18 entries
Name Status Class Vehicle Hometown Sponsor
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Jason Anderson
ConfirmedStreet CarWARREN, PA
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Chad Barnhart
ConfirmedStreet CarJohnstown, PA
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Joey Bojalad
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarSewickley, PA Farzo Motorsports
Daniel Butor
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarWexford, PA
Bill Childers
ConfirmedStreet CarWheeling, WV
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Sean Garrett
ConfirmedStreet CarPittsburgh, PAMy wife
Jonathan Hottenstein
ConfirmedStreet Carpittsburgh , pa
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Chris Longo
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarVerona, PAMGBClassics
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Douglas Lowden
ConfirmedStreet CarCORAOPOLIS, PA
Douglas McBride
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarBeaver Falls, PA
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Andrew Moore
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarPittsburgh, PA
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James Nova
ConfirmedStreet CarPittsburgh, PA
Eric Pete
ConfirmedStreet CarPittsburgh, PA
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Craig Seifert
ConfirmedRace Prepared CarOakdale, PAS and M Motorsports
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Matthew Smith
ConfirmedStreet CarFreedom, PA
Richard Venturella
ConfirmedStreet CarOil City, PA
Wes Wagner
ConfirmedStreet CarCoraopolis, PA
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Adam West
ConfirmedStreet CarPittsburgh, PA
Class totals: Race Prepared Car: 6Street Car: 12
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