Gateway Kartplex announces Ignite Race #4 and #5 Saturday, July 11, 2020 attendees at Gateway Kartplex, Madison, IL 62060 (2087) > Attendees |

Attendee List

Ignite Race #4 and #5

Gateway Kartplex

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Gateway Kartplex, Madison, IL

Member 1st Class  19 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Avatar Image Baltz, Nolan 2020Margay Kart K3 Saint Louis, MO
Avatar Image Buchanan, Zach 2018Margay Ignite K3A lot of them Wapakoneta, --
Avatar Image Eggemeyer, Trevor 2020Margay K3 Troy, IL
Avatar Image Elders, Owen Margay Kart Arnold, MO
Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Tyler Margay Kart Columbia, IL
Placeholder Avatar Kuhn, Mason 2020Margay Kart Ignites K2 Saint Louis, MO
Avatar Image Larson, Cooper 2019Margay Kart Ignite Overland Park, KS
Avatar Image Larson, Davin 2019Margay Kart Ignite K3Star Performance Overland Park, KS
Placeholder Avatar Lauer, Brenden 2019Margay Kart Ignite K3 Saint Charles, MO
Placeholder Avatar Loddeke, Craig 2019Margay Kart Breese, IL
Placeholder Avatar Loddeke, Eric Margay Kart Aviston, IL
Placeholder Avatar Mayer, Gus 2020Margay Kart K2 Eureka, MO
Placeholder Avatar Mayer, Jack Margay Kart Wildcat Kid Kart Eureka, MO
Avatar Image Mefford, Greg 2018Margay Kart K3Rebel Yell Bourbon Glen Carbon, IL
Avatar Image Riddle, Carter "green machine" 2019Margay K2 Dean Team Arnold, MO
Placeholder Avatar Stroud, Tyler 2016Margay Kart Ignite K3 Wentzville, MO
Avatar Image Sweeney, Reid 2018Margay Kart Ignite Saint Louis, MO
Placeholder Avatar Wells, Isaac 2019Margay Kart K3Mom and Dad Eureka, MO
Avatar Image Worley, Davis 2020Margay K3 Webster Groves, MO
Non-Member 1st Class  1 entries
Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Schmidt, Ethan Margay Kart Wildcat Kid Kart Weldon Spring, MO

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