Thu, Aug 3, 2023

ZCCA ZCON 2023 Southern California Motorsports

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

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Welcome to ZCON 2023 Ontario, California Motorsports Events!

Get ready for an amazing three days of driving events that will allow you to learn to pilot your Z on a world famous race track, autocross course, scaled HPDE track and drift course.  You will undoubtedly advance your skills and get a feel of what it was like in the glory days of Datsun/Nissan racing!

Day 1, Thursday 8.3.23:

  • High Speed Driving Event at Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR): The track is 2.5 miles long with 9 challenging turns and approximately 2 hours from the host hotel in Ontario. HPDE, or High-Performance Driver Education, is an opportunity to work with experienced drivers and learn (safely) to drive on a race track.  The day includes a variety of experience-level run-groups (Beginner through Advanced) with emphasis on safety.

  • Drift at the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs: It is a 1-mile (1.6 km) road course with 11 turns featuring major elevation changes, tight turns and canyon-like surroundings.

Day 2, Friday 8.4.23: 

  • Autocross at Irwindale Speedway: Enjoy a spirited Autocross challenge and compete with fellow ZCON participants. Hone your driving skills while maneuvering through a tight/technical coned track set up and managed by Corner-Exit, Southern California’s premier autocross event coordination team! This will be your opportunity to test those suspensions and tires!

  • Drag Racing at the Irwindale Drag Strip: Offers a 1/8th Mile NHRA sanctioned dragstrip with a concrete starting box and featuring a 1/2 mile run-out. Lined with 24 billboards on the south side, the two lanes provide great racing action for the capacity 3,000 grandstand area to the North.

We will be using Motorsportreg to classify and organize students, drivers, cars, instructors and schedules for these events. It is very important you complete this form to help us run smooth, safe and enjoyable events at the motorsports parks.

ZCON registrants must complete a full ZCON 2023 registration at prior to registering here at Motorsportreg.  This is a third party application ( in order to help us organize run-groups, communicate safety regulations and organize students with instructors.

Link to ZCON 2023 Registration:

All instructors registrations must be approved by the organization staff.

Please download and print the full event packet as well as the event venues rules regulations and Information here:

ZCON 2023 Drivers Packet

This packet includes your tech form, medical form, additional waivers, track maps and other information pertaining to the events.

All forms must be completed prior to the events, brought to ZCON Tech Inspection at the host hotel and the day of the event at the respective motorsports parks.  See full event packet link above for more details.  

Questions? Please email the ZCON Motorsports team at ZCCAHPDE@GMAIL.COM

Event requirements

Helmets, Tech Inspection, Waivers and Damages, & Car Classes for Events

For all ZCON MOTORSPORTS EVENTS we accept only SNELL SA 2015 and newer rated helmets.  We DO NOT accept any M rated helmets, nor will we accept Snell rated helmets older than 2015.

All participants' cars must pass a pre-ZCON 2023 vehicle inspection.  The inspection can be performed at any dealer or independent shop with access to a car lift. The Tech form must be completed and signed by the mechanic.  Tech performed by your mechanic should be done no more than 30 days of the event.  Your vehicle also must successfully undergo a second tech inspection the week of ZCON at the host hotel, in order to participate.  Please bring your tech sheets with you to this second tech. Please check the ZCON website for ZCON tech inspection times.  We have a week packed full of motorsports events and our HPDE is on Thursday.  We will be starting tech on Sunday afternoon.  Get ZCON tech done early so it does not interfere with your track time at Willow Springs International Raceway 

All participants, staff, and guests must sign the event insurance waiver at time of check-in.  Everyone will be required to sign the track's waiver.  Wristbands will be issued when the waiver(s) are signed and must be worn at all times while on track property.

Participants are responsible for any and all costs associated with cleanup or repair to the facility caused by their vehicle and must be paid day of event.  Participants are also responsible for damage to other participants vehicles caused by any tech gear or other improperly secured parts.

For more specific information please see the full event packet

HPDE Car Classes

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Instructor

Autocross Classes

The Autocross will be comprised of run groups quantified by number of participants.

For more information on Willow Springs International Raceway Please visit the web site:

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

Rosamond, CA
Download track map
Download track map


HPDE organized by

Z Car Club Association - ZCCA

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