SCCA - Finger Lakes Region - Solo announces FLR 2020 Autocross #6 - The FLR Grand Prix Sunday, October 11, 2020 attendees at Seneca Army Depot, Romulus, NY 14541 (7334) > Attendees |

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FLR 2020 Autocross #6 - The FLR Grand Prix

SCCA - Finger Lakes Region - Solo

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Seneca Army Depot, Romulus, NY

Event   79 entries

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Novice   10 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
20 Placeholder Avatar Noonen, David E Street 1999Mazda Miata Geneva, NY
38 Avatar Image Ritter, Jim E Street 1999Mazda MiataTeam Geneva Geneva, NY
68 Placeholder Avatar Voss, Collin A Street 2003Nissan 350z East Aurora, NY
73 Placeholder Avatar Fish, Evan G Street 2009Pontiac G6Dad Hilton, NY
78 Placeholder Avatar Zink, Ben B Street 2017Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG Liverpool, NY
90 Avatar Image Fenner, Leo Street Touring Xtreme 2006Mini STeam Geneva GENEVA, NY
94 Placeholder Avatar Fenner, Kyle Street Modified FWD 2006Mini Cooper SAmerican Geneva, NY
99 Placeholder Avatar Nassar, James C Street 2001Honda S2000 Fairport, NY
180 Placeholder Avatar Turan, Spencer B Street 2011Nissan 370Z
518 Avatar Image Bernhardt, Alana Street Touring Sport 1989Honda Civic SiThe Send It Group Buffalo, NY
Street Group 1 SS,AS,BS,CS,ES,FS   21 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
7 Avatar Image LaCelle, Clarke C Street 2000Porsche Boxster Rochester, NY
14 Placeholder Avatar Turner, Greg C Street 2003Porsche Boxster Brockport, NY
22 Placeholder Avatar Noonen, Cullen E Street 1999Mazda Miata Geneva, NY
46 Placeholder Avatar Krasucki, Doug Super Street 2018Porsche BoxsterMaplewood Nursing Home Webster, NY
65 Placeholder Avatar Havens, Sean F Street 2012Nissan 370z Rochester, NY
69 Placeholder Avatar Scott, Melody C Street 2004Honda Miata XLtitty skittles Rochester, NY
71 Avatar Image Adamides, Odysseus B Street 2018Ford Focus RS Pittsford, NY
75 Avatar Image Kroll, Marcus C Street 2000Porsche BoxsterDieter LaCelle Pittsford, NY
82 Avatar Image Porter, Tyler B Street 2019Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE'Murica! Honeoye Falls, NY
96 Placeholder Avatar Worsa, Jeff F Street 2003Ford Crown Victoria Scotia, NY
110 Placeholder Avatar Clarcq, Daniel B Street Nissan 370Z Pittsford, NY
122 Placeholder Avatar Myers, Duane A Street 2006Chevrolet Corvette Rochester, NY
141 Placeholder Avatar Knorr, Erik Super Street 2019Tesla Mini Rocket Rochester, NY
147 Placeholder Avatar Coulombe, Bruce E Street 1999Mazda Miata Watkins Glen, NY
148 Avatar Image Baker, Adam F Street 2016Chevrolet Camaro 2SSVSPEED Rochester, NY
170 Avatar Image Chaffee, Seth F Street 2004Nissan 350Z Newfield, NY
171 Placeholder Avatar Weed, Dana F Street 2004Nissan 350z Moravia, NY
271 Placeholder Avatar Griffin, David Super Street 2012Audi TT RS Hamburg, NY
369 Placeholder Avatar Maniscalco, Steve F Street 2003Ford Crown VictoriaCop Cars R Us Scotia, NY
380 Avatar Image Ellinwood, Christopher F Street 2019Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Port Byron, NY
987 Avatar Image Dillon Jr., Melvin B Street 2007Porsche Boxster Scottsville, NY
Street Group 2 DS,GS,HS   13 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Avatar Image Boise, Tyler G Street 2019Volkswagen Jetta GLI MORAVIA, NY
12 Placeholder Avatar Arena, Jen G Street 2017Honda Civic SiGeraci Law Offices Victor, NY
23 Avatar Image Crossley, Keith H Street 2016Ford Fiesta ST Webster, NY
37 Placeholder Avatar Jimenez, Victor G Street 2010Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 West Henrietta, NY
54 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Nathan G Street 2016Ford Focus ST Rochester, NY
89 Placeholder Avatar Krieg, Miles A D Street 2013Subaru BRZNapp Motorsports Rochester , ny
91 Placeholder Avatar Modlin, George D Street 2019Hyundai Veloster N Webster, NY
133 Avatar Image Milligan, Philip D Street 2020Hyundai Veloster NCam's Pizzeria Pittsford, NY
153 Avatar Image Goetz, Carrie D Street 2009Mini Cooper S Williamsville, NY
211 Avatar Image Hunter, William G Street 2019Volkswagen GLITyler’s hot rod shop North Java, NY
222 Avatar Image Agapii, Alexandr D Street 2015Subaru WRX Webster, NY
417 Placeholder Avatar Fish, Ron G Street 2009Pontiac G6 Hilton, NY
603 Avatar Image Watts, Josh G Street 2010Volkswagen GTI Rochester, NY
Street Touring   12 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Pierotti, Jack Street Touring Sport 2005BMW M3 Eldred, PA
10 Placeholder Avatar Krueger, Mike Street Touring Xtreme 2004BMW 330i ZHP Brockport, NY
43 Avatar Image Moller, J Scott Street Touring Xtreme 2013Subaru BRZReggie Dunlop Racing Penfield, NY
49 Avatar Image Moran, Emilio Street Touring Sport 1989Honda Civic SiFlying Burro Catering, Arete Auto Salon, Lowborn Garage ROCHESTER, NY
52 Placeholder Avatar Hatakeyama, John Street Touring Ultra 2008Nissan 350ZThanks Alex! Henrietta, NY
53 Placeholder Avatar Davide, Joe Street Touring Hatch 2014Ford Focus ST Rochester, NY
76 Avatar Image Johnson, Alex Street Touring Ultra 2008Nissan 350ZMotion Control | Ray Charles Alignments Honeoye Falls, NY
79 Avatar Image Smyntek, Joseph Street Touring Xtreme 2004Mazda RX-8Tariffs Duties and User Fees Lackawanna, NY
115 Avatar Image robinson, todd Street Touring Sport 1987Honda Civic Kenmore, NY
220 Placeholder Avatar Morse, Jason Street Touring Roadster 2001Toyota MR2 Farmington, NY
491 Placeholder Avatar Hoelscher, James Street Touring Sport 1989Honda Civic SI Rochester, NY
561 Avatar Image Joslyn, Brennen Solo Spec Coupe 2016Subaru Solo Spec CoupeASI Signage Innovations Grand Island, NY
Street Prepared + Street Modified   5 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Placeholder Avatar Wanck, Glenn E Street Prepared Dodge charger r\t Endicott, NY
51 Avatar Image Roberts Jr, John W Street Modified FWD 2005Mini Cooper SHSL, LLC R2 Racing Canandaigua, NY
86 Placeholder Avatar Shepardson, Corey Street Modified 2008Subaru STI Rochester, NY
517 Avatar Image Roberts, Trevor A Street Modified FWD 2005Mini Cooper S Buffalo, NY
777 Avatar Image Calamia, Nolan A Street Prepared 2007Subaru Forester XTVinny Ten Racing Syracuse, NY
Prepared + Modified   5 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
36 Placeholder Avatar Eckman, David E Modified 1970Chevrolet Corvettenone Tonawanda, NY
117 Placeholder Avatar Fish, Brad B Modified 1981Ralt RT-5Dum Bass Racing Hilton, NY
144 Avatar Image Seelbinder, Mark B Modified 1990Prince SR-5Wahoo Motorsports - Thanks Steve! Spencerport, NY
441 Placeholder Avatar Hayward, Steve B Modified 1990Prince SR-5 Walworth, NY
707 Placeholder Avatar Sawyer, Leo D Modified 1989Lotus Sabre 7FOR SALE Jamesville, NY
Pro   10 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Morton, Chris F Street 2011BMW M3 Webster, NY
6 Avatar Image Cantwell, DC D Street 2016Ford Focus RSIbuprofen Honeoye Falls, NY
56 Avatar Image Joslyn, Keith Solo Spec Coupe 2016Subaru Solo Spec CoupeASI Signage Innovations Grand Island, NY
58 Avatar Image Sieczkarek, Aaron Street Touring Sport 1988Honda CRXNick Pasternack Orchard Park, NY
77 Placeholder Avatar Rodriguez, Andres H Street 2017Ford Fiesta STFSWERKS Seneca Falls, NY
88 Avatar Image Perrin, Jim Super Street R 2008Subaru Forester Farmington, NY
97 Placeholder Avatar Potocki, Michael Solo Spec Coupe 2013Scion / Koni Kenmore, NY
158 Placeholder Avatar Pasternack, Nick Street Touring Sport Honda CRX si Rochester, NY
197 Placeholder Avatar Potocki, Dave Solo Spec Coupe 2013Scion Buffalo, NY
221 Avatar Image Edgecomb, Andrew Street Touring Roadster Toyota Mr2 spyderThanks Jason West Henrietta, NY
Xtreme Street and Classic American Muscle   3 entries
# Name Modifier YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Guerdat, Jeff Classic American Muscle-Contemporary 2016Cadillac ATS-VJen's inheritance Rochester, NY
18 Avatar Image LaVallee, Joe Xtreme Street B 1991Mazda MiataNew Era Martial Arts, Napp Motorsports Rush, NY
31 Avatar Image Kjar, Daniel Classic American Muscle-Traditional 1984Ford Mustang GT-350 ELMIRA, NY

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