TRSS Coach/Vol SignUp - October 10, 2020 CANCELLED requirements on Oct 10, 2020 (573417) |

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TRSS Coach/Vol SignUp - October 10, 2020 CANCELLED

Event Requirements 1

This event was cancelled Sep 23, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

In-car Coaches:

Should have at least 3 year of Autocross, High Performance driving event, or racing experience. In addition, instructors need to feel comfortable working with novice teen drivers.  This means you should be capable of interacting with teens and helping them get the most out of their experience. 


In-car coaches are required to complete the TRSS online training course.

Here's the link to the most current course:

If you've already completed the training in prior years, you do not need to do it again.  

Only those who have not completed the training course previously or are first time In-Car Coaches need to take this training course.

NOTE:  You can take the course as many times as you need in order to become familiar with the course content.

Once completed, please e-mail your certificate to:  Andrej Balanc at


Volunteer Staff:

Help set up traffic cones used in the driving exercises, assist with registration, set up for lunch, make sure we stay on schedule throughout the day, etc.  Anyone who has an interest in helping with the variety of tasks we need to accomplish throughout the day is welcome to sign up as a volunteer.

Volunteers do NOT need to take the on-line training course, but you are encouraged to do so in order to learn what and how we are training the students.

Registration closed