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Attendee List

2019 RMVR Drivers' School

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing-RMVR

Saturday, Apr 27 — Sunday, Apr 28, 2019

Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway, Fountain, CO

Segment-Student  65 entries
  Name Status Group Instructor  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Alleman, Daryl Confirmed Precision-Faster 2012mazda Exomotive Exocet
Placeholder Avatar Armstrong, Char Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1978Caldwell D-13
Avatar Image Baldwin, Benjamin Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 2002BMW M3Sweet Spot Racing
Avatar Image Bergman, Erik Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1970Caldwell D-13Hagerty Motorsports Insurance
Placeholder Avatar Betz, Robert Confirmed Precision-Fast 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Briggs, Stephen Confirmed Precision-Fast 2014Chevrolet Camaro
Avatar Image Brown, David Confirmed Precision-Fast Ford 2014 Shelby GT500
Placeholder Avatar Candee, Chris Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 2016Porsche 911 GTS
Avatar Image Candee, Rees Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1972BMW tiiSweetspot Racing
Placeholder Avatar Candee, Samuel Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1988BMW
Placeholder Avatar Cather, Brian Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1986Toyota Mr. 20
Placeholder Avatar Chiarelli, Samantha Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1994Subaru ImprezaRally.Build, Salta
Avatar Image Clifford, Kirk Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars Robert Alder 1975Lola T324
Placeholder Avatar Copeland, Mitchell Confirmed Precision-Fast 2017Dodge ChargerNone
Placeholder Avatar Ellis, Trevor Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1964Triumph Spitfire
Placeholder Avatar Estrada, Julio Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1978Volkswagen
Placeholder Avatar Farler, Dennis Confirmed Precision-Fast 2017Ford Mustang
Placeholder Avatar Finkbiner, Mike Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1987Porsche 944
Avatar Image Fredricksmeyer, Hardy Confirmed Precision-Fast 2014Nissan 370Z
Avatar Image Gardner, Craig Confirmed Precision-Faster 1995Mazda MX-5 Miata
Avatar Image Guiles, Freddy Confirmed Precision-Faster 2008Mazda 3
Placeholder Avatar Gurley, Jacob Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1975Crossle 30F
Placeholder Avatar Hall, Rob Confirmed Precision-Fast Jaguar XKR
Placeholder Avatar Ingelido, Mike Confirmed Precision-Fast 2015Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Michael S. Confirmed Precision-Faster 1977Porsche 924
Avatar Image Keacher, Jeff Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1970Zink C4
Placeholder Avatar Keen, Alex Confirmed Precision-Faster 2017Subaru BRZ
Placeholder Avatar Keutzer, Mike Confirmed Precision-Fast 2015Chevrolet Z/28
Placeholder Avatar Louzon, Brent Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1973BMW 2002
Avatar Image MacDonald, Will Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1970Volvo 142Baker Garage, Rallye Coach Works
Placeholder Avatar Malsom, Mark Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1990Honda CivicRally.Build
Placeholder Avatar Martens, Craig Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1988BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar McCarthy, Sean Confirmed Precision-Fast 2005Honda S2000
Placeholder Avatar McDaniel, Scott Confirmed Precision-Faster 2019Audi Q5
Placeholder Avatar McMahan, Bill Confirmed Precision-Faster 1974Fiat 124 Abarth StradaleMAC Racing Engines
Placeholder Avatar Meckenstock, Nicholas Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1998Ford SVT Contoursweet spot racing
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Bryan Confirmed Precision-Faster 2017Subaru BRZ
Avatar Image Morley, Rick Confirmed Precision-Faster 2001Mazda Miata SEN/A
Placeholder Avatar Morton, Jim Confirmed Precision-Faster 2013Mini JCW GP
Placeholder Avatar Morton, Keely Confirmed Precision-Faster 2012Audi A8
Placeholder Avatar Nash, Berck Confirmed Precision-Faster 1990Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Nash, Joanna Confirmed Precision-Faster 2017Ford Focus RS
Placeholder Avatar Newnham, Dominic Confirmed Precision-Fast 2013Subaru WRX
Placeholder Avatar Penewell, Thomas Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1991Dodge Colt
Avatar Image Petersen, Samantha Confirmed Precision-Fast 2001Dodge Viper GTS
Placeholder Avatar Petree, Zach Confirmed Precision-Fast 2005Subaru 2.5RS Limited
Placeholder Avatar Pivornik, Lorri Confirmed Precision-Fast 2014Audi RS5
Placeholder Avatar Post, Kim Confirmed Precision-Faster 2016Volkswagen GTI
Placeholder Avatar Quigley, Danny Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1970BMW 2002
Placeholder Avatar Reed, John Confirmed Precision-Fast 2003Dodge Viper SRT10
Placeholder Avatar Saskiewicz, Greg Confirmed Precision-Faster 1994Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Schauls, Daren Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1968Ford Mustang
Placeholder Avatar Schuler, Lang Confirmed Precision-Faster 1978Porsche 911 SC
Avatar Image Smith, James Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1973Datsun 240ZSmith Fabrication llc.
Placeholder Avatar Stiles, Marie Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1976MG BFigment Design and Chassis FDC
Avatar Image Tenge, Josh Confirmed Precision-Fast 2012Audi TTRSMod finishes
Placeholder Avatar Thibault, Andrew Confirmed Precision-Fast 2006Mini SMini Cooper Shop
Placeholder Avatar Towles, Sean Confirmed Precision-Faster 2019Nissan LeafEVPRS
Placeholder Avatar Trotter, Alexander Confirmed Precision-Fast 2016Ford Focus RS
Placeholder Avatar Urband, Matt Confirmed Precision-Faster 2004Mini MCSVintage Racing & Shop
Placeholder Avatar Vaughn Gonder, Celeste Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1981BMW 320i
Placeholder Avatar Weinshenker, Donald Confirmed Precision-Faster 1999Toyota Camry
Avatar Image Wiley, Justin Confirmed Competition-Production Cars 1967LOTUS ELAN S3
Avatar Image Wolf, Eric Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1972Hauser-Zink C4
Placeholder Avatar Wolther, Mike Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel Cars 1964Bobsy VanguardPork Chop Racing
Segment-Instructor  48 entries
  Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Ahearn, Leo Confirmed Instructor 1977Lola T440Aspect Properties
Avatar Image Albert, Frank Confirmed Instructor 1967MG MGB GT
Avatar Image Alder, Robert Confirmed Instructor 1969Bobsy Formula FordLittle Caesars Pizza
Placeholder Avatar Ammer, Matt Confirmed Instructor 1972KONIG HEATH KHF1Corkscrew Interactive, Concierge Payment Systems
Placeholder Avatar Anhorn, Dennis Confirmed Instructor 1971PORSCHE 914
Placeholder Avatar Anhorn, Terry Confirmed Instructor 1971Porsche 914na
Placeholder Avatar Arnold, Keith Confirmed Instructor 2019Cadillac
Placeholder Avatar Bries, John Confirmed Instructor 1962MG MGA
Placeholder Avatar Bunton, Joe Confirmed Instructor 1966LOTUS ELANSouthwestern Steel Fab
Avatar Image Cambon, Jim Confirmed Instructor 1998Birkin S3
Placeholder Avatar Candee, Dan Confirmed Instructor 1972BMW 2002Sweet Spot Racing
Placeholder Avatar Cotsworth, Michael Confirmed Instructor 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Daniels, Charles Confirmed Instructor 1975Crossle 30F
Placeholder Avatar Evans, Judd Confirmed Instructor 1977Lola T440
Avatar Image Fleming, Bill Confirmed Instructor 1968ZINK C-4
Placeholder Avatar Gray, Gary Confirmed Instructor 1972Caldwell D-13TacOcaT racing
Placeholder Avatar Hill, Bob Confirmed Instructor 1966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427
Avatar Image Jacobs, Mike Confirmed Instructor 1967Austin Healey Sprite
Placeholder Avatar Mauz, Mark Confirmed Instructor 1975Crossle 30F
Placeholder Avatar McClung, Brant Confirmed Instructor 1972Porsche 914-6
Placeholder Avatar McNurney, John Confirmed Instructor 1973Porsche 911 RSR/ 1969 911T
Placeholder Avatar Melsheimer, Frank Confirmed Instructor 1971Formula Ford Merlyn 20
Placeholder Avatar Merrifield, Greg Confirmed Instructor 1981Mazda RX7Mad Jacks Brewing, 5250 Performance Weaver Fiberglass and Paint
Avatar Image Mihalich, Jr., John Confirmed Instructor 1969Lotus Type 61
Placeholder Avatar Mikkelsen, Jim Confirmed Instructor 1969--Formula V ZINK C-4Martin Willis Machine Shop
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Robert Confirmed Instructor 1969WINKELMANN WDF-1
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Bonnie Confirmed Instructor 1968ZINK C-4
Avatar Image Neal, Jess Confirmed Instructor 1971PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA
Avatar Image Nelson, Brian Confirmed Instructor 1972BMW 2002Tii
Avatar Image Payne, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 1969PONTIAC FIREBIRDJT's Speedshop
Placeholder Avatar Penley, Jack Confirmed Instructor 1972Caldwell D-13Scuderia TacOcaT
Avatar Image Popejoy, Kyle Confirmed Instructor 1966BMW 1600
Placeholder Avatar Ragonetti, Tom Confirmed Instructor 1995Porsche Carrera 4
Placeholder Avatar Redd, Chris Confirmed Instructor 1968MERLYN MK 11A
Avatar Image Ries, Mike Confirmed Instructor 1972Winkelmann WDF4
Avatar Image Rolofson, Bud Confirmed Instructor 1971Triumph SpitfireExtreme Parts Racing
Placeholder Avatar Rose, Nick Confirmed Instructor 1965PORSCHE 911
Avatar Image Rosen, Tatsuo Confirmed Instructor 1964Triumph Spitfire
Avatar Image Rosetta, Randy Confirmed Instructor 1970Ford Boss302 Mustang
Placeholder Avatar Scariano, Dick Confirmed Instructor 1971PORSCHE 914
Placeholder Avatar Schakel, Eric Confirmed Instructor 1966CHEVROLET YENKO STINGER
Placeholder Avatar Shaffer, Bill Confirmed Instructor 2004Porsche Carrera 911 4S
Placeholder Avatar Shaffron, Michael Confirmed Instructor 1972Porsche 914 ChalonMOTIVE Engineering Co., Inc.
Placeholder Avatar Shank, Charlie Confirmed Instructor 1963polar vee mk1the machine shop racing
Avatar Image Stiehr, James Confirmed Instructor 1969WINKELMANN WDF-1
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Meagan Confirmed Instructor 1966Austin Healey Sprite 191Sumner automotive
Avatar Image Valentine, Jess Confirmed Instructor 1993Sharland FV
Avatar Image Willis, Martin Confirmed Instructor 1983Audi 5000cs avanttms racing

113 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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