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Attendee List

OTA Shootout

CASC Ontario Region - OntarioTimeAttack

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park DDT, Bowmanville, ON

Current attendees for OTA Event #6 at SMP on August 26, 2018

CDTA  25 entries
Competitor   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
982 Placeholder Avatar Rier, Eric Grand Touring 4 1997Mazda miataMito Graphics Cambridge, ON
47 Avatar Image Buchanan, Jud Super Grand Touring 2 2018Chevrolet CamaroTeamVDG, Toyo Canada, Castrol, #BLIP IT, #FindNewRoads Campbellville, ON
Avatar Image Johnson, Duncan Super Grand Touring 3 Scarborough, ON
Avatar Image Murfin, Scott Unknown Nissan 240Can-Alignment Motorsports Millgrove, ON
Placeholder Avatar Rier, Sheldon Unknown 2002Mazda Cambridge, ON
Placeholder Avatar Wallis, Ric Unknown 1991Mazda Miata 1.6 Aylmer, ON
Placeholder Avatar Wilton, John Unknown BMW 328
Avatar Image Wood, Gary Unknown 2004Mazda RX-8Fat Ass Racing Team F.A.R.T. Aylmer, ON

Class Totals: Super Grand Touring 2: 1, Super Grand Touring 3: 1, Grand Touring 4: 1, Unknown: 5

  17 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
224 Placeholder Avatar Laurin, Andre Grand Touring 1 2017Ford Focus RS
230 Placeholder Avatar Sarich, Dean Grand Touring 1 1986Porsche 911
207 Avatar Image sukerman, STUART Grand Touring 1 2011Subaru WRXHWY 7 AUTO COLLISION richmond hill, ON
189 Placeholder Avatar Hewitt, Don Grand Touring 2 1998BMW 328is Mitchell, ON
89 Placeholder Avatar Belardo, Alessandro Grand Touring 3 2009Mazda RX8 R3Dave's Garage, Burning Rubber Tire and Speed Mississauga, ON
907 Placeholder Avatar Bennett, Mike Grand Touring 3 2013Scion FR-S Pickering, ON
111 Avatar Image Wong, Kevin Grand Touring 3 2004Honda S2000Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy Scarborough, ON
105 Placeholder Avatar Bienkowski, Pawel Grand Touring 4 1997BMW 328i Toronto, ON
407 Avatar Image Wrightman, Matt Grand Touring 4 2004Hyundai Tiburon Barrie, ON
65 Placeholder Avatar Szvercsok, Denes Modified 1 2003Honda SiR Oro Medonte, ON
1 Placeholder Avatar Deneka, Stephen Super Grand Touring 1 2004Subaru Impreza STiCASLUBE, CanJam Motorsports, Toyo Tires Georgetown, ON
940 Placeholder Avatar Patterson, Dale Super Grand Touring 2 2000Pontiac Trans Am
170 Placeholder Avatar St Cyr, Daniel Super Grand Touring 3 2017Ford Mustang GT 350 Brampton, ON
97 Avatar Image Carvalho, Gerry Touring 2 1999Volkswagen PassatBadGer Racing Prince Albert, ON
88 Avatar Image Harris, Mael Touring 3 2001Saab 9-5 Aero¯\_(ツ)_/¯ more than you can afford, pal Guelph, ON
71 Placeholder Avatar Tomlinson, Simon UnDecided 2003Volkswagen RBluesun Oakville, ON
911 Placeholder Avatar Usborne, Brock Unknown 2004Subaru STiCanJam, CasLube. Cookstown, ON

Class Totals: Modified 1: 1, Super Grand Touring 1: 1, Super Grand Touring 2: 1, Super Grand Touring 3: 1, Grand Touring 1: 3, Grand Touring 2: 1, Grand Touring 3: 3, Grand Touring 4: 2, Touring 2: 1, Touring 3: 1, Unknown: 1, UnDecided: 1

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