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Attendee List

Open Track Day - Bikes

NOLA Motorsports Park

Sunday, October 4, 2020

NOLA Motorsports - Road Course, Avondale, LA

Run Group  91 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Accardo, Shaun New Advanced 2020Ducati V4R
Placeholder Avatar Anglin, Dallas Checked in Novice 2019Yamaha Mt07
Placeholder Avatar Anthony, Michael Checked in Advanced 2009Yamaha R1
Placeholder Avatar Aron, Sean Checked in Novice 2018Triumph Street Triple
Avatar Image Behrnes, Dayton Checked in Intermediate 2012Kawasaki Zx10r
Placeholder Avatar Beltran, Nelson New Novice 2018-- Street Cars/Bikes R3
Placeholder Avatar Bess, Nigel Checked in Intermediate 2013Kawasaki Zx6
Avatar Image Blair, Dawson Checked in Intermediate 2007Kawasaki Zx6r
Avatar Image Boudreaux, Brett Checked in Intermediate Triumph Daytona 675
Placeholder Avatar Boudreaux, Destiny Checked in Intermediate 2007Honda Cbr600rr
Placeholder Avatar Brady, Ross Checked in Advanced 2006Honda CBR1000RRDFWhonda, P1 Racing, Pirelli
Placeholder Avatar Brune, Mike Checked in Novice 2013Suzuki GSX-R750
Placeholder Avatar Calcagno, Sal New Advanced 2015Triumph Daytona 675
Placeholder Avatar Casbarian, Chris Checked in Intermediate 2014Triumph Thruxtonmyself
Avatar Image Cockroft, Brian Checked in Advanced 2006Ducati 749
Placeholder Avatar Cognevich, Tony Checked in Intermediate 2009Honda CBR 600RR
Avatar Image Crocco, Chuck Checked in Intermediate 2018KTM RC 390
Avatar Image Crochet, Steven Checked in Novice 2003Honda CBR600RR
Placeholder Avatar Cruz, Daniel Checked in Novice 2014Yamaha R1
Placeholder Avatar Cruz, Erick Checked in Novice 2015Yamaha R6
Avatar Image Cruz, Jose Checked in Intermediate 2009Yamaha R6
Avatar Image Davis, Tommy Checked in Intermediate 2016BMW S1000RR
Placeholder Avatar d'Fonseca, Paul Checked in Advanced Kawasaki ZX6Rself
Placeholder Avatar Dufrene, Dean Checked in Advanced 2020Bugatti Ninja 3000Jesus
Placeholder Avatar Ebling, Michael Checked in Intermediate 2006Suzuki GSXR 750
Placeholder Avatar Estioco, Fernine Checked in Intermediate 2018Kawasaki Z900rs
Placeholder Avatar Ferrufino, Samuel Checked in Intermediate 2012BMW S1000rr
Placeholder Avatar Fujarte, Erick Checked in Novice 2020Honda Cbr1000
Avatar Image Garrett, Robbie Checked in Intermediate 2019Honda CBR1000RRFriendly Honda
Placeholder Avatar Garrett, Robert Checked in Novice 2020Honda CBR300RFriendly Honda
Placeholder Avatar Gordon, David Checked in Advanced 2013Kawasaki ZX10Vortex, Shoei, Cycle Gear
Avatar Image Guembes, Alain Checked in Intermediate 2018Kawasaki Ninja
Avatar Image Hebert III, Lloyd Checked in Advanced 2015Yamaha R1
Avatar Image Helmer, Dallen New Advanced 2015Yamaha R6
Placeholder Avatar Hildebrand, Howe Checked in Novice 2014Ducati 899 Panigale
Placeholder Avatar Hintz, Jon Checked in Intermediate Kawasaki
Avatar Image Holmer, Maxwell Checked in Novice 2001Suzuki SV650The Halfabusa
Placeholder Avatar Hoover, Brian Checked in Advanced 2011Suzuki GSXR600
Placeholder Avatar Irrobali, Jared New Intermediate 2017Yamaha R3
Avatar Image Johnson, Luke Checked in Intermediate 2009Yamaha R6
Avatar Image Junemann, Chris Checked in Intermediate 2008Yamaha R6MotoHouston
Avatar Image Kackley, Brian Checked in Advanced Yamaha 2008 R1
Placeholder Avatar Kelleher, John Checked in Intermediate Suzuki sv650
Placeholder Avatar Kestler, George Checked in Intermediate 2018Kawasaki 400none
Placeholder Avatar Kritikos, Evangelos Checked in Novice 2017Honda CBR1000RR
Avatar Image Krol, Adam New Advanced 2016Ducati Panigale 1299S
Placeholder Avatar Kuban, Scott Checked in Intermediate 2018Kawasaki Ninja 400
Placeholder Avatar Le, Steven Checked in Novice 2008Honda CBR600RR
Avatar Image Martin, Brandon Checked in Advanced 2016Honda CBR1000
Avatar Image Mayers, Randy Checked in Intermediate Kawasaki Zx10RR
Placeholder Avatar McMellon, Corey Checked in Novice 2018KTM rc390
Placeholder Avatar Merrick, Jason Checked in Novice Honda VFR 800
Avatar Image Merritt, Darren Checked in Intermediate 2005Yamaha R6
Placeholder Avatar Michael, Reilly New Advanced 2005Yamaha R6
Placeholder Avatar Millard, Tristram Checked in Intermediate 2014Kawasaki 300
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Kurt Checked in Advanced 2008Yamaha R6Fastfossil, GN Gonzales, Heroic Racing Apparel, Hang-Dry Suit Dryer, NEXX Helmets
Placeholder Avatar Minder, Vera Checked in Novice 2010Kawasaki EX250
Avatar Image Mitchell, Shawn Checked in Intermediate Yamaha R6
Avatar Image Moldoveanu, Andrei Checked in Intermediate 2017Honda Cbr1000rr
Avatar Image Moore, Joshua Checked in Novice 2012Triumph Street Triple R
Avatar Image Norman, Cheyne Checked in Advanced 2014Yamaha YFZ-R6
Placeholder Avatar O’Brien, Brendan Checked in Intermediate 2006Suzuki
Avatar Image Packer, Andrew Checked in Intermediate 2014BMW S1000R
Placeholder Avatar Palm, Michael Checked in Intermediate 2013Kawasaki ZX636R
Placeholder Avatar Paredes, Mephiboset Checked in Intermediate 2018Suzuki GSX-R750
Avatar Image Paul, Jonathan Checked in Novice 2006Suzuki GSXR-750
Placeholder Avatar Pearson, Michael Checked in Intermediate 2016Kawasaki Ninja
Placeholder Avatar Perez, Jaime Checked in Advanced 2017Ducati 1299
Placeholder Avatar Perez, John Checked in Novice Honda Cbr250
Avatar Image Pitre, Samson Checked in Novice 2015Yamaha YzfR1
Placeholder Avatar Potters, Josh Checked in Novice 2007Honda CBR600RR
Placeholder Avatar Ramirez, Gerardo Checked in Novice 2014Yamaha R1
Placeholder Avatar Richeson, Stuart New Novice 2017Kawasaki
Placeholder Avatar Roy, Brice Checked in Novice 2017Yamaha R6
Placeholder Avatar Smith, Branford Checked in Novice 2008Honda CBR600rr
Avatar Image Spring, Roddy Checked in Advanced Kawasaki 636
Placeholder Avatar Stewart, David Checked in Intermediate 2013Kawasaki Ninja 300
Avatar Image Su, Peter Checked in Intermediate 2018Yamaha r6
Placeholder Avatar Todich, Eli Checked in Advanced 2016Yamaha R3
Placeholder Avatar Tran, Nguyen Checked in Novice 2007Suzuki Sv650
Avatar Image Vegafria, Joshua Checked in Intermediate 2015Yamaha R3
Avatar Image Vo, Tommy Checked in Novice 2009Honda Cbr600rr
Placeholder Avatar Vu, Lawrence Checked in Intermediate 2018Yamaha R6
Placeholder Avatar Vu, Thomas Checked in Intermediate 2008Suzuki GSXR
Placeholder Avatar Walley, Jason Checked in Novice 2006Suzuki SV650
Placeholder Avatar Waterman, Troy Checked in Novice 2019Yamaha R3
Avatar Image Weschka, Ryan Checked in Advanced 2015Aprilia Rsv4
Placeholder Avatar Whittington, Ryan Checked in Novice 2016Kawasaki Z800
Avatar Image Williams, Terry Checked in Advanced 2014Ducati
Placeholder Avatar Zibilich, Aleyna Checked in Intermediate 2017Yamaha R3
Placeholder Avatar Zibilich, Steve Checked in Novice 2019Kawasaki Ninja 400

91 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.