Reinforcements Arrive SCDE requirements on Jul 18, 2021 (841512) |

This event is over! Can we show you some more events nearby?

Reinforcements Arrive SCDE

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Jul 4, 2021. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Drivers must download and fill out the Tech Sheet and bring it to the event.  Drivers should read the  M4theM SCDE 2020 1.51 Rules.   In addition, you should download and fill out all waivers in advance. Tech Sheets and the rulebook can be found in the red boxes found HERE  FOr this event, all waivers are supplied by Summit Point at the entry gate so no need to download them.  (right click and open in new tab to stay in MS.Reg as well)

Drivers must have a valid driver's license. 

Drivers must have a helmet in good repair that fits their head properly.  DOT motorcycle approved at minimum.  SNELL M or SA helmets are preferred.  There are no date limits on SNELL helmets but the helmet must be in good repair.  Please contact the event organizer if you do not have such an appropriate helmet. 

Riders are allowed with solo certified competitors but must have signed the waiver, be previously in close contact with the driver during the Covid crisis (co-worker/family member etc.),  and must be able to be properly restrained in the vehicle and wear a helmet. 

Drivers must bring a completed Tech Form to the tech tent.  Convertibles must have at minimum, factory rollover protection at this venue.

While you are free to drive any tires you want, we urge serious AutoX competitors to not bring their competition tires as a half-day of SCDE is the equivalent of an entire season of AutoX.  If you have higher treadwear tires, we strongly recommend them for these events.

No loose or torn clothing. 

No open-toe or high-heeled shoes.

Registration closed