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Attendee List

Twilight Tour

SCCA - Detroit Region

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Carlyle Grill, Ann Arbor, MI

Car numbers are only shown in order for you to sort competitors by team.  After the seeded draw, car numbers will be changed to starting order.


Day 1  44 entries
#   Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
22 Placeholder Avatar Attema, Peter Checked in Navigator
9 Avatar Image Birdsall, Budd Checked in Novice Driver 2012Ford Focus Hatchback
10 Placeholder Avatar Blanco, Van Checked in Navigator
3 Avatar Image Dawson, Laura Checked in Navigator
14 Placeholder Avatar Doroshenk, Tyler Checked in Navigator
3 Avatar Image Fishbeck, John Checked in Equipped Driver 2006Subaru Impreza 2.5i
6 Placeholder Avatar Fisher, Bruce Checked in Limited Driver 1998Jeep Cherokee
2 Placeholder Avatar Ford, Janis Checked in Equipped Navigator 2014Subaru Impreza
20 Placeholder Avatar Foresi, Daniel Checked in Driver
23 Placeholder Avatar Gapske, Ryan Checked in Novice Driver 1999Saab 9-3
17 Avatar Image Gollapinny, Srivatsa Checked in Novice Driver 2005Mini Cooper S
4 Placeholder Avatar Harkcom, Daniel Checked in Equipped Driver 2005Saab 9-2X Aero
7 Placeholder Avatar Kaser, Art Checked in Navigator
17 Placeholder Avatar Katte, Sudeep Checked in Navigator
15 Placeholder Avatar Koganti, Chandra Checked in Novice Driver 2016Subaru
20 Placeholder Avatar Koivisto, Tristan Checked in Stock Navigator 2002Subaru Impreza WRX
7 Placeholder Avatar Kowalski, Gary Checked in Limited Driver 1998Pontiac Grand Am
5 Avatar Image Layton, Andrew Checked in Equipped Driver 2004Subaru Impreza WRXRevolution Press, LLC
5 Placeholder Avatar Layton, Daniel Checked in Navigator
14 Placeholder Avatar Ledjenac, Marko Checked in Novice Driver 2006Cadillac CTS
11 Avatar Image Legris, Brad Checked in Novice Driver 2015Toyota iMToyota Motor North America R&D
4 Placeholder Avatar Lester, W Gregory Checked in Navigator
19 Placeholder Avatar Loughlin, Kevin Checked in Navigator
16 Placeholder Avatar Lynch, Teresa Checked in Novice Navigator Ford Freestyle
22 Placeholder Avatar Malik, Jasman Checked in Novice Driver 2012Subaru WRX
18 Avatar Image Mercier, Greg Checked in Novice Driver 1984Volkswagen Rabbit GTIShoe String Operation
18 Placeholder Avatar Mercier, Madeline Checked in Navigator
10 Placeholder Avatar Mooberry, Brinton Checked in Novice Driver 2017Chevrolet Cruze LT
1 Placeholder Avatar Moran, Robert Checked in Equipped Navigator 2011Subaru WRX
19 Placeholder Avatar Nizza, Jordan Checked in Novice Driver 2003Dodge Ram 1500
16 Placeholder Avatar Pioch, David Checked in Driver
21 Placeholder Avatar Rao, Vikram Checked in Novice Driver 2013Ford Focus ST
11 Placeholder Avatar Ravenscroft, Colin Checked in Navigator
21 Placeholder Avatar Revuri, Meena Checked in Navigator
8 Placeholder Avatar Roszczenko, Piotr Checked in Navigator
2 Placeholder Avatar Sellers, David Checked in Driver
8 Placeholder Avatar Spieszny, Adam Checked in Stock Driver 1993Eagle Talon TSI AWD
1 Placeholder Avatar Stone, David Checked in Driver
13 Placeholder Avatar Usher, Aaron Checked in Stock Navigator 2012Honda Fit
13 Placeholder Avatar Usher, Karen Checked in Driver
15 Placeholder Avatar Vendlinski, Rick Checked in Navigator
9 Avatar Image Wheeler, Jeremy Checked in Navigator
6 Placeholder Avatar Woodside, Thomas Checked in Navigator
23 Placeholder Avatar Wooster, Michael Checked in Navigator

44 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.