Mon, Jan 22 - Mon, Dec 23, 2024

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Xtreme Xperience Instructors



This registration is for New Instructors only. If you are a participant, please visit out website 


Event requirements

Positions Available

New Instructors must complete the vetting and mentorship process prior to attending an event and meet minimum requirements posted below.                                                                       

New Instructors must review the Handbook: 2024 Handbook Successfuly score a 90% score on our New Instructor Handbook Review Quiz which is open (hand)book!


New Instructors must be vetted prior to being confirmed for an event. For more information on the approval process, please contact ALL Instructors are automatically placed ON HOLD when registering. You are not confirmed for any event until you receive a confirmation email stating so. The number of staff needed to host an event fluctates based on the number of bookings. If you are moved from ON HOLD to WAITLIST CONFIRMED, this means you may be needed, not that you are confirmed. A specific email stating CONFIRMED will be sent out when this happens. This email will contain a confirmation deadline, likely 2 weeks out from the event, and other information.


Position Requirements


Minimum requirements for instructors:

Must be 18 years old and in good health

Up to date physical within the last 3 years

3-5 years of solo track experience or

10+ events instructing with another organization or

3-5 years of competition racing or

5+ years of competitive autocross or

Combination of any of the above

Succesfully score a 90% on our review quiz. Right click and open in new tab/window New Instructor Handbook Review Quiz  open (hand)book! 

MSF Level 1 certification with Motorsports Safety Foundation 

Want to become an Instructor?

Please visit our website and click APPLY NOW by completing the form on the: Instructor resource page if you have not previously submitted your information to us.



Instructor Documents and Resources:

2024 New Instructor ICA  - must be completed before starting the event. If you have questions on how to fill in the document, please reach out to

W9 Blank.pdf - must be completed before starting the event

Instructor Handbook   -  Latest and Greatest Instructor Information

Instructor Company Policies   -  Please read and adhear to

HPDE Instructor Manifesto by Ross Bentley





Xtreme Xperience Home Office

Chicago, IL


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Xtreme Xperience New Instructors

Mon, Jan 22 - Mon, Dec 23, 2024