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Attendee List

POC Triple Crown Event @ Auto Club Speedway

Porsche Owners Club

Friday, Sep 4 — Sunday, Sep 6, 2020

Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

Cup Racing  57 entries

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Cup Race Red   30 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
77 Avatar Image Baron, Doug GT1 2019Porsche GT3 MR911 Design/Camp Kesem/Disabled Sports Pacific Palisades, CA
8 Avatar Image Beggs, Loren GT1 2017Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup Car911 Design Montclair, CA
248 Avatar Image Benade, Eben GT1 2003Porsche Turbo CupVision Motorsports/ IED Group Trabuco Canyon, CA
85 Placeholder Avatar Dalrymple, Robbert GT1 2013Porsche GT3 R
271 Avatar Image Davis, Dan GT1 2003Porsche GT2 TURBOCBC FOR PROFITS, INC LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA
912 Avatar Image Fan, Joseph GT1 2017Porsche GT3-R911 Design Newport Beach, CA
290 Placeholder Avatar Haacker, Tom GT1 Porsche 991.2PMG Awareness Santa Ana, CA
667 Avatar Image Mueller, Tom GT1 2017Porsche Porsche GT3RVali Motorsports Manhattan Beach, CA
0 Avatar Image Olberz, Eric GT1 2016Porsche GT3 R Bel Air, CA
158 Placeholder Avatar Earon, Bill GT2 Porsche 911 GT3 997 CupMass Film Fund Cohasset, MA
87 Avatar Image Monsalve, Mike GT2 Porsche GT3 CupProAudioLand.com / Monsalve Motorsports, LLC Torrance, CA
897 Placeholder Avatar Armstrong, John GT3 2004Porsche GT3 Malibu, CA
717 Placeholder Avatar Booth, Geoffrey GT3 2003Porsche 996 turbo Woodland Hills, CA
125 Avatar Image Buck, James GT3 2003Porsche 996Cape Auto Flat Six, Inc. Mission Viejo, CA
314 Avatar Image Harmon, Kent GT3 2011Porsche Cayman S Oceanside, CA
176 Avatar Image Johnson, Nathan GT3 2004Porsche BoxsterAlways Evolving / Speed Gallery Sunset Beach, CA
506 Avatar Image Meeker, George GT3 2000Porsche BoxsterVision Motorsports Dana Point, CA
763 Avatar Image Moore, Darin GT3 2002Porsche TurboSunset Mortgage Laguna Beach, CA
15 Avatar Image Salehi, Bayan GT3 1999Porsche 996 San Diego, CA
52 Avatar Image Selby, Duane GT3 2007Porsche Cayman SVision Motorsports San Clemente, CA
313 Avatar Image Smith, Geary GT3 1971Porsche 914-6 Los Alamitos, CA
24 Avatar Image Yochum, Richard GT3 2016Porsche GT4 Club Sport Alta Loma, CA
420 Avatar Image Adams, Mark GT4 2007Porsche GT3 CupEvolv Cannabis Long beach, CA
477 Avatar Image Hollander, Matthew GT4 2001Porsche Boxster S Scottsdale, AZ
100 Placeholder Avatar Predescu, Ana GT4 1999Porsche 996 Riverside, CA
758 Placeholder Avatar Roesner, Lee GT4 1983Porsche 911Mladen Buntich Const., Zefiro Monrovia, CA
987 Avatar Image Salzer, Jim GT4 2011Porsche Cayman SVision Motorsports Trabuco Canyon, CA
999 Avatar Image Tasic, Aleksandar GT4 2012Porsche Cayman R San Diego, CA
822 Avatar Image Town, Steve GT4 2004Porsche 996 - Slicks Laguna Niguel, CA
460 Placeholder Avatar Persico, Charlie Prototype 2016Ginetta G57Vali Motorsports Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Class Totals: GT1: 9, GT2: 2, GT3: 11, GT4: 7, Prototype: 1

Cup Race Orange   27 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
26 Avatar Image Craig, Scott Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxter Santee, CA
183 Placeholder Avatar Crickenberger, Justin Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster SUNNYVALE, CA
911 Avatar Image Kolbe, Marc Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Hidden Hills, CA
318 Avatar Image Kovac, Branimir Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BSRLucy, Ivana, & Petar Claremont, CA
71 Avatar Image Matas, Josh Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Nashville, TN
301 Avatar Image Mcloughlin, Jim Boxster Spec 1998Porsche BoxsterCatalina Design Group Carlsbad, CA
96 Avatar Image Momeyer, John Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterPrecision Motion Phoenix, AZ
917 Avatar Image Moore, Ryan D Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterSunset Mortgage San Diego, CA
369 Avatar Image Pendleton, Robert Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Carlsbad, CA
510 Avatar Image Sjulin, Brandon Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BSR Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
9 Avatar Image Weyman, Andrew Boxster Spec 1997Porsche Boxster Malibu, CA
868 Avatar Image Wiederholt, Joe Boxster Spec 1997Porsche Boxster San Diego, CA
3 Placeholder Avatar Alarcon, Steven Carrera Spec 1980Porsche 911 SCSuspension Specialties Torrance, CA
197 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Paul Carrera Spec 1985Porsche 911n/a Encinitas, CA
178 Placeholder Avatar Buwalda, Vern Carrera Spec 1986Porsche 911 LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA
697 Placeholder Avatar Heldman, John Carrera Spec 1983Porsche carrera Laguna Niguel, CA
14 Placeholder Avatar Steedman, Jim Carrera Spec Porsche 911Navcon Engineering _ GAS Motorsports Fullerton, CA
12 Placeholder Avatar Takaki, Michael Carrera Spec 1984Porsche 911 Torrance, CA
563 Placeholder Avatar Thacker, Robert Carrera Spec 1985Porsche Carrera Dana Point, CA
79 Placeholder Avatar Waterhouse, Drew Carrera Spec 1984Porsche 911 San Clemente, CA
79 Placeholder Avatar Waterhouse, Kenneth Carrera Spec 1984Porsche 911 Palm Desert, CA
266 Avatar Image Haase, Larry GT5 1986Porsche 944 TurboWoodcrest Engineering Riverside, CA
612 Placeholder Avatar Marcy, Will GT5 1987Porsche 911 Tujunga, CA
707 Avatar Image Matz, Donald GT5 1979Porsche 911scThornberg & Forester Claremont, CA
706 Avatar Image Matz, Scott GT5 1979Porsche 911scThornberg & Forester Jersey City, NJ
713 Placeholder Avatar Bergum, Randy GT7 1988Porsche 944 Gilbert, AZ
990 Placeholder Avatar Gum, Glenwood GT7 1984Porsche 944Precision Motion, Riverside, CA Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Class Totals: Boxster Spec: 12, Carrera Spec: 9, GT5: 4, GT7: 2

Time Trials - Open Passing  22 entries
Time Trial   12 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
930 Avatar Image Forrester, Robert Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Corona Del Mar, CA
813 Placeholder Avatar Hinduja, Kunal Boxster Spec 1998Porsche Boxster Orange, CA
926 Placeholder Avatar Bernath, Jeremy GT4 2009Porsche Carrera 4S Chino, CA
335 Avatar Image Silverstein, Joel GT4 1999Porsche 996DMG Custom Print and mail Fit 4 the cause Thousand Oaks , CA
263 Avatar Image Buckholz, Dave GT5 1996Porsche 993 Newport Beach, CA
262 Placeholder Avatar Buckholz, Vanis GT5 1998Porsche Boxster newport beach, CA
429 Avatar Image Walsh, Eric GT5 2003Honda S2000Group A Motoring LONG BEACH, CA
688 Avatar Image Gartland, Bob Modified 3 Porsche GT3RS Manhattan Beach, CA
996 Placeholder Avatar Jeong, Erwin Modified 3 2004Porsche GT3 Manhattan Beach, CA
601 Placeholder Avatar Orton, Glenn Modified 3 2007Porsche GT3 Arcadia, CA
530 Placeholder Avatar Williams, Mark Modified 3 2012Porsche C2S Camarillo, CA
130 Avatar Image Sorrels, Ronald Stock 4 2000Porsche Carrera Grand Terrace, Ca

Class Totals: Stock 4: 1, Modified 3: 4, Boxster Spec: 2, GT4: 2, GT5: 3

Garage - Auto Club  57 entries
# Name Hometown
19 Placeholder Avatar Alarcon, Steven Torrance, CA
22 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Paul Encinitas, CA
35 Avatar Image Baron, Doug Pacific Palisades, CA
38 Avatar Image Beggs, Loren Montclair, CA
64 Avatar Image Benade, Eben Trabuco Canyon, CA
5 Avatar Image Buck, James Mission Viejo, CA
25 Placeholder Avatar Buwalda, Vern LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA
3 Avatar Image Carroll, Dallas Los Angeles, CA
15 Avatar Image Chang, Robert Chino Hills, CA
60 Avatar Image Craig, Scott Santee, CA
75 Placeholder Avatar Crickenberger, Justin SUNNYVALE, CA
34 Placeholder Avatar Dalrymple, Robbert
65 Avatar Image Davis, Dan LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA
40 Placeholder Avatar Earon, Bill Cohasset, MA
39 Avatar Image Fan, Joseph Newport Beach, CA
66 Avatar Image Forrester, Robert Corona Del Mar, CA
56 Placeholder Avatar Gum, Glenwood Rancho Cucamonga, CA
58 Placeholder Avatar Gussman, Frank Arroyo Grande, CA
52 Placeholder Avatar Guttman, Aaron Thousand Oaks, CA
31 Placeholder Avatar Haacker, Tom Santa Ana, CA
57 Avatar Image Haase, Larry Riverside, CA
36 Avatar Image Harmon, Kent Oceanside, CA
48 Avatar Image Hazari, Vivek Porter Ranch, CA
21 Placeholder Avatar Heldman, John Laguna Niguel, CA
46 Placeholder Avatar Hinduja, Kunal Orange, CA
33 Placeholder Avatar Hnatiuk, Keith Encinitas, CA
71 Avatar Image Hollander, Matthew Scottsdale, AZ
17 Placeholder Avatar Hong, Brian Los Angeles, CA
74 Avatar Image Johnson, Nathan Sunset Beach, CA
80 Avatar Image Keator, David Trabuco Canyon, CA
18 Avatar Image Khurana, Rajat Irvine, CA
72 Avatar Image Kolbe, Marc Hidden Hills, CA
10 Avatar Image Matas, Josh Nashville, TN
43 Avatar Image McElvany, Travis San Diego, CA
26 Avatar Image Meeker, George Dana Point, CA
59 Avatar Image Momeyer, John Phoenix, AZ
68 Avatar Image Moore, Darin Laguna Beach, CA
45 Avatar Image Noble, William Santa Monica, CA
37 Placeholder Avatar Orton, Glenn Arcadia, CA
1 Avatar Image Salehi, Bayan San Diego, CA
69 Avatar Image Salzer, Jim Trabuco Canyon, CA
62 Avatar Image Salzer, Jim Trabuco Canyon, CA
32 Avatar Image Sechrest, Kevin Leucadia, CA
63 Avatar Image Selby, Duane San Clemente, CA
73 Avatar Image Sjulin, Brandon Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
49 Avatar Image Smith, Geary Los Alamitos, CA
20 Placeholder Avatar Steedman, Jim Fullerton, CA
55 Placeholder Avatar Stone, Roy Riverside, CA
27 Placeholder Avatar Takaki, Michael Torrance, CA
23 Placeholder Avatar Thacker, Robert Dana Point, CA
67 Avatar Image Town, Steve Laguna Niguel, CA
50 Placeholder Avatar Vega, Glenn Los Angeles, CA
30 Placeholder Avatar Volder, Douglas Tucson, AZ
24 Placeholder Avatar Waterhouse, Kenneth Palm Desert, CA
61 Avatar Image Weisenberg, Lucas Orange, CA
51 Avatar Image Yochum, Richard Alta Loma, CA
16 Placeholder Avatar Zwyer, Mel Valencia, CA
PDS - Point-By-Passing  36 entries
PDS (Point-By-Passing)   21 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
185 Placeholder Avatar Guttman, Aaron Boxster Spec 1998Porsche BoxsterKoncept Motorsports Thousand Oaks, CA
229 Placeholder Avatar Duval, Clark GT4 Porsche 911 Bell Canyon, CA
179 Placeholder Avatar Allen, David Modified 3 2016Porsche Gt4Koncept Motorwurks Agoura Hills, CA
272 Avatar Image Keator, David Modified 3 2004Porsche 911 Turbo Trabuco Canyon, CA
939 Avatar Image Yanoschak Jr, Michael Modified 3 2008Ferrari f430 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
571 Placeholder Avatar Lyon, William Modified 6 1957Porsche 356 Speedster Newport Beach, CA
914 Avatar Image McCabe, Patrick Modified 7 1971Porsche 914-4 Ladera Ranch, CA
243 Placeholder Avatar Chavez, James Stock 1 2019Porsche GT3RS Ladera Ranch, CA
737 Placeholder Avatar Stafford, Matt Stock 2 2015Chevrolet corvette Trabuco Canyon, CA
704 Avatar Image Abrahms, Adam Stock 3 2017Porsche 911 Turbo Santa Monica, CA
458 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Mike Stock 3 2020Porsche Carrera S Newport Coast, CA
699 Avatar Image Khurana, Rajat Stock 3 2018Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet Irvine, CA
225 Placeholder Avatar Watts, Alan Stock 3 2018Porsche 911 GTS San Clemente, Ca
708 Placeholder Avatar Giacomazzi, Mickey Stock 4 2001Porsche 996 Malibu, CA
152 Avatar Image Hazari, Vivek Stock 4 2017Porsche 718 Cayman SNone Porter Ranch, CA
138 Placeholder Avatar Lemon, Joel Stock 4 2005Porsche 911S Santee, CA
900 Avatar Image Murdock, Russell Stock 4 2011Porsche Cayman S Huntington Beach, CA
246 Avatar Image Puleo, Mark Stock 4 2018Porsche 911 Valencia, CA
111 Placeholder Avatar Ross, Daniel Stock 4 2015Porsche Cayman S Costa Mesa, CA
797 Placeholder Avatar Vega, Glenn Stock 4 2004Porsche Carrera Los Angeles, CA
11 Placeholder Avatar Airth, Walter Stock 6 1971Porsche 911 Seal Beach, CA

Class Totals: Stock 1: 1, Stock 2: 1, Stock 3: 4, Stock 4: 7, Stock 6: 1, Modified 3: 3, Boxster Spec: 1, Modified 6: 1, Modified 7: 1, GT4: 1

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