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POC Autocross Championship Series - April 26, 2020

Event Requirements

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Autocross Experience:

No prior experience required.

Instructors (provided by POC) are required for drivers with less than five Autocross events.

Instructors or a check ride may also be required for experienced drivers new to POC AX events. 

Tech Inspection:

All entrants must bring a completed and signed Driver Tech Form to the Tech Inspection Team at the event.



2020 Car Classifications:

NEW CAR CLASSES FOR ALL CARS!  There are no more "X" cars, now all car brands are classed using the same rules.

Specific Rules are in the POC General Competition Rules (GCR's)   POC - GCR's

Below is a brief description of the Classes (1-7) and 4 Categories (Novice, Stock, Modified and GT):

CLASSES (You do not need to determine Class if you're in the Novice Category however you are still required to enter your car's bhp, weight, fuel capacity and tire tread wear rating)

Female drivers are welcome to use the Ladies version of these classes.

The base class is numerical (1-7) and is set using the estimated "Power to Weight" ratio for your car and the tire treadwear rating (UTQG). Information for your car is available at https://www.encycarpedia.com/us/  You will need (1) Maximum Power Output (bhp), (2) Curb Weight (lbs), and (3) Fuel Tank Capacity (US Gallons). Now go to the POC Class Calculator https://results.porscheclub.com/calculator and enter these three values in the list at the left.

Note - There is a "Base Class" for all Porsche models in Table 29.2 of the POC GCR's and some are listed on the right-side-column in the POC Class Calculator. If your car is not listed then you can enter the information manually which is available on https://www.encycarpedia.com/us/

Now look at the bottom left and you will see "Tire Type". This is broken into 4 columns by Tire Treadwear Rating.  Under your Tire Treadwear you will see your Base Class Number, it will be a number from 1-7.

Once the “Base Class” is identified then you can determine the Category.  These designations are Novice, S1–S7 for Stock category cars, M1–M7 for Modified category cars, and GT1 - GT7 for GT category cars.


NOVICE - Any first time competitor can be in Novice and stay there for up to 6 events.  After 6 events you must go to a Stock, Modified or GT Class. If you leave Novice to drive in a different class then you cannot return to Novice. 

STOCK - A car that is driven on the street and has minimum to no performance modifications.  Tires must have a UTQG treadwear rating of 200 or greater.  See POC GCR Section 15 for specific requirements.

MODIFIED - All factory GT cars (Porsche GT2, GT3, GT4, BMW "M" models, Corvette "Z" and "GS", etc) are not eligible for Stock category and begin as Modified class cars.  Tires have a UTQG treadwear rating of 199 - 100.  Car must have all major interior components in place (i.e., seats, dash, fixed carpet, headliner, door panels and rear seat bases (unless removed to facilitate installation of safety equipment); if any of these are missing then the car will move to the GT Category.  See POC GCR Section 16 for specific requirements.

GT - Tires have a UTQG treadwear rating of 99 or less (specific to Autocross). Major components have been removed. Determined by a "Power to Weight" ratio and Appendix D.  See POC GCR Sections 20 and 21 for specific requirements.  

Car Numbers:

Car Numbers are automatically assigned when you register. This number will be your Car Number for use at all POC Autocross events.  To download printable numbers, click here.

Competition Rules:

Porsche Owners Club - General Competition Rules can be found HERE.

All drivers and guest's including minors, are required to sign both the POC Waiver & El Toro track waiver.


 - Cancellation policy: If Cancellation is received on-line by 11:59 PM the Tuesday prior to the event, you will not be charged; cancellations received Wednesday through Friday before event will be charged a $20 late cancellation fee.  All Cancellations, including late cancellations, need to be done through motorsportsreg.com This is a rain or shine event. 



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