Fri, Nov 19, 2021

Women's Track Day WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

About this event

Accelerating Change is pleased to bring you a High-Performance Driver Education day at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, powered by Michelin and BMW Motorsports!

Join us for an exciting day of high-performance driving at one of our favorite tracks on the west coast. Bring your car and finally drive it the way it was meant to be driven, develop new skills, make great friends, and have a ton of fun along the way. Enjoy approximately 2-hours of track time! 

This event is open to participants aged 18 and over, to all driving levels (from no track experience to advanced), and to all vehicle marques! Some models, such as high center-of-gravity SUVs, trucks, minivans, or large sedans are not allowed.

Come learn the basics of high-performance driving and racing techniques from world-class professional driving instructors, among a group of women participants. Throughout the day, you’ll form unforgettable memories, while enjoying access to one of the country’s most exciting race tracks. You’ll be guided and coached by two-time professional racing champion Christina Nielsen along with other professional instructors and staff.

Your day includes:

  • Tech inspection to be sure your car Is safely prepared for track driving
  • Drivers’ briefing (mandatory)
  • Light breakfast and lunch
  • Instruction (for beginners/intermediate)
  • Approximately 2-hours of track time (4x 30-minute run-groups) sorted by experience level
  • Post-event social hour

A final schedule will be emailed out a couple of days before the event and the list of run groups will be shown at registration. Plan to arrive at the track early for the mandatory driver's meeting. 

Cost: (includes track time, light breakfast, lunch, social hour, goody bags, a ticket to a drawing, and instruction (unless otherwise selected))

  • Beginner/Intermediate: $560 Early Bird until October 31, 2021
    • Regular: $675
  • Approved Advanced/Solo (no instructor): $399
  • Instructor with Run Group: $280 Early Bird until October 31, 2021
    • Regular: $338

Track Map:

For a map of the track, click here.


This event is open to women 18 years of age or older who have a valid driver’s license. No prior on-track driving experience is required. Both female and male instructors are welcome. All participants, instructors, and guests will be required to sign waivers on-site. 

Participants are welcome to bring non-driving guests. Non-driving guests do not need to be female or possess a valid driver’s license. All participants, including non-driving guests, must be registered in advance; there will be no same-day sign-ups. If the guest-attendance policy changes due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will issue a refund for guest-attendance-related fees.

Instructors will be vetted and approved by the Chief Driving Instructor prior to being confirmed for the event. Accelerating Change reserves the right to approve/decline. Accelerating Change reserves the right to approve/decline participants, instructors, and guests.


Starting about five days prior to the event you will receive a series of emails with track information, recommended attire, optional insurance, and reminders like fueling up before you arrive; schedule for the day, directions, etc. 


If you would like to camp at the track, please contact the facility directly.

Event requirements


Registration is critical -- a priority for instructor allocation and acceptance into this limited event is decided by the date of registration. In the unfortunate event that you register but we do not have an available instructor or place available, you will not be charged for registration or a cancellation fee. Your credit card is not charged at the time of registration. It will be charged on a space-available basis as we confirm you into the event and prior to the event taking place. Registration does not guarantee track time. You must sign all waivers and comply with the rules of the event to qualify.

Advanced registration is mandatory; same-day sign-ups will not be available.

While instructors may be male or female, the invitation to attend as a driver is extended to women-only.

You will be assigned an instructor unless:

  • You update your profile with your track driving experience (i.e. # of events driven, tracks driven, OK-to-Solo and include by whom and when), or
  • You have been signed-off “OK-to-Solo” by the on-site Chief Driving Instructor

Tech Inspections:

You must present a completed Tech Inspection form and a valid driver’s license during the check-in at the track. Here is a link to the Tech Inspection Form - Laguna Seca - 2021-11-19.pdf

Driver Orientation

All drivers are required to attend the mandatory Driver's Meeting before the track goes hot.

Beginners are highly encouraged to attend the New Driver Safety Orientation. During this session, we will discuss basic driving tips, track etiquette, and safety information, with the intention to prepare novice drivers for their first day on the track. We will cover the basics of road course racing including braking, passing, the line, turn-in, apex and track-out points, and the flags. Attendance is critical; we will be helping you understand what it takes to be safe and what to expect from other drivers.

Final event details, schedules, and instructions will be emailed to you about one week before the event.  

All registered participants will be provided breakfast, lunch, and appetizers during the social. You may purchase additional meals for guests through the registration form.


Participants must drive their own vehicles and vehicles must pass tech inspections. 

All participants must display a car number of at least 8" tall, located on both sides and either the front or back of your vehicle. 

*All car marques are welcome. No high center-of-gravity SUVs, trucks, minivans, or large sedans.

If you are sharing a car with someone, you must each register separately. The registration form has a section where you can provide your car-sharing details.


WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Salinas, CA
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Download track map
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