New York Region PSCC Autocross #1.23 requirements on Apr 23, 2023 (430100) |

This event is over! Can we show you some more events nearby?

New York Region PSCC Autocross #1.23

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Apr 21, 2023. Can we show you some more events nearby?

All entrants must present a valid state drivers license at check in.

Seat belts and helmets are mandatory per the SCCA Solo Rulebook.  
All cars must be muffled. 

 You will be emailed a tech sheet before the event. Please bring this with you. You will sign it confirming your car is safe for autocross.  If you do not know , please see you mechanic. We cannot do a complete car inspection at the site.  Before showing up at the event, please check that your battery is being held down securely, your tires are set to proper pressures , and that any loose items have been removed from your car.

In cases where a vehicle is not permitted to compete due to failing tech inspection, a 100% refund of entry fees will be provided at the event site.

Food is not provided by the club. 

Our Car numbers are unique for the event. not per class. PSCC members have preference on numbers. If  the number you want is not available, try picking on in the 7xx range. 1xx numbers are reserved for co-drivers.

Registration closed