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Event Requirements

Registration closed March 25, 2019 11:59 PM on March 25, 2019 11:59 PM PDT Registration ends March 25, 2019 11:59 PM on March 25, 2019 11:59 PM PDT Registration opens February 16, 2019 9:00 AM on February 16, 2019 9:00 AM PST Registration runs from February 16, 2019 9:00 AM to March 25, 2019 11:59 PM

Note: All Drivers must be at least 18 years of age. No minors are allowed per PCA rules.

Prior Experience:  Time Trial participants without a PCA Zone 8 Solo Permit, issued by SDR, or a POC Time Trial/Attack License must have completed at least 8 Autocross and/or DE and/or Driving School/PDS days or equivalent over the past 24 months.  If you do not have one of the above Zone 8 or POC credentials you should e-mail your driving event history, including performance driving dates, locations, event types, and name of group organizing the event, to the Registrar immediately after registering.

All non-credentialed drivers will be required to have an Instructor.  Also please note that there are clothing requirements and an approved Snell helmet is required.  Please contact the Registrar at least 2 weeks prior to the event for information on helmet rental if needed.  TT Students without Zone 8 Student Log Books:  please check the appropriate box to order one when you register.

Classify your car:  All participants, including POC drivers, must accurately classify their car using the 2019 Zone 8 Rules before going on to register for this event.  Even though POC drivers will get event credit in their POC classes, proper PCA classification is necessary in order to pass the required PCA tech inspection for this event.  If you plan to drive a Porsche in the event that was originally produced for the street, you must classify using the following website (even if you wish to run that Porsche in non-competitive X Class):  http://zone8.pca.org/CarClass/Default.aspxIf you had previously entered your car info and determined your class in 2018 or earlier and have made no changes to your car you must still revisit the above website and click through the edit process in order for the site to recalculate properly for 2019.  For detailed instructions see http://tech.pcasdr.org/files/RegisteringPorscheAndDriverOnTheZ8Site.pdf.  Note the resulting point totals and Zone 8 Class and enter them when you register.  If you are registering to drive in a higher class than what the classification system determines to be your actual class, you must check the box that states that you are upclassing.  Non-Porsches (which must run in X class), or Porsches not originally produced for street use, must use the following spreadsheet to determine Performance Equipment points:  http://www.zone8.org/assets/docs/DE_TTSafetyEquipCalculator.xlsx.  Note the Performance Equipment point total and enter it when you register.  You must use the appropriate version of the above for your car BEFORE you click   Continue   below and begin to register as you are required to accurately input the resulting information as part of the registration process. 

Registrations are taken first-come, first served WHEN COMPLETE.  A partially complete registration on MotorsportReg.com, or incomplete or prior entry that has not been updated for 2019 on the Zone 8 classification website has no standing.  Your registration is not considered complete until all requested info has been provided and your Porsche has been properly entered on the Zone 8 classification website, or your non-Porsche has been entered into the spreadsheet linked above.  If space is still available when your registration is complete but a price increase has occurred you will be required to pay the higher price.

You must respond in a timely fashion to any electronic requests you receive for information needed in order to process your registration.  If you do not, your registration is subject to cancellation.

Pre-tech is Strongly Encouraged!  Please try to take your car in for service and have it thoroughly inspected prior to this event.  With three full days of driving on a super speedway, you will want to be safe and have your car make it through the weekend.  Plus you'll want to be certain that, before you leave for the track, you and your car have any required safety equipment (Stock and Street Stock coupes generally need no additional safety equipment, but see the Rules link below to be sure that you qualify).  All entrants pre-teching must present a current PCA Zone 8 Tech Inspection Form with name, address, phone, emergency contact info, car, class, etc. to a qualified tech inspection shop.  The form can be found at http://www.pcasdr.org/misc/ax/AXRegForm.pdf The easiest way to generate the current, correct form for a Porsche is directly from the classification site listed above.  Once your car is accurately entered, click on "Car Info PDF".  Fill in all fields that are not pre-filled, then print and sign.  Non-Porsches may use the form at:  http://www.zone8.org/assets/docs/SampleTechFormZ8.pdfThe tech form must have a date in the lower right corner of at least Dec 17, 2018.  Do not use any older form as only the most recent form will be accepted and if you bring the wrong form you will need to re-tech at the track.  Cars inspected by shops not personally known to the Registrar are subject to random on-site re-inspection.  If you do not properly pre-tech you will be required to pass an on-site tech inspection at the track.

This is a Zone 8 event and it will run under PCA Zone 8 Driving Rules for 2019 which can be found here: http://www.zone8.org/assets/docs/2019/2019Z8Rules.pdf.

If there are any changes to your registration data after the online registration deadline, you need to notify the Registrar by the day of the event BEFORE the first run session.  If you know you will have a change after you sign up, it is greatly appreciated if the information can be provided to the Registrar by the Friday prior to the event.  Doing this will save you time at the track.

Transponders:  If you have an AMB/MYLAPS Transponder and thus elect not to rent one, you must be sure you've entered the serial number in the vehicle profile for the car you will be using for this event at the time you register (click the “My Account” tab in the Dashboard, then click "edit" next to the vehicle with which you will use the Transponder at this event, enter the Transponder Number in the appropriate box, then click "Save Vehicle" at the bottom of the page).  If you don't have a Transponder, they are available for rent (be sure to check the "Transponder Rental" box on the next page) and you must have a Transponder that is on and functioning at all times to drive in the Time Trial.  Alternatively you may borrow one from someone who is NOT participating in the event, or purchase your own.  If you utilize one of these alternatives you must provide the serial number by one week prior to the event. Usage of only a single Transponder is preferred for those sharing a car. Rental transponders MUST be returned by 4 pm on Sunday March 31. Any transponder not returned will be assessed a fee of $25 per day until it is returned up to a maximum of $750 which will be charged if the transponder is not returned by April 20, 2019. 

Car Numbers:  If you do not have a PCA-SDR TT car number already assigned, please be sure you have 3 choices of three-digit number preferences in the profile for the car you will drive at the event in the Preferred Numbers fields.  POC members, please make the first Preferred Number your POC car number.  If not being used by a regular PCA participant, we will assign you that number.  Otherwise we will assign you that number with a 1 or 7 before and/or after it so that any numbers you currently have on the car can be temporarily amended with tape.  Number assignments will be confirmed via e-mail by two weeks prior to the event.  Note:  As of 2016, car numbers are now required on the rear, in addition to both sides, of all vehicles participating in a Time Trial.  Please see the Rules link above for number specs.

Waivers:  All entrants and guests shall be required to sign the PCA waiver upon registering at the track.  This is in addition to any waiver that the track itself may require you to sign.

Cancelation Policy:  All cancelations for registrations paid by credit card are subject to the retention of a 5% fee to cover processing costs.  After March 18, 2019 all refund requests are subject to a $100 cancelation fee.  Shirt purchases are non-refundable.  The Registrar must receive the refund request by e-mail by March 25, 2019 at 5:00 pm.  No refunds if requested after March 25, 2019.  Refund requests will be processed following the event and refunds made by check.  Requests should be directed to:  TTRegistrar@CalFestival.org.

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When you click   Continue   below you will be taken to the actual registration page.  Please be sure you have read everything above as well as on the prior page first, and that you have performed the required tasks.  Please take your time when filling out the registration form.  Read each question carefully, including the explanation immediately below it, in order to minimize the need to contact you to correct mistakes and risk losing your standing.  You are better off taking a little longer to register correctly than going too fast and making a mistake.  Festival management appreciates your help!

Registration closed March 25, 2019 11:59 PM at March 25, 2019 11:59 PM PDT

Registration closed

Registration opens February 16, 2019 9:00 AM at February 16, 2019 9:00 AM PST

Registration closed

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