Autobahn Country Club Windy City BMW HPDE 2020 requirements on May 15, 2020 (482326) |

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Autobahn Country Club Windy City BMW HPDE 2020

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Apr 8, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Required items to bring with you when signing in at registration

  • Filled out Medical form.
  • Completed Tech Inspection form.
  • Helmet to be checked.
  • Must be 18 years of age at the time of the event. 

Click here: Windy City BMW Club Medical Form

Required items for 2 driver cars

  • Filled out Medical form for both drivers.
  • Only one completed Tech Inspection form will be required.
  • 2nd helmet to be checked if the multiple helmets are going to used.
  • 2nd Driver information must be emailed to

Vehicle Technical Inspection

BMW CCA HPDE regulations no longer allow chapters to sponsor pre technical inspections for track events. The tech sheet is required to be signed by the inspector and the participant and handed in at registration. You can take your car to be inspected at your dealership or your favorite independent shop. As a courtesy, we have arranged for two of the independent shops who in the past have sponsored our pre-tech inspections to provide that service. You must call for an appointment (no drop-ins!), the charge is $30 and as with all prior track event pre-techs the participant accepts all liability. The shops are 7th Gear Auto Repair at 501 Morse Ave in Schaumburg (224-659-3461) and Rauch Autocare at 855 Skokie Highway in Lake Bluff, (847-235-2204).

Complete the inspection no earlier than 4 weeks prior and not later than 2 weeks prior to the event to allow time for corrections to be performed on your vehicle if required. 


Track Damages
You will be held personally responsible for damages to the track that may occur. For example, if you spill oil on the track, damage a tire wall or concrete barrier, Autobahn Country Club will bill Windy City BMW CCA for these damages. We will, in turn, ask you to reimburse us for this cost. This applies to any charges incurred for the use of tow trucks or ambulance above what we have agreed to in our contract with Autobahn Country Club for the event.

Helmets must be Snell 2010 or later.  SA- and M- ratings are both acceptable. 

Cabriolets (convertibles)

  • Convertibles must have SCCA type rollover protection and hardtops.
  • Please email for prior approval.

Race Prepped Cars

  • All cars must have 2 seats. If you arrive in a car without 2 seats you will not be able to participate and there will be no refund.
  • All student cars must have equal restraints for instructor and driver.
  • Working mufflers are required.

Recommended Items to bring with you to the track

  • It is “Recommended” to have an additional set of front and rear brake pads.
  • Read or review the "High-Performance Drivers Manual

Click here: High-Performance Drivers Manual

Registration packets for the HPDE Event

Saturday Dinner at Autobahn Country Club Event

This year we will meet at Syl's Chophouse at 829 Moen Ave, Rockdale, IL. After the day of driving, come at your leisure to socialize. We have a room reserved for dinner from 6:30 until the restaurant closes at 10:00 pm. Pick one from the menu below or select starters/salads/desserts/drinks you may want from their full menu. The wait staff will give you an individual meal bill. You are responsible for tips and taxes. If coming to dinner, please give us your anticipated menu choice so the restaurant can more easily prepare for our group size and foods required. We hope to see you there.

Please remember, the Windy City BMW Chapter members who organize and run this event do so as volunteers!

Windy City BMW would like to thank the following sponsors for this event:



Registration closed