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Attendee List

FSR People's Choice Concours and Open Board Mtg

PCA - First Settlers

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, Williamsbirg, VA

Concours  58 entries
  Name Status  YrMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Alley, Bill Confirmed 2011Porsche Cayenne Turbo Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Alley, Jane Confirmed 2007Porsche Boxster S Williamsburg, VA
Avatar Image Apotheker, I. Erik Confirmed 1964Porsche 356C European Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Ball, Mary Confirmed 2014Porsche 911 Carrera Richmond, VA
Avatar Image Ball, Michael Confirmed 2014Porsche 911 Carrera Richmond, VA
Placeholder Avatar Borowy, Bill Confirmed 1984Porsche Carerra Midlothian, VA
Placeholder Avatar Bryant III, Benjamin Confirmed 2019Porsche Macan NEWPORT NEWS, VA
Avatar Image Cagle, Melinda Confirmed 2017Porsche Carrera Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Calloway, Rob Confirmed 1969Porsche 912 Yorktown, VA
Placeholder Avatar Cheezum, William Confirmed 2020Jeep grand cherokee Williamsburg, VA
Avatar Image Chisholm, Andrew Confirmed 2004Volvo XC90 Virginia Beach, VA
Avatar Image Coston, Jeffrey Confirmed 2004Porsche 911 C4S Suffolk, Va
Avatar Image Crowder, Kevin Confirmed 2006Porsche 997 S Fredericksburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Davis, Gary Confirmed 2005Porsche 911 WILLIAMSBURG, VA
Placeholder Avatar DeBender, Bill Confirmed 2009Porsche 911 Carrera S Cab Glen Allen, VA
Avatar Image Donnell, Fred Confirmed 2015Porsche 911 Turbo S Williamsburg, VA
Avatar Image Estrada, Marco Confirmed 2008Porsche GT3 Suffolk, VA
Avatar Image Gaudette, Marc Confirmed 2018Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Maidens, VA
Avatar Image Gould, Tim Confirmed 2013Porsche Carrera SVisionary Perspectives Photography Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Grandfield, Phil Confirmed 2014Porsche Cayman Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Greene, John Confirmed 2003Porsche 911 Norfolk, VA
Avatar Image Hackman, Amy Confirmed 2014Porsche Cayenne S Charles City, VA
Avatar Image Hamel, James Confirmed 2002Porsche 911 Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Hay, David Confirmed 1962Porsche 356 FOREST, VA
Placeholder Avatar Hilaire, Pierre Confirmed 2006Porsche cayman s Suffolk, VA
Placeholder Avatar Hudgins, Rick Confirmed 2005Porsche 911 Virginia Beach, VA
Avatar Image Hugel, Mark Confirmed 2011Porsche 911 Turbo S Portsmouth, VA
Avatar Image Jacobson, Bret Confirmed 2015Porsche Macan S Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Jenkins, Holly-Faye Confirmed 2016Porsche GT4 Chesterfield, VA
Placeholder Avatar Jenkins, Todd Confirmed 1957Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster Chesterfield, VA
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Chris Confirmed 1979Porsche 911 SC Newport News, Va
Avatar Image Jones, Mark Confirmed 2007Porsche Carrera Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Jublou, Brad Confirmed 2004Porsche 911 Carrera Norfolk, VA
Avatar Image Kahles, Greg Confirmed 2015Porsche 911 Carrera S Norfolk, VA
Placeholder Avatar Kay, Jacob Confirmed 2008Porsche Cayman S Suffolk, VA
Placeholder Avatar Kearns, Michael Confirmed 2004Porsche 911 Turbo Lancaster, VA
Placeholder Avatar Kent, Jerry Confirmed 2011Porsche Boxster Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Kim, Jason Confirmed 2016Porsche GT4Tesla stock VIrginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Kinkade, Donald New 2008Porsche Cayman S Yorktown, VA
Avatar Image Lee, Ruth Confirmed 2006Porsche Carrera S Yorktown, Va
Placeholder Avatar Leuzinger, Mark Confirmed 2016Porsche Cayman GTS Maple, NC
Placeholder Avatar Liedman, Jim Confirmed 2009Porsche Carrera S Cab Chesapeake, VA
Placeholder Avatar Littell, Paul Confirmed 1973Volvo 1800ES Richmond, VA
Avatar Image Llorente, Alex Confirmed 2016Porsche 911 60th Ann. Club Coupe yorktown, va
Avatar Image Lynch, Robert Confirmed 1986Porsche 911 Turbo (930) Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Malone, Bill Confirmed 2008Porsche CaymanS Mechanicsville, VA
Placeholder Avatar McAllister, Bill Confirmed 2017Porsche 911 Carrera S Richmond, VA
Placeholder Avatar McCormack, Jim Confirmed 2014Porsche Cayman Hampton, VA
Placeholder Avatar McCulley, Andrew Confirmed 1995Porsche 928 GTS Virginia Beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar McFaddin, David Confirmed 2007Porsche Boxster S Yorktown, VA
Placeholder Avatar Nelson, Ralph Confirmed 1982Porsche 911SC Targa Williamsburg, VA
Avatar Image Northup, Creighton Confirmed 2001Porsche 911 turbo Suffolk, VA
Placeholder Avatar Ortiz, Hector Confirmed 2006Porsche Carrera 4S Mechanicsville, VA
Avatar Image Ramdon, Roopchan Confirmed 2001Porsche 911 Carrera C2 Hampton, VA
Avatar Image Thomas, Daryl Confirmed 1988Porsche 928 S4 Virginia beach, VA
Placeholder Avatar Wallace, David Confirmed 1974Porsche 911 Richmond, VA
Avatar Image Weber, Bob Confirmed 2005Porsche Carrera S Williamsburg, VA
Placeholder Avatar Zaenker, Walt Confirmed 1974Porsche 914 Williamsburg, VA 23188, VA

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