmed 1993GMC Bluebird Redcliff, AB
Avatar Image Dan Hall, Jesse Davis Waitlisted 2006Mazda 3 Medicine Hat, Al
Avatar Image Doiron, Andre Waitlisted 1981Dodge DiplomatMoonshine hotrod shop Elk Point, AB
Placeholder Avatar Doucette, Ryan Confirmed 1983AMC Eagle Red Deer County, AB
Placeholder Avatar Dupuis, Matt Confirmed 1987Saab 900 Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Eden, Charlie Confirmed 1972Chevrolet 1972 nova Edmonton, AB
Placeholder Avatar Egge, Martin Confirmed 1988Ford Crown Victoria HAY LAKES, AB
Placeholder Avatar Eichelbaum, Trevor Waitlisted TBU Medicine Hat, AB
Avatar Image eisener, Michael Confirmed 2013-- Street Cars/Bikes TBD Edmonton, AB
Placeholder Avatar Entem, Marcellin Confirmed 1965Ford F100JMR Mechanical Ltd. Shaunavon, SK
Placeholder Avatar Garbe, Lance Waitlisted 1986Suzuki X90 Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Gardiner, David Confirmed 2002Chevrolet Cavalier Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Gillingham, Rob Waitlisted 1989Honda Civic Red Deer, AB
Placeholder Avatar Goerzen, Kayla Confirmed 1972GMC C10 Didsbury, AB
Placeholder Avatar Hartwell, Hagen Confirmed 1949Fargo 3/4 ton truckBeans Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Heim, Chris Confirmed 1974Triumph Tr7 Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Howard, Luke Waitlisted 1946Jeep CJ2A Sylvan Lake, AB
Placeholder Avatar Hutchinson, John Confirmed 1983Ford Econoline Cherhill, AB
Placeholder Avatar Ives, Amber Confirmed Dodge TBD Bonnyville, AB
Placeholder Avatar Janzen, Loren Confirmed Toyota To be announced Coaldale, AB
Placeholder Avatar Jesse, Mike Confirmed Chevrolet G20van Medicine Hat, AB
Avatar Image Jobson, Jason Confirmed 1964Ford Econoline Wembley, AB
Placeholder Avatar Joyce, Liel Confirmed 1990-- Street Cars/Bikes TBD Rimbey, AB
Placeholder Avatar Kaupp, Cody Confirmed 2000GMC Sierra Ponoka, AB
Placeholder Avatar Kitto, Dale Confirmed 1976Ford Ford Maverick Kamloops, BC
Avatar Image Klok, Wilmer Confirmed 1992Pontiac Sunrunner Barnwell, AB
Placeholder Avatar Lammerth, Leslie Confirmed 1996Ford F1fitty Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Larose, Anna Confirmed -- Street Cars/Bikes Tbh Priddis, AB
Avatar Image Larose, Brigitte Confirmed Chevrolet Monte Carlo Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Larson, Erik Confirmed 1969Koenigsegg Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Placeholder Avatar Lenzen, Harlan Confirmed -- Street Cars/Bikes TBD Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Lester, Marylee Confirmed 1998Plymouth Voyager Parkland County, AB
Placeholder Avatar Lester, Ryan Confirmed 1974Volkswagen Super Beetle Parkland County, AB
Avatar Image Lester, Steven Confirmed 1986Ford F-150 Parkland County, AB
Placeholder Avatar Levesque, Mike Confirmed 1969Dodge Charger
Placeholder Avatar Lorrain, Jay Waitlisted 2000Chevrolet Silverado Red Deer, AB
Placeholder Avatar Lynch, Holly Confirmed 1972Chrysler Pontiac Elkford, BC
Avatar Image Lyons, Trent Confirmed Chevrolet Monte carlo Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Marko, Roy Confirmed 1951-- Purpose-built / V Hudson Hornet Edmonton, AB
Avatar Image Maynard, Cole Confirmed 2003Ford Crown Victoria P.I. Calgary, AB
Avatar Image McCrimmon, Ian Confirmed 1960Valiant V200 Calgary, AB
Avatar Image McKay, David Confirmed 1981Dodge D150 Hinton, AB
Avatar Image McKernan, Chad Waitlisted -- Street Cars/Bikes TBD Edmonton, AB
Placeholder Avatar Neufeld, Kurt Confirmed 1981Cadillac Limo Blairmore, AB
Avatar Image Nichols, Travis Confirmed 1998Ford E350 Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Northcott, Mike Confirmed 1966Dodge Polara 440 Carstairs, AB
Avatar Image Orsulak, Regan Confirmed 1976Buick Century Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Ostrander, Darren Confirmed Oldsmobile Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Pearce, Dylan Waitlisted 1993Dodge Caravan Fort McMurray, AB
Placeholder Avatar Poitras, Harley Confirmed 1978Chevrolet Malibu Airdrie, AB
Avatar Image Randell, Grant Waitlisted 1935Godsal Corsica TouringHa Ha Exshaw, AB
Placeholder Avatar Richardson, Melissa Confirmed 1986Chevrolet Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Ririe, Jordan Confirmed 1992GMC 1500 Raymond, AB
Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Colton Confirmed 1997Saturn Dunmore, AB
Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Rocky Confirmed 2001Saturn “SOUP” Vermilion, AB
Placeholder Avatar Roelofs, Adam Confirmed 1991Volkswagen Jetta GTheX Medicine Hat, AB
Placeholder Avatar Sansome, Ryan Confirmed 1980Pontiac Firebird Redwater, AB
Placeholder Avatar Shanks, Riley Confirmed 1984AMC Eagle Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Shantz, Aron Confirmed De Tomaso Nada Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Sheldon, Greg Confirmed 1960Plymouth Savoy Assiniboia, SK
Placeholder Avatar Short, Jeff Confirmed 1996Mazda Mx3999 Chestermere, AB
Avatar Image Simpson, Blayne Waitlisted Chevrolet AstroTha Calgary, AB
Avatar Image Thiara, Dave Waitlisted Dodge 2006 Dodge Magnum RT Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Tokamp, Kyle Confirmed 1954Oldsmobile Medicine Hat, AB
Placeholder Avatar VanDenHoogen, Frank Confirmed -- Street Cars/Bikes Kamloops, BC
Avatar Image Vandenhoogen, Kevin Confirmed 1960Triumph Herald Kamloops, BC
Placeholder Avatar Vandervalk, Des Confirmed Chevrolet Tbd Fort Macleod, AB
Placeholder Avatar Van seters, Randy Confirmed 1967Datsun 520 pickupITB, Bridge Central Service and Towing Coaldale, AB
Placeholder Avatar Van Seters, Vincent Confirmed 1978Chevrolet CamaroIntercontinental Truck Body Lethbridge, AB
Placeholder Avatar Varty, Dennis Waitlisted 1992Geo LSI Convertible Sherwood Park, AB
Placeholder Avatar Wall, Darcy Confirmed 1999Chevrolet Cavalier Coaldale, AB
Placeholder Avatar Wickson, Jc Confirmed 1982Pontiac FieroCrude Moto Co Calgary, AB
Placeholder Avatar Wladyko, Tylr Confirmed Chevrolet regalno Strathmore, AB
Placeholder Avatar Yacyshyn, Jesse Confirmed 1976Dodge Monaco Wabamun, AB
Placeholder Avatar Yoisten, Matt Confirmed 1984Cadillac eldorado Calgary, AB

89 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.