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2020 CSRG Season Finale & Awards Dinner


Friday, Oct 30 — Sunday, Nov 1, 2020

Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA

Sat & Sun Races  81 entries

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Group 1   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
55 Placeholder Avatar Stein, Marty 1964MG MGB Jackson, CA
114 Avatar Image Molerus, Jean Pierre A, SCCA '62 GCR 1954Nichols Special BEAVERTON, OR
21 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Jim A, SCCA '62 GCR 1962Cooper T59 Woodside, CA
71 Avatar Image Albright, Bob B, SCCA '67 GCR 1959Alfa Romeo SprintWife Sonoma, CA
124 Avatar Image Fabris, Joe B, SCCA '67 GCR 1960Austin Healey 3000x Watsonville, CA
85 Avatar Image Smith, Stewart B, SCCA '67 GCR 1957Lotus Eleven Club Santa Cruz, California, CA
Avatar Image Wardman, Dan B, SCCA '67 GCR 1963Rene Bonnet D'jet San Jose, CA
51 Avatar Image Carpenter, Mark C, SCCA '72 GCR 1957Alfa Romeo SpiderColumbia Roofing and Sheet Metal Portland, OR
Avatar Image Miller, Scott C, SCCA '72 GCR 1968Autodynamics Mk 4A FV Sebastopol, CA
Avatar Image Smith, Charles USRRC Under 2L 1961Elva Mk VI Glen Ellen, CA

Class Totals: A, SCCA '62 GCR: 2, B, SCCA '67 GCR: 4, C, SCCA '72 GCR: 2, USRRC Under 2L: 1

Group 2   16 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
124 Placeholder Avatar Black, Gary A, SCCA '62 GCR 1960Austin-Healey 3000 San Jose, CA
21 Avatar Image Buddenbaum, John A, SCCA '62 GCR 1957Morgan 4/4Buddenbaum Fabrication Sunnyvale, CA
51 Avatar Image Carlile, Rick B, SCCA '67 GCR 1967TVR Vixen S2None Sacramento, CA
20 Avatar Image Collins, Dean B, SCCA '67 GCR 1963MG MGB Redwood City, CA
38 Avatar Image Denman, Mike B, SCCA '67 GCR 1966Marcos 1800 GT Davis, CA
21 Avatar Image Greenman, Bill B, SCCA '67 GCR 1967MG Midget Grass Valley, CA
61 Placeholder Avatar Hoffman, Paul B, SCCA '67 GCR 1961Elva Courier Sacramento, CA
98 Avatar Image John, Bruce B, SCCA '67 GCR 1964Triumph SpitfireMemory of Racer Bud Valley Springs, CA
28 Avatar Image Lamantia, Edward B, SCCA '67 GCR 1964MG MGBVintage 31 Loomis, CA
64 Avatar Image Rossi, Joseph B, SCCA '67 GCR 1964Porsche 356C Nevada City, CA
441 Avatar Image Buchanan, David C, SCCA '72 GCR 1956Alfa Romeo SPIDER Menlo Park, CA
295 Avatar Image Norman, Jon C, SCCA '72 GCR 1966Alfa Romeo Guila Berkeley, CA
177 Avatar Image Racine, Dennis C, SCCA '72 GCR 1966Mini Cooper SMini Mania, Racine-Web Design Grass Valley, CA
61 Avatar Image Racine, Don C, SCCA '72 GCR 1961Mini Mini CooperMini Mania Grass Valley, CA
55 Placeholder Avatar Stein, Adin C, SCCA '72 GCR 1964MG MGB Redwood City, CA
18 Avatar Image chamberlin, stephen C, SCCA '72 GCR 1966Alfa Romeo Giulia SprintMedicare Richmond, CA

Class Totals: A, SCCA '62 GCR: 2, B, SCCA '67 GCR: 8, C, SCCA '72 GCR: 6

Group 3   3 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Placeholder Avatar Haney, Daniel B, SCCA '67 GCR 1963Chevrolet Corvette Carson City, NV
82 Placeholder Avatar Bentley, Gay C, SCCA '72 GCR 1966Chevrolet Stingray Carson City, NV
711 Avatar Image Daugs, DH C, SCCA '72 GCR 1962Turner Mk II Tacoma, WA

Class Totals: B, SCCA '67 GCR: 1, C, SCCA '72 GCR: 2

Group 4   9 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
11 Placeholder Avatar Hill, John 1960Lola Mk 1 Seattle, WA
16 Avatar Image Brandhoff, Maurizio USRRC Over 2L 1978Lola Lola T-492Pick's Racing Engines Santa Ana CA Nimmo Machine Costa Mesa CA Costa Mesa, CA
Avatar Image Smith, Charles USRRC Over 2L 1963Elva MK7s Glen Ellen, CA
14 Avatar Image Hogue, Don USRRC Under 2L 1963Lotus 23BCollins Racing Hollister, CA
Avatar Image Ramleth, Geir USRRC Under 2L 1963Lotus 23B Atherton, CA
67 Avatar Image Richardson, Jason USRRC Under 2L 1967Porsche 907 KVenom Motorsport Inc Tracy, CA
44 Avatar Image Summers, Michael USRRC Under 2L 1962Lotus 23BSelf West Sacramento, CA
Placeholder Avatar Taradash, Michael USRRC Under 2L 1962Lotus Seven Palos Verdes Estates, CA
9 Avatar Image Tinsley, Troy USRRC Under 2L 1965Bobsy SR3Pops Racer Montara, CA

Class Totals: USRRC Under 2L: 6, USRRC Over 2L: 2

Group 5   1 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
27 Avatar Image de Bretteville, Locke Formula B 1969Palliser-Winkelmann WDB2Brig. General Jack D. Ripper Santa Rosa, CA

Class Totals: Formula B: 1

Group 6   19 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
109 Placeholder Avatar Colyvas, Nicholas 1969Merlyn 11A San Francisco, CA
11 Avatar Image Dodd, Alex 1970Crossle 16/20F Sonoma, CA
27 Avatar Image Duncan, Tom 1981PRS RH02FRoad Runner Racing Chico, CA 95926, CA
11 Avatar Image Hill, Ralph 1979Crossle 35F Seattle, WA
Avatar Image Hoogs, Steve 1972Merlyn MK20 AS Reno, NV
8 Placeholder Avatar Jackson, William 1972Titan MK6 Santa Barbara, CA
66 Placeholder Avatar Keller, Mark 1983Crossle 45fBlackjack Racing Snohomish, WA
Avatar Image Lauber, Edward 1969Titan Mk 5 FFLauber Brothers Racing Redwood City, CA
5 Avatar Image Locke, Chris 1969Merlyn Mk. 11A San Anselmo, CA
Avatar Image Lynn, Jim 1979Crossle 35FEdward Towne Carmichael, CA
3 Avatar Image McDermott, Michael 1971Titan FF Mk. 6none Sonoma, CA
Avatar Image Ramleth, Preben 1970Titan Mk 6 Atherton, CA
23 Avatar Image Richins, Paul 2000Van Diemen RF 00-2Mount Whitney Guidebook Granite Bay, CA
Placeholder Avatar Wise, Daniel 1973Crossle 25FScuderia More Cowbell! Benicia, CA
10 Placeholder Avatar Hill, John Formula Ford 1978Crossle 35F Seattle, WA
18 Placeholder Avatar Jewett, George Formula Ford 1969Merlyn mk 11 Formula Ford San Francisco, CA
Avatar Image Streets, Jay Formula Ford 1972Winkelmann WDF3 FFMise en place Racing San Francisco, CA
14 Avatar Image VanTassel, Edward Formula Ford 1970Titan Mk6 Klamath Falls, OR
72 Placeholder Avatar Schoap, Chris Formula Junior 1970Titan FF Mark VI Eugene, OR

Class Totals: Formula Ford: 4, Formula Junior: 1

Group 7   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Kehoe, Jerry 1987March 87B F1 Santa Rosa, CA
Avatar Image Parmentier, Laurent 1977Chevron B39Excita Condoms Los Angeles, CA
11 Avatar Image Rugh, David 1982Ralt RT5 Ridgefield, WA
12 Avatar Image Zurlinden, Dave 1987Ralt RT31 - F3none Monterey, CA
70 Placeholder Avatar Baker, Danny Formula Atlantic 1979Ralt RT1 Atl San Francisco, CA
57 Avatar Image Garden, Alex Formula Atlantic 1978March 78B Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Avatar Image Ramleth, Geir Formula Atlantic 1982Ralt RT4 Atherton, CA
5 Avatar Image Romak, Steve Formula Atlantic 1980March 80A FA Walnut Creek, CA
7 Placeholder Avatar Rose, Chris Formula Atlantic 1983Ralt RT 4 Mill Valley, CA
77 Avatar Image Raggio, Chuck Super Vee 1984Anson SA4Raggio Metallurgical Group Linden, CA

Class Totals: Formula Atlantic: 5, Super Vee: 1

Group 8   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
81 Avatar Image Brooke, Joseph 1988Mazda Mx6McGee Motorsports Point Reyes Station, CA
35 Placeholder Avatar Haney, Daniel 1970Datsun 510 Carson City, NV
Placeholder Avatar Rincon, Mark 1967BMW 2002 Redding, CA
Avatar Image Walker, Steve 1970BMW 2002Hans-Peter Koepchen Amity, OR
46 Placeholder Avatar Bentley, Gay CSRG Touring Cars 1969Datsun 510Ultra Prosthetics Carson City, NV
7 Avatar Image Fuller, Rob CSRG Touring Cars 1970Datsun 510Z Car Garage / Larry Oka Racing San Jose, CA
26 Placeholder Avatar Murray, John CSRG Touring Cars 1973Datsun 260Z Kirkland, WA
88 Avatar Image Rueppel, Todd CSRG Touring Cars 1971Datsun 510Larry Oka Racing Oakdale, CA
65 Avatar Image Smith, Eric CSRG Touring Cars 1969Porsche 911Paragon Real Estate Bellevue, WA
72 Avatar Image Dockery, Thomas Historic Cars 1971Datsun 510 Los Altos, CA

Class Totals: Historic Cars: 1, CSRG Touring Cars: 5

Group 9   3 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
15 Avatar Image Brown, Scott 1990Mazda MiataLarry Oka Redwood City, CA
95 Avatar Image Chiou, Glenn 1992Mazda MiataBiltmore Hotel & Suites / Larry Oka Racing Cupertino, CA
49 Avatar Image Fuller, Rob 1990Mazda MiataZ Car Garage / Larry Oka Racing / Meghan Fuller San Jose, CA

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