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SCCA - Western Michigan Region - Club Racing announces 2020 WMR Majors (drivers) Saturday, Aug 22 — Sunday, Aug 23, 2020 attendees at Grattan Raceway, Belding, MI 48809 (7384) > Attendees |

Attendee List

2020 WMR Majors (drivers)

SCCA - Western Michigan Region - Club Racing

Saturday, Aug 22 — Sunday, Aug 23, 2020

Grattan Raceway, Belding, MI

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Group 1   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
40 Placeholder Avatar McBride, Paul Formula 500 1999Red Devil T-29 Red DevilColwell Tax Service South Bend, IN
25 Placeholder Avatar Abbott, Andrew Thomas Formula Vee 2009Vector AM-1Hoosier/Autowerks/Vector Racecars Livonia, MI
26 Placeholder Avatar Abbott, Brandon Formula Vee Vector AM-1Hoosier/Autowerks/Vector Racecars Farmington Hills, MI
46 Placeholder Avatar Bertolucci, Alexander Formula Vee Vortech Mount Prospect, IL
10 Placeholder Avatar Henderson, David Formula Vee 2008Mysterian M24MULA Enginuity Minneapolis, MN
127 Avatar Image Kennelly, John Formula Vee 2003Vortech Radiant Racing Tech Guilford, CT
7 Avatar Image Loughead, Jeff Formula Vee 2004Vortech CR04Perfectly Planned Events/L. L. Loughead, DDS Darien, IL
21 Placeholder Avatar Styczynski, William Formula Vee 2002Vortech Studio 21 Architects Downers Grove, IL

Class Totals: Formula 500: 1, Formula Vee: 7

Group 2   15 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
58 Placeholder Avatar Bagne, Christie Spec Miata 1993Mazda Miata Troy, MI
7 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Tyler Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataSneaky Moose Motorsports / Custom Wireless Inc. Muskego, WI
16 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Jonathan Spec Miata 2000Mazda MiataRossini Racing Products, G-LOC Brakes Wadsworth, OH
47 Avatar Image DellaTorre, Alejandro Spec Miata 2000Mazda MiataAG Racing Oak Park, MI
96 Placeholder Avatar Doss, Alexander Spec Miata 1991Mazda Spec MiataMatt Bush Motorsports Garage; Dan's Mobile Tire Service Ferndale, MI
05 Placeholder Avatar Frick, Stefan Spec Miata 1990Mazda Miata West Bloomfield, MI
44 Placeholder Avatar Hansen, Joshua Spec Miata 2001Mazda MiataPapa Murphy's Burlington, WI
55 Placeholder Avatar Jager-Angelo, Tony Spec Miata 1990Mazda Miata West Bloomfield, MI
18 Placeholder Avatar Kohler, Jason Spec Miata 1991Mazda Miata White Lake, MI
54 Placeholder Avatar Mount, Daniel Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataAutohaus Racing Ann Arbor, MI
51 Placeholder Avatar Rotman, Kurt Spec Miata 2003Mazda Miata Dorr, MI
87 Avatar Image Stroup, Adam Spec Miata 1995Mazda Spec MiataCarbotech Brakes Belleville, Mi
5 Placeholder Avatar Christopher, Steven Touring 4 2006Mazda BBS Bonner Springs, KS
32 Placeholder Avatar Porter, Ralph Touring 4 2004BMW Z4Hoosier Tire - Carbotech Kokomo, IN
10 Avatar Image Roma, Tony Touring 4 2008Pontiac Solstice Z0KMobil 1 Beverly Hills, MI

Class Totals: Spec Miata: 12, Touring 4: 3

Group 3   16 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
65 Placeholder Avatar Crisenbery, Chris B-Spec 2015Honda FitHoosier Tires, G-LOC Brakes, The Flower Pot Parma, MI
25 Placeholder Avatar Vivian, Brandon B-Spec Chevrolet SonicMobil 1 Milford, MI
36 Placeholder Avatar Walters, Dave B-Spec 2015Honda FitPedesis Racing, Hoosier, G-loc brakes Shelbyville, MI
11 Placeholder Avatar Jeffers, Scott E Production 1982Mazda Rx7Jeffers Motorsports Coatesville, IN
08 Avatar Image Johnson, Aaron E Production Honda S2000Slowmotion Motorsports Oakfield, NY
20 Avatar Image Loughman, Lance E Production 1973Datsun 240z5:01 Motorsports Bath, MI
38 Placeholder Avatar Savage, David E Production 1993Honda Prelude SIKoteQuip Alto, MI
39 Placeholder Avatar Scott, Jud E Production Mazda MiataMiata La Vergne, TN
48 Placeholder Avatar Sturm, Michael F Production Mazda MiataSturminator Design/Hoosier Grafton, WI
93 Placeholder Avatar Meyer, Bill GT-Lite 1993Toyota TercelHoosier, Toyota, Summit, Hawk Russellville, MO
71 Placeholder Avatar Stalzer, Jonathan GT-Lite 1971Toyota CorollaAuto Body by Daniel's / TRD Plainfield, IL
54 Placeholder Avatar Hileman, Daryl H Production 1985Volkswagen Scirrocco Baltimore, OH
88 Avatar Image Hileman, Scott H Production Volkswagen Gti Hoosier tire , hawk brakes johnstown, OH
35 Avatar Image Savage, Holly H Production 1960Austin Healey Bugeye SpriteKoteQuip LLC. Alto, MI
10 Placeholder Avatar Vickerman, Eric H Production 1962MG MidgetGoodyear, Vickerman Racing Howell, MI
6 Placeholder Avatar Mason, Gary Touring 2 2002Porsche 996Braid Wheels Waterford, MI

Class Totals: E Production: 5, F Production: 1, GT-Lite: 2, H Production: 4, B-Spec: 3, Touring 2: 1

Group 4   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
14 Avatar Image Bleke, David Formula Atlantic 2001swift 014DWI Power Systems Franklin, IN
11 Avatar Image Napiantek, Derek Formula Enterprises 2 2005Fe2 MazdaAlliance autosport washington twp, MI
17 Placeholder Avatar Rettich, Scott Formula Enterprises 2 2010Mazda Formula Enterprises 2Alliance Autosport, Red Line Oil Columbus, OH
84 Placeholder Avatar Winkelman, Larry Formula Enterprises 2 SCCA Enterprises FE2Donate to Farmington Hills, MI
20 Placeholder Avatar Johncock, Steve Formula X 1997Star Mazda FMTeam Johncock, LLC Bellevue, MI
12 Avatar Image Vandenbush, Dale Formula X . Formula MazdaNicholson Supply Preble Park, WI
10 Placeholder Avatar Vinkemulder, Jason W Formula X 2000Formula Mazda Formula MazdaVInkemulder Financial Spring Lake, MI
45 Placeholder Avatar French, Brian Prototype One 1993Ralt RT-41 P1Motorsports Enterprises Ltd Sheboygan, WI
72 Placeholder Avatar Peck, Gary Prototype One 2004stohr wf1lask roofing Cherry Valley, IL
25 Avatar Image Scott, Vaughan Prototype Two 2011Hidari FireflyWitch's Hat Brewing/Munk's Motors/4M Industries/PUB Racing Royal Oak, MI

Class Totals: Formula Atlantic: 1, Formula Enterprises 2: 3, Formula X: 3, Prototype One: 2, Prototype Two: 1

Group 5   15 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
70 Placeholder Avatar De Bolt, David Spec Racer Ford G3 1985SCCA Enterprises SRF3PaDor Farms Cumberland, IN
147 Avatar Image DellaTorre, Alejandro Spec Racer Ford G3 1995SRF3 SRF3Alliance Autosport Oak Park, MI
76 Placeholder Avatar Gehrke, Glenn Spec Racer Ford G3 SCCA Enterprises Davisburg, MI
64 Placeholder Avatar Gray, Matt Spec Racer Ford G3 1909SCCA Enterprises SRF3Ryan Companies US Inc. / PM Racing Chaska, MN
07 Placeholder Avatar Henckel, Michael Spec Racer Ford G3 1990SCCA Enterprises SRF3Alliance Autosport LAPEER, MI
62 Placeholder Avatar Kirchman, Thomas Spec Racer Ford G3 1986SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer Ford Gen3 Framingham, MA
7 Placeholder Avatar Kowalczyk, Doug Spec Racer Ford G3 1990SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Lewis Center, OH
33 Placeholder Avatar Leinninger, Duane Spec Racer Ford G3 1984SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer Ford Brighton, MI
98 Placeholder Avatar Lex, DG Spec Racer Ford G3 SCCA Enterprises SRF3D-Tek Enterprises Royal Oak, MI
34 Avatar Image Loughead, Douglas Spec Racer Ford G3 1984SCCA Enterprises SRF3LL Loughead - DDS Inc., 1932-2017 Belvidere, IL
04 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Greg Spec Racer Ford G3 1990Ford SRF 3Subway Lancaster, OH
159 Avatar Image Reimer, Scott Spec Racer Ford G3 2008SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Beaverton, MI
17 Placeholder Avatar Rettich, Scott Spec Racer Ford G3 2009SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer FordAlliance Autosport, Red Line Oil Columbus, OH
88 Placeholder Avatar Spuhler, Greig Lee Spec Racer Ford G3 SRF3 SRF3 Paris, OH
59 Placeholder Avatar White, Wade Spec Racer Ford G3 2003SCCA Enterprises SRF3The Cottages/Valvoline/DN Motorsports Vail, CO

Class Totals: Spec Racer Ford G3: 15

Group 6   12 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
44 Placeholder Avatar Chojnacki, Matt American Sedan 1990Chevrolet CamaroNone Lake Orion, MI
37 Avatar Image Faigle, Curt American Sedan 2002Chevrolet CamaroCastlereagh Team Racing Florissant, MO
95 Placeholder Avatar Ours, David American Sedan 1995Ford Mustang Marshall, MI
15 Placeholder Avatar Vivian, Brandon American Sedan 2001Pontiac Firebird Formula Milford, MI
55 Avatar Image Weidner, Craig T American Sedan 1987Ford MustangLane Automotive / Hoosier Tire/ Lasco Ford Cadillac, MI
24 Placeholder Avatar Dittman, Rick GT-1 2016Chevrolet Corvette C 7RDE Lincolnshire, IL
70 Placeholder Avatar Floyd, Bryan GT-3 2002Mazda RX7 Clarion, PA
00 Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Sean Super Touring Lite 1993Honda Civic VXHPD, Hoosier, G-loc Brakes Kalamazoo, MI
13 Avatar Image Basaj, Lenny Super Touring Under 1995BMW M3Carola Basaj Whitehall, MI
39 Placeholder Avatar Seifert, Bill Super Touring Under Mazda Miataself Pleasant View, TN
14 Placeholder Avatar Lasco, Phil Touring 1 2016Ford mustang GTHOOSIER LASCO FORD VENICE, FL
6 Placeholder Avatar Mason, Gary Touring 1 2017Ford FordHoosier Waterford, MI

Class Totals: American Sedan: 5, GT-1: 1, GT-3: 1, Touring 1: 2, Super Touring Lite: 1, Super Touring Under: 2

76 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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